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October 19, 2017 - 7:23 a.m.

What an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday.  Much to my surprise, we had some robins show up on the property.  They are likely enroute to more southern climes but this is a great stop for them to rest for a few days.  Especially with the wonderful weather we are getting.  I did some major housework yesterday morning but as Donna was dropping over for a visit early afternoon, didn't get it all done.  We had just sat down outside in the sunshine with a beverage when Dan pulled into the driveway.  He made great time from Ingersoll to home.  Shortly after his arrival, his lawnmower showed up after being repaired.  So much for our peace and quiet.  Lol.  Donna and I just enjoyed the sunshine which we had to follow by moving our chairs until the sun finally set.  Was a very good day.  Looks a little overcast this morning so am going to finish my housework while Dan spends the day with his leaf blower ;) 

October 18, 2017 - 7:48 a.m.

The sun is nearly up and looks like it is going to be a beautiful day.  Calling for sun for the next 4 days with a high of 17 today.  It reached nearly that yesterday with the southwesterly winds so I opened the house up.  I zipped into town for groceries as the big guy is due home this afternoon sometime.  Did a few other errands as well and took it easy for the rest of the day.  Dan was able to get some deer corn while he was visiting Paula and Alf.  Twelve 55 lb bags for $10/bag.  Sure beats $15/40 lb bag up here.  They sure know how to fleece people in this neck of the woods, transportation costs aside.  I waited until dusk to feed the deer last night as the ducks are relentless and I just want them to leave.  I've been feeding two separate groups at different times in the evening as one group comes earlier.  I had 13 deer show up and half were fawns.  I'm doubting my initial winter forecast as being little snow and very harsh.  Thinking now it's going to be little snow and very mild.  The doves are still here and the blackbirds showed up again.  Unheard of for this time of year.  The weather has been hard to predict of late and although I watch nature, I think even its habitats are confused.  Strange times we're living in.

October 17, 2017 - 6:32 a.m.

Although the sun shone for a good part of the day, it remained quite chilly yesterday.  I worked in the office all day and managed to get my books all done so can check that off my list of things to accomplish.  It is currently 7 degrees going to a high of 15 today but may get a shower this afternoon.  Dan is due home from down south today but is stopping at Alf's on the way home to drop something off so may prolong his journey and not come home until tomorrow.  Been a peaceful week without Dan around and no leaf blower going.  I've been rather enjoying the quiet time.  Oops, did I say that out loud ;)  Today I'm doing a quick house clean and then hoping to head to town but may hold off until tomorrow.  Donna and Ginny arrived home last night from their girls trip to California so no more cat sitting for me.  Our stray cat, who I have dubbed "Gato" (cat, in Spanish) disappeared for a few days but showed up this morning anxiously awaiting a free meal.  I swear when I eventually retire, I'm not even putting up birdfeeders.

October 16, 2017 - 7:32 a.m.

It's a tad chilly this morning and although the temperature reads 3.7, it feels a little cooler than that.  The cold front arrived just after lunch with high winds, nasty blowing rain and it was just a miserable day.  Haven't been fully outside yet to see if we had any damage but think the trees are all intact.  It is still blowing but the winds have settled down considerably.  Thought perhaps we would have received our first sign of snow last night as it certainly smelled like snow was in the air.  May have had a few flurries while sleeping but no evidence of it.  I spent yesterday in the office.  My heater coughed so a tad chilly.  Time to fire up the wood burning stove even though it is due to warm up this week.  Didn't see any wildlife yesterday due to the wind.  Everything must have taken shelter because even the ducks weren't around as much as usual.  Only reaching 9 today and winds aren't due to subside until this afternoon but then they are shifting to SW 20 km/hr which should warm things up.

October 15, 2017 - 7:16 a.m.

The cold front hasn't arrived yet so that's something.  It started raining last night just around bed time and hasn't stopped.  We are in for quite a bit today and the winds are due to start dropping the temp from the current 14 to 6 this morning.  I've already closed the house up and put the heat on to ward off the dampness at least until the sun and warmer temps come our way tomorrow.  I spent the day yesterday in the office as I will today providing I can keep warm.  Our heater in the shop kicked the bucket and we don't want to get a fire going just yet.  It's pretty inevitable but this time last year, the wood stove had been in use for weeks.  I am driving to the airport today to drop off a vehicle for Donna and Ginny who are coming in from California after (what looks to be) a wonderful girls vacation.  May just need to do a little side trip to Canadian Tire for a space heater.  Will certainly be glad when my books are done.  Seems to be taking an enormous amount of time because is a little difficult for data entry right now no time to mention its aggravating but I'll get 'er done.  Had a few people drop out to the park yesterday because it was so nice out.  Last minute errands I guess because the park has been closed for two weeks.

October 14, 2017 - 6:37 a.m.

Had somewhat of a lazy day of R&R yesterday.  Hadn't been the intention but it was pretty miserable out.  Didn't rain all day but certainly on and off and was raining when I got up but seems to have stopped for the moment.  Had a ton of deer up last night as they all came at the same time.  I think the weather has them sticking together. Our fawns have finally lost all their spots and are growing nicely so should be okay for the winter.  Always worry when they are born late in the season.  Love to watch the little ones play and they love to frollick together in the park.  I'm getting a lot of ice fishing inquiries and reservations right now so attribute that to the change in weather.  It was very mild yesterday hitting 17 degrees but that is going to change as the cold front is due in tomorrow along with quite a bit of rain.  At least it will come in slowly.  I'll be working in the office today and tomorrow since it'll be too nasty to spend time outdoors.  Have to say it's nice to have some down time and get some rest though.

October 13, 2017 - 7:32 a.m.

