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July 29, 2016 - 7:33 a.m.

As I don't have anything overly pressing to do today I was rather hoping to sleep in this morning but my body's clock had me up just before 7:00.  Sigh.  That's actually okay as I've now some birthday preparations to do.  It's Paula's birthday today so we are going to have a nice bbq supper at "the big house", namely here.  Going to be another gorgeous day on the south shore of Lake Nipissing.  I think we are all beaching it today, at least the women.  Trish bought a huge raft so sounds like a great day to just park it in the water and float around.  All our reunion guests checked in and they love it here.  The kids (of all ages) are happy so that's half the battle.  Ginny and Craig are having the actual reunion party tomorrow with 60+ people so suspect the Baker family will be rather busy today.  I have a little watering to do today, mostly the window boxes, supper prep and a little house cleaning and then I'm vegging.  Going to be a great day!!

July 28, 2016 - 7:39 a.m.

Looking at the long term forecast, we have plenty to smile about.  No rain in the forecast, nothing but sun and temps mostly in the high 20's.  Today will be no exception and we are definitely in for a glorious Civic long weekend.  Dan and I are going to be fairly busy today but our scheduleisn't too heavy for the next few days so we can actually enjoy some of the summer activities.  The animals, unfortunately, have already started their autumn pilmgrage.  Had a small flock (likely one large family) of geese by the house this morning feeding on the grass Dan works so hard to care for.  They only start coming up later in the season when the babies become young adults.  They will begin practicing their flight patterns within the next week or two, which is comical to watch as the young ones are somewhat awkward yet.  The blackbirds have returned from their orchard visits down south and will remain until cooler weather prevails.  The squirrels have been dropping the cedar nuts for sometime but are really getting aggressive at it now.  I think we have seen the last of the hot muggy nights.  I doubt very much we will have another one where the temps stay above 20 degrees.  Love this time of year as the bugs slowly disappear and nightime sleeping is easy.  This is also the beginning of necessary nightime campfire season.  Gotta love it.

July 27, 2016 - 7:43 a.m.

Wow, what a beautiful day yesterday.  Beautiful Lake Nipissing "breeze" which kept most boats off the water until later in the day when the wind calmed down but certainly lovely for working.  Sun was shining and it was hot.  The humidity returned with a vengeance by the time 4:00 rolled around.  We both had a hard time sleeping last night.  Dan did some power washing on a few of our buildings while I watered flowers which took most of my day.  I watered everything really well as I don't want to spend my weekend wrestling with hoses and there was no rain in the forecast.  However that has since changed, likely due to the humidity.  Calling for 30% today with possible thunderstorms as well as 30% chance of rain tomorrow.  Get it out of it's system and let us have a lovely weekend.  We have a big reunion checking in tomorrow until Tuesday so I've cleaning to do tomorrow which means I'm heading to town this morning.  Shouldn't be too busy in town but if the weather gets nasty, it could be.  I made the base for some homemade ice cream last night and am finishing it off this morning.  First time I've made it (actually following directions lol) so hopefully it turns out!!

July 26, 2016 - 7:40 a.m.

Have to say, we are definitely having one of our best summer's on record.  The weather has been fantastic this year and this week is no exception.  The cloud cover burned off by noon yesterday.  We did receive a slight "misting" beforehand but was a gorgeous day hitting 28, sunny with an awesome Lake Nipissing breeze.  Was a tad windy for boating but kept things comfortable.  I finished my books so no more office clone for me for a bit.  I'm watering the flowers this morning.  Not sure about the afternoon but there is always something that needs doing.  Dan is power washing all the buildings today so I may need to wash some windows afterwards.  I've a few things on my agenda this week but am hoping to get some pontooning in before the end of the week.

July 25, 2016 - 7:17 a.m.

The skies have been looking more like November the past few days as it has been mostly overcast and very gray.  Same this morning although it is suppose to clear up sometime today.  I was hoping for a little rain yesterday but we only received a brief shower in our area.  Looks like other areas surrounding Lake Nipissing might have gotten more as the skies were pretty dark for most of the day.  It still remains very humid with temps in the mid to upper 20's.  Dan and I didn't do much of anything yesterday.  I had a long week so just vegged and watched "Kill Bill" Volumes 1 and 2 back to back.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.  Today I have a few more hours left of book work to do and can then put them away for another 3 months.  We were told the coyotes were very close and very loud on Saturday night which was close to the full moon so am assuming they had been hunting.  Red was up last night with the same flower loving offspring so at least we know she is safe.  The coyotes likely got a fawn or a coon.  Poor things.  Nature can indeed be very cruel.

July 24, 2016 - 6:53 a.m.

Another glorious day yesterday.  Couldn't have asked for better weather.  Dan and I finished our work by around 1:30 and then headed out on the pontoon once all our guests were checked in.  We didn't go far, just enough to basically cool us down and then ended up anchoring in front of Ginny and Craig's.  They have their six-seated raft floating out front of their house where all the girls promptly relaxed for the duration of a lovely summer afternoon while the boys visited on the boat.  Couldn't ask for a more relaxing day and I got plenty of swimming in.  I'm giving myself today for some R&R and not quite sure what's on the agenda as everyone is still in bed.  Calling for showers later this afternoon so may prohibit outdoor plans.  Frankly, I wouldn't mind just parking it in front of the tv as its been a long week for me but I'm not oppose to anything involving the water.  Have to wait and see how it goes :)

July 23, 2016 - 6:16 a.m.

Wow, what a warm day yesterday!!  I cleaned a cottage in the morning and was it hot!  Overly so.  Then I headed to town around 1:30 and ran errands all over the place.  It was a zoo and everyone was either shopping to escape the heat or grumpy because of it.  My last shop before heading to get my hair cut, the sky over North Bay was absolutely ominous and the lightning very scary.  Down pour happened while I was in the salon but by the time I came out, the storm had moved on with still dark skies around us.  By the time I got home around 7:30 last night, the storm had passed and did a little damage in the neighbourhood but we were left unscathed.  We had one of our cottages check out last night to beat the Saturday traffic so I did their laundry as I want to get started with the changeover as soon as possible this morning before to heat becomes too oppressive (like it was yesterday).  It did cool down considerably last night but calling for 31 again today with the humidex factor.  Bit cooler then yesterday but still too bloody hot for physical labour.  Calling for a possible shower this morning/early afternoon (doubtful) and winds to pick up to 20 km out of the north so weather permitting, we're pontooning it today as soon as our guests are all settled.  Red was up last night with one of her offspring who I had to chase twice out of my bedrock garden.  She was determined to get my day lilies which are just on the cusp of blooming and which I've yet to see produce the number of flowers they can as the buds are just so tasty.  I'm a little determined to have my way this year.  Problem is, the little bugger thought my chasing her was more like play time.  Fingers crossed there are still some buds this morning :)

July 22, 2016 - 9:94 a.m.

Sorry I'm late today folks.  Had an extremely restless night last night and just got up a bit ago.  Went to bed at 11:00 and finally moved to the couch around 4:00 this morning.  Was able to catch a few winks before the cats had me up for feed time after which I climbed back into bed for another few.  I worked in the office most of the day yesterday while Dan cut grass.  I shut it down when it started to thunder around 3:00 but the storm didn't fully reach us until around 4:00.  Had a good light show and some good cracks and a very good rain but it was all done within about an hour and the sun came out for a beautiful sunset.  I did the cottage laundry last night as we had an early check out so am cleaning this morning so not quite so hectic for me tomorrow.  I also have to go to town today and have a hair appointment later this afternoon.  Everyone is heading out on Trish and Larry's boat to go to the Manitou's swimming.  Wish I could play hookey today.

July 21, 2016 - 7:18 a.m.

Beautiful day yesterday but the humidity kicked in again.  Instead of working in the office, I opted to pay some attention to my gardens and did some minor weeding and watered everything nicely.  Am working in the office for sure today so made it a point of getting up early and lo and behold, Red was waiting on me.  Don't know how long she was looking in my bedroom window but she wasn't leaving until she got her treat.  I'm low on corn so gave her an apple.  That wasn't enough so I gave her a potato.  That wasn't enough so I gave her a tiny bit of corn.  It's almost like she nodded her head and said, "it's about time".  She's still eating the corn but Mama Mallard and six of her wee babies have since arrived waiting on the leftovers.  Great way to start my day.  I'm finishing my coffee and then heading to the office to get busy.  I opted not to close the house up this morning even though it's likely a bad decision.  Going to be very hot and humid today, likely reaching the 30 degree mark but I think thunderstorms and/or rain is coming.  Nothing on the radar but I can feel it.  See what transpires.

July 20, 2016 - 8:45 a.m.

I could certainly tell there was a full moon last night!!  What a day.  I worked in the office until around 4:30 yesterday but didn't get as much accomplished as I would have liked due to constant interruptions.  I finally headed to the house and tried doing some paperwork there and manage to finish around 8:30.  Tried settling into bed around 10:00 but it was pretty noisy around here.  I'm all for little children having fun but when they are screaming at the top of their lungs past midnight and running rampant throughout the neighbourhood, unfortunately, I had to shut them down.  It was one of those nights when you could hear a pin drop and noise carries so I'm sure the whole neighbourhood, if not the bay, was awake past their bedtimes.  Took Dan and I both a while to get to sleep so I'm much later getting up than usual.  I felt kind of mean but considering these were 3-6 year olds, they likely should have been in bed anyhow.  I'm sure we're going to hear about it today from our other guests and tenants.  On to nicer things...the weather is suppose to be in the high 20's, lower 30's for the next 3-4 days.  I should probably do some watering today but have other things to take care of today so see how it goes.  Lord save us from full moons :)

July 19, 2016 - 7:10 a.m.

I know quite a few people read my blog but was pleasantly surprised yesterday when "Mark" actually took the time out of his day to send me an email.  He was responding to yesterday's blog about why osprey fish when it's windy.  Although there is more involved, apparently wind decreases light penetration which makes the fish move higher up the water column, thus making it easier for the birds to grab as they aren't quite so deep.  Makes perfect sense, so there you have it.  Thanks Mark and glad you enjoy my blog.  As to today...it will be another blow day for those wanting to get out and enjoy a bit of fun on the water.  Lake Nipissing is white capping in our area and although it is currently overcast, sun is on the horizon and should break through the clouds as it gets stronger.  Looks to be another gorgeous day with comfortable temperatures sitting around the mid 20's but the heat is coming and due to arrive tomorrow.  Just hoping it doesn't bring humidity with it.  Dan, with the help of Don, installed our new Greening Bay Cottages sign at the road.  Some vandals did a number on it so Don was kind enough to do a great job re-painting it for us.  Dan also installed a new security camera so if anyone is so inclined to do it again, this time we've got you.  Just putting that out there.  For years we, as well as neighbours, had to deal with kids bashing in our mailboxes with baseball bats as they drove the back roads.  I finally got sick of it and had Canada Post install a community steel mailbox at the end of the road.  Guess that makes me a bad person for ruining the kids fun.  Lol.  

July 18, 2016 - 7:32 a.m.

What a beautiful day, for the most part, yesterday.  The morning was sunny and comfortable and we ended up having a 19th birthday lunch for Trish's daughter Victoria back at Larry and Trish's.  Paula and Alf joined in, we did pot luck and it was wonderful.  Complete with chocolate birthday cake.  Afterwards, the clouds began to move in so Dan and I had some quiet time to ourselves or the rest of the day.  We had rain overnight but no thunder dunders as anticipated.  It is overcast this morning and very windy so it's pretty much a blow day for people wishing to get out on the lake.  The osprey are out fishing this morning, as they normally do when it's windy.  I don't know if the waves help them sneak up on the fish or they can see the fish better but for some reason, windy conditions is when they prefer to feed. I am working in the office for the next few days as I need to get my books done so today is perfect weather to do just that.  Red turned up again and considering we haven't seen her for awhile, I was happy to see she is still alive and well.  Dan and Alf saw a deer at the end of our road with two little spotted fawns but it wasn't Red.  I do believe Red is done breeding as she is quite old.  I'm guessing she's at least 12 so that's a ripe old age in the wild.  Lots of kids in this week so hopefully the weather clears up for them today.  They are sure liking the beach and swimming.  Warm breeze so I'm sure they won't be deterred from playing for long.

July 17, 2016 - 8:47 a.m.