We have a nice warm breeze blowing through this morning and the temperature is currently 14 degrees.  Unfortunately, we are in for some rain today.  It hasn't started yet but it won't be long.  There is also a weather statement in place for Saturday and Sunday.  Significant rainfall.  Boo.  It was gorgeous and sunny yesterday.  I had supper with Annie and Craig, which I made.  A nice pork tenderloin in mushroom gravy, new red potatoes, asparagus and a Caesar salad.  Pana cotta with blueberry sauce for dessert.  I also made a batch of chilli so I could leave some with Annie.  Poor girl is recovering from knee replacement surgery and when I arrived, was with the physio therapist.  Considering Annie's surgery was 6 days ago (already had surgery on her other knee) she is getting around quite nicely with the aid of a walker.  She'll be a new woman in no time.  I worked on the books yesterday before heading over to visit Annie so was in bed fairly early last night.  The cats were fighting this morning so had me up early.  Dan took the seats from our pontoon boat in to be recovered yesterday.  We aren't in any hurry so likely won't see them until next spring but our boat will look brand new.  Unfortunately there hasn't been a material invented yet that can withstand sun damage.

October 12, 2017 - 7:01 a.m.

Bbbrrrr, down right chilly this morning.  North Bay may be sitting at 4 degrees but my gauge is saying only 1 here and it certainly feels like it.  The mist is very heavy on the bay today and looks to be foggy clear across the water.  Also a very heavy frost last night so that's it for flowers.  Suppose to be sunny and high of 15 today so I'll take it.  Doesn't really matter as I'm starting my books today so will be in the office.  At least for the morning hours.  May head outside this afternoon for a bit.  I'm making a nice supper for Annie tonight as she is recooperating from knee surgery.  Also made some chilli yesterday afternoon to give her an extra meal or two.  As a matter of fact, I did a lot of cooking yesterday afternoon as I wanted to premake some meals before hitting the books.  Very difficult for me to type with this cast on, I can't even use the mouse at all with my right hand, so it's going to take me twice as long to data enter everything.  This should be fun.  The stray cat is still around and was up both last night and this morning looking for something to eat.  I would love to know where the thing actually lives but as long as there is adequate shelter and some warmth, he should survive.  I thought the black birds and grackles had taken off for the season but with the return of warmer weather, there are still a few hanging around.  If only the ducks would bugger off :(

October 11, 2017 - 7:31 a.m.

Wow!!  Had a fiery red sky this morning.  I even walked down to the docks in my housecoat to take a picture but by the time I got there, it wasn't nearly as red.  The forecast doesn't call for rain until tomorrow but with the winds changing to the east today and the sky this morning, we may just get something today.  Dan and I spent the day in town yesterday.  I had to get my car plates renewed and Dan his as well as a new drivers license and health card.  All to the tune of just under $300.  And the health card was free (for now).  Geez, glad we could help out the government coffers.  We did some other errands and had a bite to eat and that was pretty much our day.  Before going to town, Dan, trying to keep up with the leaves, cut a little grass.  The rod blew in the engine which put a hole in the crank case so now we've had to order a whole new engine.  Nothing wrong with the lawnmower and since it's a Woods mowing machine, cheaper to buy a new engine than a new machine.  Always something and never a dull day.  

October 10, 2017 - 7:05 a.m.

I just can't get over the weather we've been blessed with this season.  It reached a high of 18 and was warm and sunny all day.  I worked outside for most of it as did Dan.  Didn't get all of my seasonal things put away but most of it.  I pulled all the flowers from my window boxes because even though they were still alive, they were looking like they've seen better days.  Now it just looks so bare.  It is currently 15 degrees but the forecasters are saying it won't warm up much more than that today even once the cloud cover burns off.  We shall see.  Had a few does up last night with the twin fawns.  They are  still so little but the spots are quickly fading.  They've been weaned so hopefully they make it through the winter.  I don't think we are in for a lot of snow this year so that should help their chances of survival.  Considering the weather we are currently experiencing, I can see things being behind this year.  Meaning the ice coming on late which means the same for the fish coming on.  That said, stranger things have happened and we may just be experiencing the calm before the storm.  Will have to see what November and December brings.

October 9, 2017 - 7:21 a.m.

I think everyone had a great day yesterday with their families as it was just a warm, sunny, beautiful autumn day.  There were even people in the water here yesterday.  Not full on swimming but lots of wading going on.  Dan was out leaf blowing and grass cutting until I asked him to knock it off so people could have a nice quiet Thanksgiving only to have the neighbours start up their leaf blowers.  Lol.  It t'is the season.  I made a nice stuffed chicken dinner with all the fixings.  Considering it was just the two of us and Dan doesn't care for turkey there wasn't a whole lot of leftovers.  It looks like it is going to be a nice day today with a high of 22 and sunny so think I'm going to spend some time outdoors today.  Dan has been after me to get rid of my flower pots as they tend to collect the leaves so think today is the day.  Just hate to get rid of the flowers when they are still alive due to the warmer than usual weather we've been experiencing this year.  He may need to help me as I can't lift all that well but I can get the majority of them.  Dan said were 4 deer at 5:00 this morning at the water's edge getting a drink and the coyotes were kicking up a ruckus across the creek.  I thought they had moved out of the neighbourhood but apparently not.  Hateful things and so cruel.

October 8, 2017 - 8:00 a.m.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Looks like we are going to have a beautiful day today.  It is currently overcast and a tad breezy but the temperature is 17 degrees this morning and the sun is due anytime.  We didn't get the thunderstorms overnight that were forecasted or if we did, I didn't hear them.  Dan took all the seats off our pontoon boat yesterday as he is taking them down south for reupholstering.  We are in no hurry for them so Dan can pick them up sometime after ice fishing.  Boat sure looks big with no seats and I'd just as soon throw a couple of loungers and a bar on there instead.  Lol.  I worked in the office yesterday and managed to get my billing done but ran out of printer ink which is so not like me.  Will be doing some more office work today unless it gets truly beautiful outside and then may do something different.  Our heartfelt and sincere condolences to Reta and Mike (and families) on the loss of their daughter Corrine.  No words to describe the enormous loss they must be feeling.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  It is at times such as these that we truly know how blessed we are and should be thankful to all who enrich our lives during the short time we are here.

October 7, 2017 - 6:50 a.m.