What a fantastic day yesterday!!  Weather cooperated and was pleasantly sunny and warm.  After our work was done, Annie came over and the two of us headed to Sally's for a girls night.  Again, the company and food was phenomenal.  The girls who decided to stay a bit longer were just getting comfy around the campfire when we left around dusk.  Dan and I then headed over to Jim and Chris's cottage as they are friends and guests visiting from California who we only see once a year.  Had a nice visit with them before packing it in for the night.  I slept in this morning but was awoken by a baby duck.  They've been out and about this week so apparently quite a few have survived.  The cicadas came out in full force this week also.  It's early yet to make a prediction but the squirrels have started gathering the cedar nuts and are leaving them on the ground vs burying them which usually indicates lots of winter snow.  Don't even want to go there just yet :)

July 16, 2016 - 7:08 a.m.

I think we finally received enough rain for a bit.  It rained all day yesterday, heavy at times and the cold front was definitely cold as the temperatures dipped to +12 in the afternoon.  Still 12 but the sun is shining and is suppose to hit mid 20's today.  The air is fresh and clean so great working weather.  I cooked, cleaned and did laundry all day yesterday so it was very productive.  Have changeover this morning and thankfully Eadie is coming in to help me.  Have a girls night later this afternoon at Sally's as she and her husband Rod are at their cottage after arriving from their home in Calgary last weekend.  Seems there are going to be about 15 women at this particular girls night.  Eeks.  I made a german cucumber salad yesterday to take so one less thing to worry about today. I also made agoodbatchof homemade spaghetti so Dan has leftovers for his supper tonight.  Looking forward to relaxing after my work is done today.  Going to be a great day!!

July 15, 2016 - 7:37 a.m.

What a great day yesterday.  Started out very early to get the cleaning done as the heat was so oppressive.  I haven't persprired to the point of sweat dripping off my nose like that in a long time.  Lol.  After that I spent 4 hours watering but evidently I needn't have bothered as we are getting a lovely rain this morning but I'm getting ahead of myself.  After our work was done for the day, we had some old friends from Chatham drop in for a brief but good visit.  I use to work with Dave and Pat Simpson at Union Gas before moving up here 17 years ago.  As they were here,  the cold front started to come in.  The winds picked up and we had a short but intense rain which cleared up rather quickly with the sun coming back out by about 6:00.  Dan and I then headed over to Mary and Richard's for a sausage fest.  Things were just starting to get going around 9:00 as they were starting a team "password" game but we were pretty tired so headed home.  I was in bed by 10:00 and actually slept in this morning.  Today, the temps are only suppose to go to 18 and we currently have a beautiful rain happening.  Looks like it will rain most of the morning and clear up by noon.  I'm going to house clean today as I've changeover tomorrow.  Dan has a few things on his agenda to get finished today but for the most part, he'll be able to get some R&R in today.   Much, much nicer working temperatures and I won't have to water again for awhile so that's a good thing.

July 14, 2016 - 5:29 a.m.

Another scorcher yesterday with the humidex hitting 38.  A hundred degrees is a tad warm for this gentle little flower to work in ssooo since I couldn't sleep, I'm off to get some work done before the melting sets in.  Have to clean the public bathrooms and water the flowers since no rain is forthcoming.  We had a clap of thunder last night but that was about it.  I saw lightning in the distance around 2:30 and was hoping for more but it wasn't to be.  I actually opened the house last night as the new air conditioner, which is basically just good for one room, couldn't keep up.  As the sun was setting in the front of the house and hitting all the windows, it was 5 degrees warmer in the house then outside.  It works well at keeping the house cool until around 5:00 in the afternoon though, so I'll give it that.  At least Dan and I managed to get the work that needed doing finished yesterday but I think the heat is making us both grumpy :)  They are calling for a low percentage of thunderstorms later today but we know how that goes.  Time to water!!

July 13, 2016 - 8:15 a.m.

Wow!!  Is it HOT!!  Unbearably so.  Glad we have a bit of a lake breeze but even that isn't helping all that much.  I don't mind the heat but the humidity is making it a little hard to move at the moment.  Especially when you're not use to it.  This feels more like Margaritaville than Northern Ontario.  I did get my bedrock garden finished yesterday, managed to overheat myself and just sat in front of a fan for most of the rest of the day.  Going to be just as warm today with temps in the 30's.  I have a cottage and the public washrooms to clean today, at least am hoping to.  I didn't sleep well last night so the early start didn't happen as planned.  Even at 1:30 this morning the air was like butter.  No complaints, just saying.  Not great working weather but the snow will be flying soon enough so I'm sucking it up :)  Dan will be cutting grass for a few hours this morning and then again this evening as he can't take the sun so avoids the hottest part of the day.  Bbq'ing weather, for sure.  No rain or storms yesterday so will likely need to water some flowers today as well.

July 12, 2016 - 7:30 a.m.

Wow, what a scorcher yesterday!!  Hit 27 but 31 with the humidex.  Even hotter today so I've closed the house up and turned the air on.  It'll be on for the next few days by the looks of things.  Calling for thunderstorms later on, and I wouldn't be surprised if we get them.  Air is pretty thick but there is a nice lake breeze this morning.  I zipped to town on errands yesterday and was glad for the a/c in my car.  Dan and Alf (okay, mostly Alf) installed a new engine on our bass boat while I was in town.  We all planned to go on the boat but had another minor cottage incident right after I got back from town which then sent Dan to town for replacement parts.  Mitch came over and helped with the repairs and we finally got on the boat around 3:00.  Headed to the Manitous and went for a nice long swim and then cruised around Callander Bay for a bit.  Some of the other camps look busy, others, not so much.  It's going to be too hot for physical labour past 10-11:00 today so I'm heading out right shortly to do a little weeding.  Likely take refuge someplace cool for the afternoon.

July 11, 2016 - 7:21 a.m.

Absolutely gorgeous day yesterday and a beautiful morning today.  I'm currently sitting on my deck watching the squirrels wrestle.  The Northern Reds are such aggressive noisy little creatures.  Don't know how they can be mistaken for the more docile chipmunks.  We ended a very exhausting (both physically and mentally) week on a high note.  We didn't go boating as anticipated as I wanted to stay close to home in case Grady came back.  No Grady by 9:00 last evening but, sigh, as I'm getting ready for bed, I hear him meowing.  Sounded like he was outside my bedroom window so I go tearing outside, no Grady.  Walked all the way around the house calling him.  Still no Grady.  Go back inside and call him again, hear the meowing and it's coming from my dresser!!  That silly cat was inside my dresser all this time.  Don't know how he got in there but it's full of clothes and I had been in the drawers quite a few times over the course of two days.  Never saw him, heard him, no evidence of him being in there at all.  Why he waited so long to make his presence known is beyond me.  All this time thinking a predator got him and he's playing hide and seek.  Silly thing.  Today I need to go to town but hoping to get home in good time and do some gardening.  Going to be another beautiful day.  High 25 with a few clouds so may have to ditch work and go boating.  High of 30 tomorrow with possibility of thunderstorms late in the afternoon.  We received enough rain on the weekend to partially lift the fire ban so campfires are now allowed if properly contained. Our guests had a beautiful one last night.  That's what summer is all about!!

July 10, 2016 - 7:15 a.m.

We had quite the long day yesterday.  Changeover so I cleaned, Dan graded the beach and clean boats then guest check ins.  Full house this week so going to be busy around here.  We had a thunderstorm and quite a bit of rain yesterday.  Everything is starting to green up again.  Lost our cat Grady yesterday.  We think he got out early in the morning amidst the chaos and haven't seen him since.  Dan's quite upset as that was his "baby" and with all the rain it's not like him to stay away.  Hopefully he'll show up today.  We searched for quite awhile and then gave up the hunt. We headed to Annie's and had a great visit.  It actually got quite cool in the afternoon but once the system blew through and the sun came back out, it was lovely.  Beautiful morning today.  Sunny and no humidity.  Suppose to hit 25 so may hit the water a little later.  Downtime today, for sure.  Been quite the week.

July 9, 2016 - 6:50 a.m.

The air was so thick yesterday, you could cut it with a knife.  The whole working day was rather hot and humid but some ominous clouds rolled through after supper and we had a brief thunderstorm followed by rain, which started around 8:00.  We received more rain through the evening hours and it woke me up this morning.  Checked our rain gauge which indicated 1 1/4 inches of nature's nectar.  The clouds aren't terribly thick this morning and they are calling for a mix of sun, cloud and rain today with possibility of another thunderstorm.  We could certainly stand more rain but I'm sure most people would prefer sun.  At least I don't need to water today on top of everything else I need to do.  I was going to finish weeding my bedrock garden yesterday but the cottage cleaning took nearly the entire day as we had a little incident.  The hot water tank went kaput in the cottage so needed to be replaced.  It wasn't too terribly messy but the installation involved a lot of work.  Thank God for Mitchell (who is a plumber) as he was available to help us out.  As I've said many times....I can try to plan my work schedule but it rarely works out the way I'd like it to.  We've another busy day today with changeover as Dan is cleaning boats while I do the cottages.  Dan's grading the beach this morning since after a nice rain is the perfect time (no dust storms) but we are hoping to get everything finished this morning and all our check-ins settled in a timely manner so we can visit Annie today.  Her sister and brother-in-law are in town so would love to se them.  Again, we'll see how the day goes and hope for no more surprises.

July 8, 2016 - 7:46 a.m.

Turned out to be a very warm and humid day yesterday.  The sun stayed hidden for the majority of it, which was likely a good thing as it would have been unbearably hot.  Due to the rain we received Wednesday night, I ended up weeding the bedrock garden for most of the day as weeds are much easier to pull after a nice sprinkling.  Plus the sun wasn't beating on me. I still have a little to do which I'm hoping to get done this morning.  I have a cottage to changeover as well so see how it goes.  The fishermen checking in today might not be too happy as they are calling for thunderstorms later today and into tomorrow as well.  Doesn't mean we will get them here but perhaps out on the lake.  Nipissing is pretty calm this morning and a few groups have already gone out.  Wish I could fish as I'd love a perch dinner about now.  Dan did end up cutting grass yesterday.  He's so particular but the only thing really growing right now is the clover, which makes the property look "messy".  Still, it keeps him busy.  Lol.  I had an epiphany earlier this week.  The deer, for the most part, have been leaving my flowers/plants alone but really started after them later last week.  Considering how dry it is, I believe they were eating the foliage around the property because the gardens are all that have been watered.  That and the fact they really love hostas and flower buds but it does make sense.  I'm hoping the system coming through, which is going to cool things down, will produce enough rain to satisfy nature's requirements and enable the fire ban to be lifted.  Campfires would be welcomed by everyone about now.

July 7, 2016 - 8:50 a.m.

We finally received some desperately needed rain yesterday.  Didn't look like we were going to get much but it all developed over us for a change.  According to my rain gauge we received a good inch throughout the evening hours.  Don't know that it's enough to lift the fire ban for our area but it's a start.  I've already taken care of some business this morning and since I watered yesterday, I can spend my time on other things today.  I have a bit of cleaning this morning and then think I'm going to do some weeding.  Dan has already cut the grass that needs it this week and he's bailing boats this morning.  Currently overcast but nothing is on the radar so going to assume the cloud cover will all burn off as the sun heats up.  Still very humid so wouldn't be surprised if we get more rain in the next day or two.  We'll take it!!

July 6, 2016 - 7:35 a.m.

We had a bit of a trying day yesterday but today is another day.  Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control but where would life be without such moments?  Kind of makes us realize what is truly important in this world.  I watered yesterday and did some cottage laundry after supper.  I was sincerely hoping we would get some rain and it certainly felt like it but just didn't materialize.  The temps hit 27-28 again yesterday, as it will today.  Calling for a high risk of thunderstorms today but again, think they will go up and over us.  Beautiful summer weather we are experiencing but a nice overnight rain shower would be well received.  Have some cottage cleaning to do today and then may putter in the bedrock garden if it's not too hot.  Dan doesn't need to cut grass too badly this week.  In fact, I wish he would let it alone.  Everyone is saying how dry and brown their grass is.  Certainly shaping up to be a year for it.

July 5, 2016 - 6:53 a.m.

What a simply gorgeous day we had yesterday.  Reached a high of 27 here and was a mix of sun and cloud so not overbearingly hot.  Lots of people taking advantage of the water and either fishing, swimming, kayaking or boating.  I did a little watering and will need to do more today.  They are calling for a low probability of thunderstorms late this afternoon but doubtful we'll get them. Tomorrow, possibly.  I am zipping into town very quickly this morning to pick up a few flowers that didn't survive our wind storms a while back and then doing some gardening.  Grass cutting has certainly died down for Dan so not sure what he's up to today.  We are pretty much all caught up so hopefully can enjoy a little summer pleasure here and there over the next month.  High of 28 with sun today.  Woo hoo.