I know why I've been sleeping in lately.  I got up any 6:00 this morning and it was pitch dark out.  Still is.  I like getting up with the birds but the ducks and geese out front are just starting to stir.  It is currently 11 degrees so didn't get as cold as forecasted.  It was suppose to drop to 5 and certainly felt like it was going to reach that last night as it got chilly in a hurry after the sun set.  Calling for rain today which I definitely think we will see as I can feel it.  Yesterday was beautiful.  Dan got his enclosure all finished which was quite the chore for him.  He also found out the power steering on his truck, which he thought was kaput, was actually just the universal joint needing oil from misuse.  Glad he investigated before taking to the dealer as that would have been an expensive mistake.  Think maybe we should start taking drives and do a little exploring so our vehicles get a little use.  My Honda lease is nearly up and I've only got 30,000 km on it.  Seems we spend a lot of our time at Greening Bay ;). I worked in the office until about 2:00 yesterday.  Finally got it cleaned and organized so now I can actually get some work done which is where I am heading right shortly.  If things go well and we are in the mood, may see what Mitch is up to later this afternoon since he is stag today.  See what the day brings.

October 6, 2017 - 8:28 a.m.

Looks like Dan and I slept in this morning.  The full moon kept us both up last night by the looks of things and yes, it was extremely bright.  With the full moon came the cooler weather but it was a beautiful day yesterday.  Sun shone all day and I actually took some pictures of the trees with some colour on them.  The shorelines and property are now showing colour but the leaves are falling quickly and the colour not as vibrant as it could be.  Still, it is a beautiful time of year.  Dan spent another day working his butt off.  I went to town, did some favours for a few trailer park tenants and then Dan and I did a few things to keep the business running smoothly.  I made chicken parmesan and caesar salad for supper and then we had a nice quiet evening.  Today, after I complete my cat sitting chores I'm going to head back to the office and get some billing done and start on my books.  Looks to be another bright sunny day so don't know that I'll stay in the office much past noon.  I'd rather be outside when it's nice and have lots to do.  Baby steps...

October 5, 2017 - 7:57 a.m.

It is a beautifully sunny morning today though considerably cooler than yesterday.  No more warm breeze as the air is quite crisp and clean as the day begins.  The deer are waiting on me but I have run out of feed so they are decimating the bushes around the cottage on the beach.  They will eat every last leaf while there are still some nutrients to be had.  I'm seriously considering not feeding them anymore after years of hauling corn (not to mention the expense) but don't know what the repercussions to them will be.  I have no idea where they go during the winter but think they need to leave earlier this year.  I do know that other neighbours feed them but they really like our place because I tend to spoil them.  I even put all my vegetable peelings, stale bread, crackers, etc out for them so they eat well here.  Just so use to seeing them around and thoroughly enjoy it so quite the dilemma I have.  Dan worked his patootie off yesterday.  Me?  Not so much. Dan really wanted to get some things finished for the season so bleached the cottages with his magic solution and was power washing them in the rain.  After that, he winterized the park and a couple of cottages.  The power steering has gone on his truck so he did some research trying to save a buck instead of taking it to the dealer.  Sigh.  By the time he orders the part, has it delivered, takes it for installation, it's going to cost pretty much the same but with less aggravation.  Just get 'er done!

October 4, 2017 - 7:39 a.m.

Looks like we are in for some rain today.  The thunder woke both Dan and I up this morning.  Just a couple of loud cracks but it was enough.  It is very warm for this time of year and we didn't even bother closing the house up last night. The bugs have come out again and mosquitos are still around.  Why won't they just die?  A very brief and light shower just went through but the stray cat and about 7 deer were waiting on me when I got up.  We still have the twin fawns around.  I think one is actually a male as its colour is darker, it's larger and it is more skittish.  The smaller fawn still has its spots although they are fading quickly and the rest of the herd cater more to the larger one.  Dan and I went to Sudbury yesterday so I could get my stitches removed and a new cast put on.  My cast is now purple and fibreglass as it shows less dirt and also has more endurance.  I also needed X-rays so know what I'm carrying around in my body now.  Looks pretty cool on the X-rays.  Had a friend ask a good question...will I set the alarm off at the airport now?  Lol.  Only one way to find out but will need to wait until November for that.  Another 4 weeks in a cast and hopefully that will be it for me and hospitals for a very long time.  At least it seems to be healing properly although still very swollen. Not sure what Dan is doing today but I plan on cleaning my office so I can get started on my books this week.  Going to take me longer than normal as typing is somewhat of an issue but I'll get them done.

October 3, 2017 - 7:09 a.m.

Another beautiful day yesterday and coming our way today.   Going to be a high of 23 but showers moving in tonight apparently.  Dan worked outside for the entire day yesterday after picking up some new lawnmower blades.  He blew leaves, raked and mulched the grass.  He certainly is fanatical about the grass (as everyone knows) but it sure shows well.  Have a gorgeous sunrise happening right now as the sun is dotting the clouds with red and pink hues.  I could hear the coyotes last night and you can tell the park has closed as there were 10 deer up on the rock last night.  There are a few up right now waiting on me.  I suspect the number of the herd will increase over the next couple of weeks as things continue to quiet down.  On another note, with the tragic news of the Vegas massacre yesterday, I hope the NRA in the USA will finally allow for stricter gun control.  It is so badly needed.  The argument that guns don't kill people, people kill people doesn't hold merit anymore if a seemingly "normal" man can do something so evil to other human beings.  Something is definitely wrong with the system especially when the occurrences are becoming more frequent.  God bless to everyone involved in this tragedy.

October 2, 2017 - 7:36 a.m.

We have another couple of days of beautiful weather coming our way.  Sunny with temperatures in the low 20's so may be a good time to get my seasonal stuff put away.  I hate dumping the flower pots when the flowers are still healthy and alive but it needs to be done.  Going to take some adjustment to the quietness of the property with no one around.  The park closed yesterday so everyone has winterized their trailers and vacated until next year.  Very nippy this morning at only 3 degrees but it should warm up pretty quickly as it did yesterday.  Dan and I didn't do much yesterday as everyone was busy doing their own thing but today is a work day.  The deer are certainly going to miss the trailer park people as some of them fed them corn, apples and carrots on a regular basis.  Now it's all on me and I'm debating stopping to  feed them myself.  They do see our property as somewhat of a haven and usually are around until about the 3rd week of ice fishing but I'm thinking the migration to Port Loring a bit early this year may be good for them.

October 1, 2017 - 7:11 a.m.