July 4, 2016 - 8:51 a.m.

Happy 4th of July to all our American friends.  Hope you enjoy your day!!  Pretty sure Dan and I will as the weather is gorgeous this morning.  I tried to sleep in until 9:00 this morning but Dan was crashing and booming around so wasn't to be.  Had a little work to do yesterday and then I zipped into town.  I thought for certain we were going to get a doozy of a storm as my foot and ankle flared up something awful and one of our tenants had his knee flare up but everything was completely around us and we never did get anything.  So unfortunately, the fire ban is still on.  We had a nice dinner with Paula, Alf, Larry and Trish yesterday and all hit the sack early.  Crossing my fingers that we can all get on our boats and head to the Manitous or elsewhere today but see how it goes.  I haven't been outside just yet so duty may call when I do.  Suppose to reach 28 today but not feeling as humid as yesterday.  Wind has died down but was welcomed yesterday as it also got pretty warm.  Gotta love summertime!!

July 3, 2016 - 7:42 a.m.

Yesterday shaped up to be quite nice although the wind was an issue.  It died down enough at one point for people to get out on their boats but then picked up again as a rain cell went over.  We only received a few "spits" but it looked like it was raining pretty good in North Bay.  I was busy with changeover and other things until about 1:00 and opted to take some time to myself in the afternoon, as did Dan.  We both enjoyed some R&R yesterday so was lovely.  Today we have more guests checking in so likely won't go very far.  They are calling for a thunderstorm this afternoon as the warm front comes in.  Suppose to be smoking hot the next few days.  Definitely going to be a pontoon boat day tomorrow if it gets as warm as they are forecasting.  Hope everyone has enjoyed our Canadian long weekend.  Pretty cool this year that all of North America had this weekend to enjoy a nice summer holiday.

July 2, 2016 - 6:27 a.m.

Yay!!  We finally received some badly needed rain!!  The rain started as showers in the morning and looked like the front was going to blow right past us but then it stalled and did its swirly-thing over the region and ended up raining pretty steadily all day.  Was a very nice rain and cleared up just in time for a sunset.  It did get rather windy in the early evening and stayed that way all night.  Likely a blow day for our fishermen but hopefully they can get out for the evening fish.  We made the best of the situation yesterday by having a potluck under the picnic shelter, which started around 3:00.  I worked on the house until about that time (my now squeaky clean floors thanked me) and then threw together some devilled eggs and a cheese ball and joined in the festivities.  The Robin who is currently residing on her nest in the corner of the shelter was somewhat agitated but she didn't stray far from the nest and was perched comfortably on it once everyone left around 8:00.  I have changeover today and then I'm hoping to get some quiet time in later today.  Be nice to head out on the pontoon tomorrow but see what the weather brings.  They still haven't lifted the fire ban so no campfires yet.

July 1, 2016 - 8:08 a.m.

HAPPY CANADA DAY folks!!  What a blessed nation and wonderful group of people we are.  Had a great day yesterday.  I ended up working until around 1:00 and then headed to town.  Got home around 3:00 and was in the water beaching it by around 4:00.  Sat in the water until 6:00ish and joined a bit of a gathering later on.  The weather was perfect.  Sunny, hot, humid with a beautiful lake breeze.  Today, not so much.  Currently overcast and praying for rain.  I don't know that I've ever seen the grass so burnt on our property.  Fire hazard is definitely high in the area and helicopters have been airborn all week checking for hot spots.  Going to spend my day on my poor neglected house.  Have changeover tomorrow and then we are semi free for a few days.  Really hoping for a boat ride this weekend for sure.

June 30, 2016 - 7:47 a.m.

I honestly don't know why I bother.  Been trying for years to make my bedrock a beautiful garden until the deer see tasty treats.  Last night they ate the buds off all my lilies.  I swear I don't think any of them have ever had the chance to bloom.  The deer also ate all the petunia buds off 4 plants I had.  Little buggers.  I believe that's their way of saying, "you didn't get the corn out quick enough".  Sigh.  At least there are plenty of plants left that they don't like, so that's something.  Dan finished cutting the grass yesterday and after cleaning and fuelling, launched a rental boat for today.  I decided to paint the posts for our road sign as the new and improved sign is being installed likely today or tomorrow.  Talk about a crappy job.  The sun was so hot without the lake breeze and the deer/horse flies thought I was a carnival treat.  Took me a couple of hours and a lot of moves I didn't think I was still capable of but its finished.  I then did  some watering, weeding and dead heading.  Still need to water the road planter but wanted the paint to dry completely so that's today's job.  I've also some tidying/refreshing to do in a cottage and then I'm heading to town.  Just need a few groceries for the weekend so shouldn't be long.  Maybe I'll actually be able to sit and enjoy the weather for a bit this afternoon.  Suppose to be clear, sunny and high of 25.  Also hoping I can have some fun this weekend (after Saturday changeover).  No fireworks or campfires but we'll make do.  Hopefully a boat ride will be involved at some point.  



June 29, 2016 - 8:03 a.m.

Finally got my painting done yesterday.  Was a little challenging with only one good hand and I had to be a contortionist on occasion but it's done.  At least for now.  Today is shaping up to be beautiful with temps due to hit 23 and all sun.  Perfect outdoor working weather.  Going to do some gardening and likely watering today.  Did a little yesterday but I'm sure everything is due for a drink.  We had a few "spits" of rain last night but it was laughable.  I'd love to see a solid two inches of rain before the weekend but just not going to happen.  Calling for showers on Friday but only a 40% chance which means we won't get anything.  All the animals are looking a little forlornly due to lack of rain and I actually saw a Robin having a bird bath in our boat launch yesterday.  I've been keeping my bird bath full but I think nature would prefer a good soaking that comes from the sky.  Dan went to town yesterday with Alf and his grandson Nolan.  Went out for lunch and wandered Canadian Tire.  Must not have been any good deals as he didn't come home with anything.  I have a very short honey-do list for Dan today and then I'm assuming he will finish the grass cutting as he usually does on Wednesdays.  Looking forward to the weekend and just hoping everyone abides by the fire ban.  Always some idiot who thinks it doesn't apply to them and fireworks are a huge hazard right now.

June 28, 2016 - 7:40 a.m.

Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right?  When no matter how conscientious or careful you are, it doesn't matter?  When you feel like the whole universe is conspiring against you?  Well I had one of those days yesterday.  I was painting interior doors in one of our cottages and it seemed the paint was going everywhere but on the doors.  I finally gave up around noon.  Today is another day and I'm determined to finish so fingers crossed and here's hoping the powers that be are on my side today.  The cold front started to arrive last night around midnight and is definitely here.  Went from a very humid 28 yesterday to clean crisp air and 12 degrees this morning.  Although the clouds were very threatening yesterday, we didn't get one drop of rain.  May get a shower this morning but very doubtful as the sun has already tried to emerge.  Perfect working weather so no complaints.

June 27, 2016 - 7:30 a.m.

Unfortunately we didn't get the rain we were hoping for yesterday.  We did get some but very little and certainly not enough.  We had two lines of storms approach Lake Nipissing from the French River moving east but by the time they reached us, the lake split them so we only received a pittance.  Just enough to make it even more humid.  I cleaned the house and did laundry yesterday and that was enough.  Just relaxed as this morning I'm painting.  Hopefully I can get this little project done today and move on to better things.  Temperatures are suppose to be cooler today, only reaching 25 with possibility of a shower but I'm guessing no rain, hot and humid.  If it goes down to 11 as forecasted for this evening, that means it may get windy later today and the cold front will arrive.  The tourists are loving Red.  She came up a couple of times last night with another fawn.  Gave her some corn but think she'd prefer apples.  Cheeky.

June 26, 2016 - 8:14 a.m.

What a gorgeous summer day yesterday.  This morning is shaping up to be another one.  I watered yesterday for 5 hours, did a little weeding at the same time.  Dan kept busy doing odd jobs and we both wrapped up around 2:30 for the day as it was just too hot.  No complaints and think we'll possibly see another 30 degree day today.  All our guests were checked in by 3:00 so the traffic wasn't as bad as anticipated due to the accident on Hwy 400 on Friday.  We had a pleasant surprise around 5:00 when Tracey and Talbot dropped in for a visit.  Haven't seen Tracey for close to 2 years.  They dropped in for a minute and ended up spending the night.  I stretched my chicken stir fry for supper by adding shrimp and more veggies and then we caught up and just had a ball.  Too bad we couldn't have a campfire due to the area wide fire ban but the air conditioning was  was much better.  Had a late night and I was up way past my bed time but up to a possible boat ride or some beach today.  Calling for possibility of thunderstorms late this afternoon but right now, radar is showing the storms above and below us.  Been like that all season so seriously hope we get some desperately needed rain today and tomorrow.  The fishing has been excellent lately so don't think the shads have completed their major hatch just yet.  Have only seen a few of them here and there (we don't normally get them too bad on our property)  but since the water temp has pretty much reached the hatching point, I suspect they'll be out within the next week.

June 25, 2016 - 7:14 a.m.

Was a beautifully sunny and warm day yesterday.  The temps reached at least 27 and going to be warmer today.  Sounds like a beach and boat ride kind of day.  I have a feeling our guests are going to be late arriving due to the horrific accident on Hwy 400 yesterday.  Guess it will depend on if they've reopened the highway this morning or not.  I was awakened this morning by a loud pounding outside my bedroom window.  It's official.  I now have a nuisance raccoon.  Silly thing got itself trapped in my steel storage container.  It's one of those boxes for the back of a pickup truck so it's not light.  I even had a heavy rock on top of the lid as coons have been known to open it in the past and get inside but this was unreal.  I don't think it was in there very long but long enough to feast.  Guess I won't be able to put anymore deer corn out for a bit until the coons (there were 3 up last night and Red kept trying to chase them off) get the hint and move on.  Dan's work is pretty much done for the weekend, as Is mine although I do need to water the flowers this morning.  Calling for showers late tomorrow afternoon and into Monday but it's going to be a scorcher today so I'd better get at it.

June 24, 2016 - 8:28 a.m.

I'm a little late this morning.  Something woke me up shortly before 5:00 so got up and fed the cats and then went back to bed.  Slept in until 7:30.  Had a great day yesterday.  Dan manicured the property yesterday via lawnmower and weed eater while I cleaned the house and a cottage.  Around 5:00 we headed over to Mary and Richard's for a neighbourhood get together and a delicious supper.  Was home before dark so did a little reading.  Today I've one more cottage to clean and the watering to do and then calling it quits for the weekend unless I get ambitious and decide to paint some doors in the double unit.  It's getting done within the next week but at least I don't have to panic as that cottage won't be occupied until next Thursday.  Suppose to rain Sunday and Monday so that would be a great time.  After that, all I have left to do are my books by the end of July (good rainy day work) so hoping to get some boating time in since I can't fish right now.  Dan and I always work like demons to get our maintenance, renos, etc done so we can enjoy at least the month of July when it's too hot to do anything but swim :o)

June 23, 2016 - 6:15 a.m.

Beautiful day for working outside yesterday although the mosquitos have started to come back.  Due to lack of rain, they haven't been quite as bad this year, so that's something positive.  We have approximately 27 wild fires in the region so I hope people take heed to the fire ban and won't be setting off fire crackers on the holiday weekend as there isn't much rain in the forecast for the upcoming week either.  I didn't get back from town yesterday until nearly noon (terribly long wait at the clinic) but did manage to get some work done in the afternoon.  Alf finished repairing Dan's lawn mower and then the two of them cleaned his shop up.  Good job Alfie.  Dan ended up cutting grass last night as he prefers to do it when the sun isn't too hot.  Today, he'll likely finish it.  I'm working in the cottages most of the day.  Would also like to wash all the windows outside as the pollen has made it's mark.  No sense doing it before the pollen is finished, which I'm hoping it is.  Have seen a few shad flies around but not too bad here.  We don't have a lot of light to draw them which is why they normally head to North Bay upon hatching but we still get  the odd few.  Red, our mascot deer, came for a visit last night.  Haven't seen her for a while and this is the first year she hasn't had a fawn.  She's an old gal, for sure but is looking good and healthy.  Ate her apple and then went for a jaunt in the park to say hello to everyone.  Gotta love her.