We had a beautiful sunny day yesterday albeit was very chilly until the late afternoon when the sun had had the chance to warm things up a bit.  Same thing today.  Very brisk this morning and the back door fogged up as soon as I opened it.  Stray cat was waiting on me again this morning, ate and took off rather quickly so think he may have been a little cold.  Going to a high of 17 today.  We had a great time last night as a group of us went to the Anglers Grill for supper and entertainment.  Peter Cliche was playing solo but a few of us still managed to get up and dance.  Wasn't a late night but it was fun.  Not sure what's on our agenda today but I suspect not a lot of people will be moving for a few hours or not until the temperature actually hits the double digits.  Bbbrrrrr.

September 30, 2017 - 6:43 a.m.

It dropped to 4 degrees overnight (only 1 in North Bay) and I swear I smelled snow in the air last night.  How can that be?  Goes from nearly 30 degree weather earlier in the week to winter.  Funny weather.  It rained pretty much all day only clearing in time to see a very red ribbon of sky on the horizon at dusk.  Suppose to be cool today but with sunshine so that's something.  It is still pretty windy but hopefully that will change when the sun comes up.  Still pitch dark here and the stray cat was waiting on our deck for food this morning.  Don't know where he resides but can't be too far as he seems to know when we get up in the morning.  He was here last night as well.  I'd be willing to keep him as a shop cat but don't think I can get him too cooperate.  He's been in the wild too long and won't let us near him.  Dan and I both had a lazy day yesterday.  We were suppose to go to the neighbours for a hot dog social but I wasn't up to it.  I overdid things in the morning yet again.  Having a hard time with this cast but think it'll be better once the stitches come out.  And they are ready to come out.  Tuesday is the day and I can't wait.  Most of our trailer park has been winterized and there are only a few stragglers left trying to take advantage of the last weekend here but it's  pretty chilly.  Don't think even a campfire could keep them warm so no one was out past dark last night.  It must have been quite windy during the overnight hours as the hydro went out twice that I am aware of.

September 29, 2017 - 6:51 a.m.

It is currently 7 degrees Celsius here and about to start raining.  They were calling for showers today but referring to the radar, I think today will be a huge rain event.  At least most of the morning but looks like the system could stall over us.  I hope not.  We are going to a hot dog social at the neighbours this afternoon and really hoping for it to be an outdoor event.  Donna came in yesterday and cleaned the last cottage of the season for me so Dan will be able to winterized everything when he's ready. We are renting a compressor this season due to the fact ours gave up the ghost.  He's going to get a heavy duty one and do the park and cottages all in one day.  The double unit always remains open in case guests are wanting to get away in October but not much of a colour show this year.  At least in this area.  May still happen but it's doubtful.  Lake Nipissing is as calm as can be this morning.  Suppose to reach only a high of 10 and down to 1 tonight so it's going to be a little chilly for a few days.  Looking up for next week though so I can hopefully put all my seasonal items away.  I took down my hummingbird feeders and bleached them all yesterday.  Always a sad time of year.

September 28, 2017 - 7:06 a.m.

The cold front arrived last afternoon yesterday clearing out all the humidity and drastically dropping the temperature to the current 9 degrees after hitting 26.  A little brisk this morning for sure and going to stay chilly through the weekend.  I like the cooler temperatures but don't like having to close the house up and put the heat on which we will need to do tonight as it's dropping to 4 degrees after only a daytime high of 14 today.  Dan put the last of our boats to bed for the winter yesterday.  Just needs to do some shrink wrapping which will require some help as I'm not able at the moment and don't want Dan crawling up a ladder anymore.  I spent the day on my hands and knees cleaning all the rugs in the house with a carpet cleaner I borrowed from Trish.  What a job that was.  I think next time I'll use an upright.  Got it all done though but moving a little slow this morning.  Since I wasn't in the mood to cook last night, Paula, Alf, Dan and I headed to the Tavern for fish and chips (Paula had spaghetti) and then I drove into the Bay so we could all indulge in some Dairy Queen.  Bunch of kids we are.  Hit our property right at dusk and the deer were frolicking all over the place.  They are certainly going to miss Rick when the park closes this weekend as he has been feeding them carrots on a regular basis.  To the point they are nearly knocking on his door and saying "feed me".  I'm sure he's going to miss them as well.

September 27, 2017 - 6:48 a.m.

Unless something more develops, we will have some light and brief rain showers like the miniscule one that just went through.  Hasn't cooled down much as yet but it's coming.  Still very humid and warm at 21 degrees.  I've already finished a load of laundry as I was up earlier than I should have been.  I'm borrowing Trish's carpet cleaner and doing the floor rugs in the house today since it seems the weather is going to be conducive.  I need to take it easier than normal but with Dan's help moving the rugs, shouldn't be too difficult.  I did a town run yesterday and then we took Annie for a quick little boatride as she wanted to see the development of a particular property from the water.  I can't believe all the new homes going up in our area, particularly Birchgrove.  More and more of the woods are disappearing and between that and the coyotes, the deer population has really diminished.  We still have a few around but not like we use to.  I don't think anyone will be hunting this area much anymore.  It's too populated for one thing and may now be getting too dangerous.  Besides, the hunters really need away from a residential neighbourhood.  Just saying.

September 26, 2017 - 5:07 a.m.

We are on a heat streak right now.  Three days of record breaking temperatures and I think today will be no exception.  Better enjoy it while we can because our autumn weather is coming back starting tomorrow.  Going to be downright chilly by the weekend.  Dan cut grass and did some weed eating and leaf blowing for most of the day yesterday while I rested.  Boats are coming out of the water for the season as that activity is pretty much over or will be.  Only the diehard fishermen will be out until the fishing closes on Lake Nipissing.  Another sign we are experiencing that indicates a harsh winter is the leaves aren't showing a lot of colour before dropping.  There were a few deer up last night that have completely grown their winter coats as the molting is done.  Same with many of the Mallards showing their fall colours.  Sigh.  Hate to see this beautiful summer weather end but it's inevitable.  The lake surface temp reached 75 by Sunday but suspect the return to seasonal temps is going to come in with a very windy cold front which will certainly stir the water up.  Curious to see what the lake temp will be come this Sunday!