June 22, 2016 - 7:15 a.m.

Geesh.  Go from needing an air conditioner to needing a heater in a 24 hour span.  Welcome to the North.  I always said the weather here was much like Calgary, less the Chinooks.  Was a perfect day for working outside yesterday though.  There was a strong breeze so no bugs and temperatures very comfortable.  Unfortunately the breeze turned into wind and shifted north so quite cool this morning at 14 degrees.  Currently cloudy and Lake Nipissing is a little rough but the sun is due out with temps reaching 20 today.  Our condolences to the family who lost their son, a Brazilian tourist who was only 29.  He drown on Sunday while visiting the area and they were only able to recover his body yesterday.  Can't stress enough how much respect Lake Nipissing warrants as she can turn ugly very quickly on this lake and small waves can be very deceiving.  Again, our sympathies.  Yesterday was very productive for me.  Was also a very long day but quite pleased with my accomplishments.  Have a tad more painting outside today which I'll finish once I get back from town.  Have to zip in to the blood clinic in Callander for my monthly testing.  Pain in the butt but at least I don't have to sit in the hospital.  Dan and Alf worked on the lawn mower most of the day yesterday and had to zip into town for parts.  Turns out he literally blew a gasket.  Lol.  Love saying that.  Too funny.

June 21, 2016 - 7:33 a.m.

What a difference a day makes!!  I painted the public bathroom doors yesterday and finished just as the rumbling started.  A bit of thunder and then a couple of downpours but would have preferred a nice steady rain for about 8 hours.  Glad we did get a little rain at least as the wind just howled.  Reached up to 85 km/hr here and was just nasty.  Chairs blown all over, tree branches down but at least the pollen seems to be gone.  The wind settled down overnight but has since picked up again.  The lake is officially a blow day and there won't be anyone fishing today.  Temperatures much nicer for working today.  Have a little watering and a little office work and then I'm painting again.  Have a few more things outside to paint and am then moving indoors for some touch ups in the cottages.  Likely won't get it all done today, but this week for sure.  Dan has done some landscaping in the park and right where he's been babying the new grass, a nice big old snapper laid her eggs smacked dab in the middle of the ground under repair.  Just no messing with Mother Nature.  Lol.

June 20, 2016 - 7:26 a.m.

Happy summer everyone.  Dan and I had a pretty lazy day yesterday.  Was enjoyable, to say the least.  I spoke with my "dads" in the morning and watered some flowers and then spent the day indoors in the air conditioning.  I just couldn't do heat or sun yesterday.  We both had a nice afternoon nap which was a bonus.  Back at it today.  I'm painting today, mostly doors.  Hopefully I can get it all done over the course of the next 2 days.  They are calling for showers to start after noon with an elevated risk of thunderstorms.  Haven't had a good thunderstorm in ages and hope they aren't too severe or damaging.  Pretty dry in the region so we certainly done need any wild fires starting.  Whatever we receive, the 30 degree temperatures will be cooled down to something more conducive to working, for sure.  Going to be another nice week by the looks of things though.  Gotta love summer!!

June 19, 2016 - 6:58 a.m.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all you Dads out there.  Hope you have a great day.  Was a great day here yesterday.  Dan and Alf zipped into town in the morning to buy us an air conditioner.  Never thought we would get one but Dan wanted one.  It's been so hot, high humidity and high pollen, I think he is right.  No relief today either.  It hit 32 yesterday and Paula and I went for a couple of swims in the afternoon even though we sat in the water after our boat ride.  Pretty hard to move yesterday.  Looks like I'm watering flowers this morning as it's currently overcast but the wind is due to pick up with gusting to 50 this afternoon.  Going to be sunny and another +30 day by the looks of things.

June 18, 2016 - 7:03 a.m.

What a glorious day yesterday!!  I started watering flowers shortly after 7:00 and finished around 11:30 then headed into the house and made egg salad sandwiches, some homemade coconut ice cream and some cheddar biscuits for supper.  Meanwhile Dan worked bleaching and cleaning the fish cleaning station then went to the dump.  Afterwards, we hopped on the pontoon with Paula and Alf and headed to the Manitous for lunch.  It was definitely a hot one reaching over 30 degrees and pure sun.  Paula and I ended up going for our first swim of the season, which was fabulous but the pollen is very heavy in the water right now.  Didn't matter, we enjoyed ourselves.  Came back and Annie joined us for a lovely steak dinner but we were all lounging by 9:00 as I think the sun took its toll.  The temps dropped to 13 overnight so house is nice and cool this morning and I've already closed it up.  Heat warning is in effect today and likely again tomorrow.  Not sure what's on the agenda today but it's going to involve little work after noon.  Dan and Alf were talking about going to town to buy an air conditioner for the house.  Not a fan of it but Dan is.  I'm thinking it may be a good day to take the boat to Callander for lunch or just park a chair in the water...

June 17, 2016 - 6:08 a.m.

OMG, was it a hot one yesterday!!  We didn't close the house up but definitely should have.  I watered in the morning and then headed to town shortly before noon.  It hit 30 degrees in North Bay and don't know what the humidex was but it was stifling.  The next 3 days are going to be even hotter.  I got up at 5:30 this morning and closed the house up as it's about 16 inside but the temps outside will hit 25 by 10:00, I'm sure.  Doing a bit more watering this morning and then hoping to do something involving water this afternoon.  Boat ride or beach it, either will do.  Dan graded the beach yesterday so I also need to set all the chairs back up as I'm sure there will be a lot of people in the park this weekend.  Calling for sunny and hot all weekend with no break in the weather until at least Tuesday.  That said, with it being this unbearably warm, I wouldn't be surprised if we have a pop up storm.  Just praying it doesn't materialize as a whooper like it has in the past.  Please people, leave your pets at home for the next few days.  Make sure they have plenty of shelter and water.  Someone was caught yesterday in the Bay leaving their dog in the car.  Use some common sense.

June 16, 2016 - 7:48 a.m.