September 24, 2017 - 7:23 a.m.

Wow!  What a scorcher of a day yesterday!  Our beach was full of people trying to escape the heat and quite a few were swimming.  Dan went all the way down to the end of South River to the rapids/waterfall with Larry, Trish, Paula and Alf so they were gone all afternoon.  I was going to go but then thought better of it and stayed behind to look after myself.  I had cleaned the house, did laundry and watered flowers in the morning and needed to rest.  How sad is that?  Certainly will be glad when I've healed up and am no longer in a cast.  My afternoon consisted of pain meds and being a couch potato.  Need to take it easy for a few more days or at the very least, stop lifting things.  It's going to be another few days of temps in the unseasonal summer zone but suppose to drop to 12 degrees by Friday.  Kind of thinking this is our Indian summer but one never knows.  Might just be a taste of things to come this fall.  I like to think after all these years that nature gives us signs for all we need to know.  The deer have been molting and some have completely shed their summer coats for their thicker, warmer winter coats so their body's natural defence mechanism likely knows more than any meteorologist.  Guess we will soon find out.  Enjoy this glorious day peeps!!

September 23, 2017 - 6:48 a.m.

Beautiful day yesterday but unfortunately I spent the majority of it lying down.  I couldn't make ladies night and have already heard it was a lot of fun.  Dan was out and about all day but haven't the foggiest what he was doing.  He did end up around the campfire with the park gang but was an early night for him.  Sure gets dark early this time of year.  The hummingbirds have definitely gone for the year now and we've had some migrating birds hanging around our bay this week just waiting for the winds to change.  Namely sand pipers and king fishers.  They'll likely be around for a few more days as the weather system isn't changing quite yet.  There is actually a heat advisory up right now.  Going to be in the 30's today and tomorrow up to 38 with the humidex.  Never in the nearly 20 years we've been here have we seen temperatures like this for this time of year.  Lake Nipissing has been and is pretty calm although I thought she was going to get stirred up last night.  They were calling for thunderstorms last night and although the wind picked up for a very brief moment, nothing materialized on the south shore as the lake split the system.  Not sure what is on the agenda today but guessing it will involve a boat.  Or not.

September 22, 2017 - 9:12 a.m.

Now that it's official I can honestly say "my what a wonderful autumn we're having".  It reached 27 and mostly sunny yesterday.  I was outside for some time getting some sun as it helps with the healing process.  Ginny and Donna dropped over to see how I was doing yesterday and brought homemade chicken soup and homegrown veggies for me.  So thoughtful.  I had soup and salad for supper with melon for dessert.  Dan cut grass yesterday and Alf was on the tractor levelling out some dirt piles we had ordered.  I must say, I was trying to stay off the pain meds but it was a tad too soon.  I took some at bedtime and had to take some more around 3:00 this morning so feeling quite groggy and out of sorts today.  I'm showering and likely going back to bed but am a little bummed as Trudy is hosting girls night this afternoon and I really wanted to go.  Some of the girls I haven't seen in ages but it is what it is.  If I'm feeling better this afternoon I may just pop over briefly but my usual red wine beverage is definitely off the table today.  Speaking of, it's going to be high of 27 again but possibility of thunderstorms once the daytime heating peaks.  Even warmer for the weekend so hopefully I'm up for a boat ride if not tomorrow, Sunday for sure. 

eptember 21, 2017 - 7:22 a.m.

This morning it really looks like autumn.  The leaves are really starting to change colour now and some rapidly falling.  There are a few trees that are already completely bare which is usual.  It's coming quickly even with the beautiful weather we are having.  Contrary to what people believe, leaves falling has more to do with the number of daylight hours than the actual temperature.  I obviously survived my surgery and everything went well.  I was a little groggy for the trip home yesterday afternoon but we were home by 5:30 or so.  I had some previously made chicken soup for supper and then took some pain meds before bed and slept fairly well but the freezing is out this morning so a little sore today.  Just took some more so doubt I'll be doing a whole lot of anything today.  Going to take some getting use to this cast though.  I'll certainly be glad when the healing processed is a thing of the past.  Calling for possibility of thunderstorms later today but I hope the sun wins that battle.

September 19, 2017 - 7:17 a.m.

Would like to say a very Happy Birthday to my brother Kim.  Hope you have a great day!!  Looks like it should be a fairly nice one here.  Had an enormous amount of rain yesterday which formed puddles all over the property but it'll dry up soon enough.  Have some very warm, sunny weather coming our way for the rest of the week with temps in the upper 20's.  I'm heading to Sudbury today with Paula and Trish to do a little shopping (mostly at Costco) this afternoon.  We are meeting Reta after she gets off work and then going for a nice dinner somewhere.  Spending the night in Sudbury as I am having what I hope is my last operation tomorrow.  I am having my thumb knuckle removed and then pins inserted to fuse my thumb in a bent position so I will at least have some grip when all is said and done.  Will be in a cast for 6 weeks but hopefully that won't hold me back from what I'd like to get accomplished during our downtime this fall.  Fingers crossed eveything goes well.  Dan opted not to take me to the hospital this time around as he has a few things to deal with that are work related so he's on his own for a few days.  Lol.  I'm sure that'll be a hardship for him ;)

September 18, 2017 - 8:59 a.m.

We are finally getting some badly needed rain.  Just a nice light steady rain although it was pouring at one point.  I didn't sleep very well last night and neither did Trish so there we were at 1:00 this morning texting each other.  Last I checked it was 4:00 a.m. before I finally settled down enough to sleep.  I'm a little tired this morning and have a few things to do today and think after that I'll have a lazy day.  We do have guests checking in early this afternoon for the week and looks like they'll have a nice one.  Should be able to get plenty of fishing in at any rate.  Normally this time of year can be very cold and windy however nothing but sunshine and mid 20 weather coming our way for the week.  We'll take it!!

September 17, 2017 - 7:17 a.m.

Gotta love the July weather we are getting in September.  It was hot, humid and sunny yesterday and didn't hear one complaint.  A lot of people out fishing or just boating for the sake of it because they could.  Dan and I didn't get a chance to get out as we had business to contend with but possibly today.  Amazes me that we went from full on heating the house to running fans.  The weather is some screwed up these days.  Another nice week coming at us and I'm sure the animals in nature don't know quite what to think.  Considering the deer have been molting for some time, they will have their winter coats in 80 degree weather.  Not sure what is on our agenda this morning but both Dan and I went to bed fairly early last night.  Hopefully we can get out and enjoy these last days of summer.

September 16, 2017 - 7:29 a.m.

Wow!  They changed the forecast so we've great weather through all of next week.  Low possibility of a shower Monday but we'll need a little rain by then.  We took advantage of it yesterday and went for a boat ride in the afternoon after our work was done.  Donna, Sue and Mitch came with us and it was so relaxing but started to get chilly on the water around 4:00.  They are filming for the "Carter" series down the road and not sure if it's part of the filming but someone is letting off firecrackers or guns this morning.  A tad early for Saturday morning I would think.  Have to laugh because the rooster across the creek is crowing in the background. The movie people actually asked Mitch if he could stop using his drill as they were trying to film.  I have to say I'm glad to see them picking quite a few different locations in the hood.

September 15, 2017 - 6:50 a.m.

I'm so happy this weather has been holding out and by the looks of things, going to stick around another few days.  We deserve it.  Wasn't as warm or sunny yesterday as forecasted and it was actually hazy but still a very nice day.  Suppose to hit 26 today with nothing but sun.  Would love to have a beach or boat afternoon but see how it goes.  I have work to do this morning but am thinking a game of outdoor dominoes would be great this afternoon.  Dan has been able to finally slow down on the grass cutting but now that the leaves are changing and starting to slowly fall, he'll have that to contend with.  I think the colours this year are going to be phenomenal.

September 14, 2017 - 6:21 a.m.

Another beautiful day in the neighbourhood.  I even saw a hummingbird yesterday so either it's late leaving or they are all still around to enjoy this weather.  There was an article on line yesterday stating we are going to have some mild weather this month due to the warm winds being pushed up by the hurricanes so that is one explanation.  Still no rain in the forecast until at least Sunday.  The weather gurus are also predicting a mild winter but I don't agree so guess we'll just have to wait and see.  The deer are coming up quite regularly now that things have started to slow down a bit, which they always do once school starts.  I even had Red take an apple out of my hand yesterday as I was standing on my deck.  I know that's not necessarily a good thing but she's a smart old girl who's been around a long time.  Most of the herd has been hanging around our property lately, even walking around the park in the daytime but the coyotes are close and very active right now.  As the houses continue to go up in the neighbourhood, the animals are the first to lose their habitat so all species are fighting for their homes.  I guess that's what's we call progress.

September 13, 2017 - 7:38 a.m.

Another beautiful day on the south shore of Lake Nipissing.  We certainly have been blessed with sunshine this week and today will be no exception as it's going to hit the mid 20's.  I had full intentions of cleaning a cottage yesterday but several things came up which required my attention and by the time I had completed my last phone call, it was noon.  It was so nice out, I decided to shirk my duties and play dominoes outside with Paula and Trish instead.  Was a great afternoon and we ended up having a terrific bowl of Paula's turkey soup for supper before tucking it in as the sun set.  Dan had a lazy relax day which included a nap.  Today is his birthday so he can do whatever his little heart desires.  Might be a good day to take the pontoon for a ride and buy him a birthday dinner somewhere.

September 12, 2017 - 7:50 a.m.

We didn't have much of a sunrise this morning.  Well, if we did, I missed it because I slept in this morning due to a late night.  It is suppose to be partly cloudy with sun today and a high of 24.  I'll take it.  Just a beauty day yesterday and due to hit 25 tomorrow.  Donna is coming in to help clean this morning but we should both be don't by noon and then can enjoy the rest of the day.  The deer have been certainly making their presence known of late.  Wandering through the property and starting to herd.  Only two fawns this year that I can tell and the entire herd is starting to molt which means all the spots on the babies will disappear which makes them so sweet.  The squirrels have still left all the cedar nuts on the trees so again, I'm saying a very cold winter with little snow.  Less snow than usual I can deal with but I certainly hope we get enough to pack our tree line for the ice huts because otherwise, it'll be a very bumpy ride and very hard on our equipment.

September 11, 2017 - 6:54 a.m.

Lucked out and had another beautiful day yesterday.  Sunny and high of 17 here.  Today, much of the same.  I ended up washing extra large two garbage bags full of dish, hand, cleaning a a few bath towels which have seen better days as I am taking them to Kathy's All Heart Animal Rescue.  I'm also taking some old blankets and comforters as soon as I get them cleaned as well.  Watched the hurricane Irma coverage periodically but found CNN's coverage a bit tedious so was flipping through the news channels.  I suspect there will be better news this morning as to the extent of the damage.  I'm thinking the Keys likely got hit the hardest.   Made a nice steak dinner last night and both Dan and I were in bed fairly early.  I've noticed not much syrup has been consumed the past few days so think the hummingbirds have left for a more southern clime.  It's early for them to leave but not unheard of and I haven't seen one since last Friday.  Going to miss them.

September 10, 2017 - 6:50 a.m.

It turned out to be a beautiful day yesterday, finally.  The sun shone and although it was cool at around 15 degrees, everyone was outside enjoying the weather.  Those cottagers that wanted to, fished.  Those that didn't got a game of football going or just enjoyed the sunshine.  I cleaned a cottage in the morning and then made Caesar salad and sweet potato mash to go with the cabbage rolls Trish brought up as a few of us got together for an early supper.  Had a nice fire last night and all in bed by 10:30.  I read until about 12:30 and didn't check the hurricane coverage so will be doing that right shortly.  I have to say I'm disappointed in CNN to say the least.  It's been 24 hour coverage of Irma since she first started coming through the Carribean but all about Florida.  No coverage or at least very little, on those islands that have already been affected.  My thought the last time I checked early last night was Irma may not be as severe for Florida as anticipated.  I'm glad to see the state took early precautions though.

September 9, 2017 - 7:08 a.m.