We had a good day yesterday.  Weather was beautiful and it hit 25 here.  Clouded up in the afternoon but didn't receive the overnight rain shower I was hoping for.  As a result, I've a little watering to do before I head to town this morning.  Also have to pick up the piles I raked on the beach yesterday so Dan can grade it this morning.  I'm sure a lot of people will be wanting to use the beach and possibly swim this weekend.  Including me.  Hydro showed up yesterday to replace our two hydro poles and old transformer.  They were here for several hours but did a great job.  We call it a "spectator sport".  

June 15, 2015 - 7:41 a.m.

The temperature did reach 20+ degrees here yesterday but it was later in the day.  Was pretty cool in the morning.   Down to 11 overnight so we are definitely warming up.  Going to be sunny and 25 today.  I spent a couple of hours in the office and then tended my gardens.  The nasty wind we received the past week or so has done a number on them but they will come back with this hot spell.  I found one of my weigelia trees has tent caterpillars on it so need to deal with that this morning.  I'll just spray some veg oil on it and that should do it.  Maureen is coming in this morning to do some cleaning for me so did the cottage laundry last night while Dan cut some grass.  I'd like to do some painting this week outdoors.  Since it will be hot and clear with no rain in the forecast, I can take the doors I want to paint outside.  We have a lull in guests this week before the season is in full swing next week so hopefully I can't get it all done.

June 14, 2016 - 7:18 a.m.

Was a beautiful day yesterday for most of it.  The wind picked up again which I'm assuming ushered in the warm front.  It reached a high of 20 but dipped to 3 overnight.  It is going to warm up quickly today as the mist coming off Moose Creek when I got up was about as heavy as it gets.  Calling for nice warm temps and nothing but sun all week. Che coldest it is suppose .to get is 11 tonight.  After that, smooth sailing.  Hopefully we can get some pontooning in this weekend but I know how that goes.  We managed to get all the leaves, twigs and branches cleared away yesterday.  Dan actually had to cut most of the grass and I looked after the beach and around the house.  Just natures way of trimming.  I never did make it back to the office so that's one my agenda first thing this morning.  Dan is just about caught up on everything he wanted to get done but I still have a few things to do over the next few weeks.

June 13, 2016 - 7:32 a.m.

We managed to get another long work week under our belts.  We both worked until around 2:00 on Saturday and after a quick shower, I headed to Donna's for our girls night.  Celebrated Marion and Liz's 60th birthdays and just had a ball.  Pretty spry little old ladies, we are. Lol.  I went with Annie and we left shortly after supper, came back here and joined Dan, Larry and Trish in the park for a bit.  Dan and I both took yesterday off and rested.  The weather wasn't great anyhow.  Don't know what's up with the wind but it was incredibly windy yesterday.  Tree branches and leaves are down all over the property so we'll be playing "pick up sticks" today.  The beach needs to be set up again as the chairs are all over the place.  I may rake the beach today also after I get my office work finished.  Going to be a gorgeous week by the looks of the forecast.  Was very chilly yesterday but the air is crisp and clean and heading into the 20's today, getting increasingly warmer as the week progresses.  Dan was sneezing and carrying on yesterday evening so think he may have caught a summer cold.  Hope not, they are the worse.

June 11, 2016 - 9:02 a.m.

We had a great day yesterday.  Both Dan and I worked in the morning and then I made some wontons, egg rolls and fried dill pickles for later.  Once Dan was finished installing a grey water system for a new trailer, he helped Larry and Trish launch their pontoon boat and we all headed out around 3:00 for the maiden voyage this year.  Was just glorious out on the water.  After all the wind we had this week, Lake Nipissing was like a window pane yesterday.  Temps only reached 17 but was so warm with the sun shining on us, we were able to wear our bathing suits.  We got hot enough to swim but the lake temperatures aren't quite warm enough for my liking yet.  We docked at Annie's cottage for a quick visit on our travels and then headed back for a fry and bbq and a very lovely campfire.  Tried sleeping in this morning but was up by 8:30 so that's better than nothing.  Ladies night for me today and we are celebrating two of the ladies' 60th birthdays so looking forward to an enjoyable time.  Weather isn't conducive at the moment though.  We received some showers overnight and calling for them on and off all day as well as a possible thunderstorm.  Temps are suppose to reach a high of 26 with a high humidex factor so they just might pan out.  Party doesn't start until 3:00 so hopefully the bad stuff has come and gone by then.  Had a visitor the other day.  Momma Mallard duck came up to the house with 5 tiny babies.  While mom ate some birdseed, the babies were trapped between our porch steps and the break wall and couldn't get up as it was too high so they were making quite the racket.  So glad I stopped letting Grady out during the "baby" season or there would have been a massacre.  He certainly watched them like a hawk from the window though.  Such sweet little creatures.

June 10, 2016 - 7:15 a.m.

The wind has finally calmed down enough for people to get out fishing.  For how long, I don't know.  It blew again yesterday but at least it was sunny so felt a bit warmer and reached a high of 17.  Now that the pollen has backed off, I started my "spring" clean in the house yesterday.  Was at it all day but am not nearly finished.  At least my windows are clean.  I still need to clean a couple outside but will get to it.  Dan painted one of the public bathrooms yesterday as the paint peeled horribly over the winter so I'm cleaning it first thing this morning then finishing my windows.  Should warm up by the time I'm done so am going to nurse my poor flowers a little later.  Going to be sunny and fairly calm today with a high of 20.  A painted turtle laid her eggs last night somewhere around the bedrock garden.  I had to help her get back to the water as she was having a heck of a time.  She had been out for a long time as she was completely dry.  Couldn't find the nest as I like to protect them so hopefully it'll remain undistrubed.  We have a large snapping turtle who lays her eggs in the same spot every year but the raccoons ravaged it the same day.

June 9, 2016 - 8:17 a.m.

Looks like Dan and I are sleeping in these days.  Easy enough to understand the closer we get to the longest day of the year considering it's light out until at least 10:00.  Takes me at least an hour or two to wind down once the sunsets so staying up later these days.  Sigh.  The wind is still making for an unwanted presence.  I feel so badly for our American guests who came all this way with visions of perch, which is what they like to catch.  They haven't been able to get on the lake since Sunday.  Nipissing settled down for a bit after dark last night but wind picked up again before daylight.  The forecast is saying windy through the rest of the week but at least it's suppose to switch from north to south eventually.  So much for all my hard garden work.  My flowers look downright pathetic.  They'll come back but it's going to take a week or two.  Guess this is why the translation of Nipising means "big wind".  I