She sure is a chilly one this morning.  Dropped to 4 degrees overnight and they did have frost warnings up although being so close to the water, we only had a very heavy dew.  I'm sure a little further inland they received frost though.  Certainly cold and damp enough for it.  Going to be a nice day once the sun comes up and warms everything up.  Lake Nipissing has finally settled down so suspect there will be some people fishing today.  I think the time has come to switch from worm bait to minnows though.  I ended up going to town yesterday after a quick house clean.  Not quite sure what Dan did yesterday as he was out and about.  Pretty sure he had a few drinks with Trish and Larry last night but I was in bed when he got home and he is still in bed.  I'm cleaning a cottage today so I can turn the heat and appliances off for the season.  We are starting to wind down as this is the time of year it's iffy getting on the lake - either too cold or too rough.  I find it hard to believe the park will be closed in another 3 weeks.  Summer?  What summer?

September 8, 2017 - 7:51 a.m.

This weather seems to have gotten the best of everyone.  It's cold, overcast and just plain nasty.  No one has been fishing that's for sure.  At least we are all safe and don't have the weather taking place down south.  I can't believe Mexico is having to deal with both an earthquake and hurricane at the same time.  Not to mention the impending tsunamis.  My heart goes out to everyone.  Hopefully the Floridian people will have the good sense to evacuate for the time being.  Since the weather is so miserable, I stayed in the house yesterday and ended up cleaning and defrosting 3 freezers and two fridges.  Today, not sure what I'm doing.  Was thinking of doing a town run but see how I feel after I wake up.  It truly is miserable out and we are in need of some sunshine.  Was hoping when the winds picked up yesterday they would blow this week long system out of here but we've got some pretty heavy cloud cover happening with no sun on the horizon.

September 7, 2017 - 7:56 a.m.

It's 12 degrees.  We have sun on the park side of the property and thunder with very ominous clouds on the other side.  Just heard thunder a few minutes ago and it looks like North Bay is getting some serious rain.  We still have the "swirl" thing happening in the area where there are lots of little pockets of bad weather circling around Lake Nipissing.  Going to continue until some wind blows the system as a whole out of here.  Was an okay day yesterday as we had quite a bit of sun but did end up getting a small thunderstorm with heavy rain in the afternoon.  I cleaned a cottage yesterday and today am tackling my fridge and then starting on the shop.  That's going to be a huge job which should keep me busy for a few days.  Dan "supervised" Nick yesterday as he was building a colossal deck back in the park.  He's been having a good visit with the Anderson's who are here for their annual trip.  This will be their 18th year here in a row other than when they missed one year when Jim and Kate got married.  Don't know that they've ever had exceptional weather but they love it here and it's a family tradition.  Sending out prayers to all in Irma's line of path.  Hopefully it will lose its intensity before hitting Florida but it doesn't sound like it's going to.

September 6, 2017 - 6:44 a.m.

Bbbrrrr, she's a cool one out there today.  The mist is very thick as it's rolling down Moose Creek and spilling into the bay.  You can see your breath and the temperature gauge is reading 7 degrees.  The sun isn't completely up just yet but they are calling for a thunderstorm and showers today.  Right now everything is staying west of us and I hope it stays that way.  This is the time of year that only the die hards stay in the trailer park and the rest come on the occasional weekends.  Can't believe the park will be closed in another 3 weeks.  Wouldn't doubt it if we actually have snow by Thanksgiving.  Wouldn't be the first time but we all hope for those rare times when October is absolutely beautiful.  

September 5, 2017 - 7:17 a.m.

Yesterday was definitely a day to put the feet up and veg.  It rained all day and although it looked like things might clear up, it didn't last long.  The rain kept coming and at 11:00 last night a storm cell came through that produced high winds so today I'll be picking up blown over beach chairs and most likely downed branches.  Dan will most certainly have the leaf blower going.  It is currently overcast, damp, cold and desperately in need of some sunshine to warm things up.  I do see some patches of blue sky but doubt that it will last and the current temp is 13.  I did cottage laundry yesterday while watching movies so today am cleaning cottages which I will hopefully get finished this morning.  The cottagers who arrived yesterday morning had no chance to get out fishing yesterday so hopefully they can get out today and Lake Nipissing will give up some of her bounty.

September 4, 2017 - 7:41 a.m.

Had a wonderful day yesterday even though the weather was rather blah.  It rained on and off until mid afternoon but then the skies cleared and the sun even came out for a time.  Larry, Trish, Annie, Ginny, Liz and I all went into the Bay for Jim Harney's celebration of life.  They had a different band play every hour and the talent was phenomenal.  Was a great fun way to end the summer.  Has been a while since I've seen decent live music.  Today, it's back to work as I have check ins and outs but for the most part, going to be a lazy day.  The weather isn't conducive for fishing as it's raining and windy but that may change later this afternoon.  Forecast has rain and showers for the next few days so our guests will just have to make the best of it.

September 3, 2017 - 6:07 a.m.

The Greening Bay fishing derby was a huge success yesterday.  Lots of fish were caught and we had an awesome fry.  Trish Breininger ended up winning with the biggest fish as she landed a 56 cm sheepshead.  Rick Defour actually landed a bigger pickerel but was disqualified as he caught it 10 minutes after the derby closed.  It was a great day and everyone contributed a potluck dish.  We had a campfire afterwards but it was pretty chilly and I think everyone was tuckered out so an early evening.  I was able to clean most of the mess up before dark last night but still have a few dishes to do and things to put away today.  It's currently raining and don't think it's going to let up any time soon.  We have the "swirl" thing happening when the system just keeps circling above us.  A few of us are planning to head into town later this afternoon to the Voyger.  There is live music with several bands from 2 pm to midnight in honour of Jim Harney's celebration of life.  Should be a very good time and perfect day for an indoor venue.

September 2, 2017 - 6:28 a.m.

Twas just a beautiful autumn day yesterday.  Temperatures were not the warmest but the sun was shining.  It got very cool quickly as soon as the sun set last night though.  Closed the house up and turned the heat on.  Chilly this morning with lots of mist coming off the lake.  Nipissing's water temp has already dropped to 64 degrees so swimming is likely over for the year.  We have sandhill cranes that have taken up residence in the neighbourhood.  A lot of people, including myself, thought they were wild turkeys as they are quite vocal.  We also have a nuisance weasel which killed a nearly grown gosling, which really surprised me.  I'm in awe as nothing normally tangles with the mama goose.  Today we have the Greening Bay fishing derby for the park.  Fishing is from 7-2 with the potluck starting at 4:00.  Have to get dinner in and cleaned up early this time of year as we're running out of daylight by 8:00 now.  At least the weather looks promising as the sun is coming up and the lake is quite calm.  Suppose to be a high of 20 today but showers due overnight and tomorrow.  That could easily change.

September 1, 2017 - 7:11 a.m.

Can't believe it is September already.  The summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  The weather has also changed.  The cold front that came in Wednesday is surely sticking around for the weekend.  I actually think it is a sign of things to come.  The warm hazy days are behind us.  It is suppose to be sunny today and tomorrow but reaching only a high of 20.  It is currently registering 10 here which means the temperature of Lake Nipissing is keeping us warmer than surrounding areas which had frost warnings up last night.  Dan cut some grass yesterday after helping Nick finish our new storage building.  It is going to house our tractor and boats for the winter.  That's one thing about toys...you need a place to keep them.  I cleaned house and two cottages yesterday.  I'm starting on a clean and purge of the shop and office today.  One thing about these temps, it's really comfortable working weather and the bugs are gone ;)

August 31, 2017 - 7:39 a.m.

We had a great time at Annie's yesterday.  The girls were all in a joyful, playful mood and we had fun.  Dan and Craig joined us for a bit later on but it was still a fairly early night though a tad later than expected.  When we got home we received the news that our friend Skip Prokop passed away yesterday.  God bless him.  He was such a Canadian icon, a pioneer in the Canadian music industry and well known for his highly regarded drumming skills.  Not to mention the band Lighthouse.  We knew Skip was gravely ill but because of our net not working properly last week, I didn't receive Tracy's message (Skip's wife) this past Sunday that Skip was in hospital.  Another one taken too early.  RIP Skip and our deepest condolences to everyone you touched.

August 30, 2017 - 7:44 a.m.

I do believe we may be in for some rain today.  Figures.  Annie is hosting a girl's night (kind of) this afternoon.  Just a few of us going to her little hideaway for a bit this afternoon and early evening.  It was beautiful yesterday and would have been a great beach day but we'll make the most of it.  Calling for thunderstorms to start right around the time we are due at Annie's but if the wind cooperates, should be able to sit on her covered porch and watch things transpire.  I did the town run from hell yesterday.  Before heading into town, I dropped Dan off to pick up his truck which was getting the starter fixed.  Then the running began.  Had a lot of errands to do with my last stop being groceries.  Didn't get home until close to 3:00 so that was pretty much my whole day.  Today I've work to do this morning before I head out.  I'm also making meatballs for our Greening Bay fishing tournament on Saturday.  This is the only time I'll have to do it and want to let them simmer in the crockpot all day tomorrow so they have plenty of flavour when I reheat them.  

August 29, 2017 - 7:01 a.m.

Our internet seems to be working much better (for now) so either they've corrected the problem or things have dried up after all the rain we had last week and are back to normal.  The long range forecast was looking very promising this week but of course, that has now changed.  It clouded over late yesterday afternoon and is still overcast this morning.  Calling for showers and thunderstorms now for the next few days.  Low percentage though so hopefully we'll stay dry for a few more days.  I've lots I'd like to get done over the next couple of weeks.  Odd jobs that's I just haven't had the time or energy for until now but don't want to do when it's raining.  I'm heading to town for errands this morning so looks like a good day for it.  Can't believe our last long weekend for the summer is nearly here and the kids ready to go back to school.  Well maybe not the kids but I'm sure the parents are.  Lol.  The leaves are starting to turn and even fall up here and the little critters have been gathering all day long lately.  The water fowl have been forming flocks and practicing flight with the little ones.  Hard to say what kind of autumn we will have this year but I do believe it is already upon us.

August 28, 2017 - 6:53 a.m.

Will wonders ever cease?  I was finally able to get on the net and update my blog this morning.  Have been trying daily at different times of the day but to no avail.  Dan and I are attributing the terrible access to the problem that started a few weeks ago when a main cable for Bell and Rogers was severed.  Our phone was acting up and we could actually hear other people's conversations.  Took me back to the days of the party lines.  Kids today wouldn't have a clue what that is.  Doing catch up, has been a few busy days for us but we did manage to squeeze some fun in this weekend.  We took Annie to Michael's on the Ridge for her birthday on Friday and all had fish and chips.  Then Saturday after work, the 3 of us hopped on Larry and Trish's boat (plus Yvonne) and headed to Callander to watch the fireworks which we think were left over from the July long weekend (which were cancelled due to weather) plus what they had for the upcoming long weekend.  Whatever the case, they were fabulous.  It was a long boat ride home though.  The fireworks were suppose to start at 9:00 but didn't start until 10:00 and by the time they were over, the fog had started to settle in.  Thank God for fog lights, spotlights and navigation systems.  Made it home by 11:30 and it was a great day.  You could see every star in the sky Saturday night and was just amazing.  Work today, lots of cottages to clean and I need to get into town within the next day or two.  Going to be a beautiful week if the weather holds.

August 24, 2017 - 6:09 a.m.

Yes, you guessed it.  We are having problems with our internet.  We've decided to go with a different supplier but they won't be able to install the new equipment until at least September 11th if we want to avoid new installation costs, which we do.  I figured if I got up early, I might be able to update my blog before the neighbourhood gets up and online.  Sad but this is what it's come down to.  Tried doing some work online yesterday but our net was just crawling.  Very frustrating.  I'm in the process of changing our website to something more user friendly but think I may have to wait until we have decent internet.  If my blog doesn't get updated, you'll know why.  The weather has turned cold, feeling like the end of September with no humidity.  It's been blowing hard for a couple of days so Lake Nipissing is right stirred up.  I'm guessing the fishing will be terrible for a day or two.  Not many boats out and no one swimming as it's also been raining on and off.  Not a very good week for vacationers.  Have faith.  There is better weather on the way but summer is quickly coming to an end.

August 22, 2017 - 8:03 a.m.

Wow!  Vicious storm rolled through here last night around 4:00 this morning, which coincidently, is around