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December 15, 2017 - 7:42 a.m.

Was a very deceiving day yesterday.  It was sunny and looked beautiful out but man was it cold.  It was the coldest it’s been all season and not pleasant to be outside at all.  I don’t think I’m climatized just yet.  It peaked out at -27 last night but with the windchill bbbrrrr.  The outside door was sticking and as soon as it was opened, the steam just rolled into the house.  Fortunately a warm front came through overnight and it was -16 when I got up.  Much more reasonable and not so hard to take.  Most of the humidity hasn’t been sucked out of the air but they are calling for snow squalls this afternoon and maybe some snow tonight.  Lots of flurries in the long term forecast as things warm up after this cold snap.  I’m sure we made some ice over the past few days but again, with all the snow on Lake Nipissing there is likely more slush than ice.  Hearing different reports but sorry, we won’t be measuring until sometime after Christmas.  I know everyone is biting at the bit and hoping for the January opener but I’m guessing there is only about 3-4” tops right now.  Fingers crossed.

December 14, 2017 - 7:42 a.m.

Bbbrrr, bbbrrr, bbbrrrr.  We are in a deep freeze here for a few days.  Forecast is saying -27 in North Bay and we are currently registering -25 with a wind chill factor of -39.  Not liking this nostril sticking weather at all but know it’s necessary to make ice.  We’re hearing there is about 4” with 3”of slush on top but with these temps even the slush should freeze.  At least it was sunny all day yesterday which likely helped to compact all the snow currently sitting on Lake Nipissing.  The roads were absolutely horrible in the Bay yesterday.  All roads were completely snow packed and slippery in many incidences.  I heard on the radio there were 29 accidents in the area between Monday and Tuesday morning.  I actually saw a car that had traffic blocked on the Lakeshore overpass because it had slid and was buried in a snowbank.  The police were there but because of the blocked lane, traffic was some backed up.  People need to slow down.  Highway 654 was about the only road I travelled on that was fairly decent.  Sun is suppose to shine again today so may lend a hand in clearing up these roads.  Or not.  Could just make them more treacherous so be careful out there.  Long term forecast is showing a lot more snow coming our way!!

December 13, 2017 - 7:10 a.m.

So much for the forecast for yesterday stating the snow squalls/bad weather was all going to stay south of us.  I think we got pummelled more than anyone else.  Although it’s hard to measure just due to the high wind factor yesterday, I’m guessing when all was said and done, we received a good foot of snow.  It was hard to keep up with it because as soon as I shovelled,  the snow was all back again.  Shovelled our deck 4 times but the snow just kept blowing off the roof.  Wasn’t the greatest of days and the wind chill factor made for quite the chilly day.   Sun is suppose to make an appearance today (believe it when I see it) but still going to be very cold.  Only calling for a high of -14 but the wind chill will keep us below -30 for most of the week.  Not going to warm up until at least next Monday and then only briefly.  I’m sure Lake Nipissing is  a mess with snow dunes about now.  Just let the cold get through them to the ice and we will all be happy campers.  I’m heading to town later this morning for an appointment and am hoping the plows have been out all night cleaning things up.  There have been a lot of complaints this year regarding the winter road conditions due to less maintenance than in the past.  The accidents are becoming more frequent and we’ve already had several fatalities this winter in the immediate area.  Can’t contract this work out to companies living in the south.  Just doesn’t cut it.

December 12, 2017 - 8:09 a.m.

So much for the Alberta Clipper staying south of us.  Woke up to a winter wonderland this morning and the white stuff is still coming down.  They’ve already had 2 or 3 snow days in North Bay which weren’t necessary and today of all days, the buses are running.  Reading social media this morning, the winds are starting to gust in North Bay and there has already been a tractor trailer accident just north of and coming into the city. Be careful out there folks, I’m hearing the roads are terrible.  Stay home if you can or give yourself lots of time.  Dan will definitely be plowing today and I’ll be shovelling but not until this afternoon when the snow ebbs.  No point in doing it’s twice.  Looking out my kitchen window, I can’t decipher where the land, sky or ice is as it’s just one massive white canvass.  It’s currently -12 with -26 windchill factor so hopefully we are still making ice and it’s not being insulated too much by the snow.  I forecasted a mild winter with lots of snow.  Could be I was wrong or wildlife is just that screwed up this year.  Have never had doves winter here before but they’re still here.  I certainly hope I’m not the only one with birdfeeders in the neighbourhood this winter!

December 11, 2017 - 6:37 a.m.

UPDATE:  Sun is up.  Huge pressure crack formed overnight in the usual spot.  Lonely Island to Whiskey Island to the Manitous.

Lake Nipissing is completely frozen.  At least it’s a pretty safe bet.  I can’t see anything just yet as it’s still dark out but the temperatures dipped to -24 overnight.  With the windchill factor, it’s -33 and only going to -12 today.  Staying cold for the unforeseeable future so as long as we don’t get any mild temps and rain, it’s looking good for the opening.  Had a great time at Ginny’s on Saturday.  We had a “sock” Christmas party this year (fill a funky pair of socks with gifts) so was lots of fun.  I slept in yesterday as it was a rather late night for me.  Dan and I didn’t do much of anything yesterday except rest and relax but today is a work day.  I am suppose to go to Sudbury tomorrow for my last appointment with my surgeon but I think I’m cancelling as they are calling for snow today, overnight and into tomorrow.  Frankly, I don’t want to spend at least 4 hours on the road so the doctor can tell me everything is fine.  I would need to leave the house by 8:00 in the morning and with the traffic accidents up here lately, don’t want to get caught in a snarl.  I was going to do a Costco run as well but we don’t really need anything so guess my decision has been made for me.  Much rather stay at home in a nice warm house.  Lol.

December 9, 2017 - 7:28 a.m.

Bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrr!!!  A tad chilly out there this morning.  Hit -14 and we have ice.  Still a tad early to see clearly but looks like the bay is completely frozen and smooth as a baby’s bottom for a change.  As long as it doesn’t get windy, this might just be it!  Suppose to hit -17 tonight and -22 tomorrow night so if the god’s that be are shining on us, I’m thinking Lake Nipissing will be iced over by Monday.  Nothing but cold temps in the long term along with some snow but unfortunately, no sun to be found.  When I got up at 7:00, there were deer looking in the bedroom window.  Feed time..  I spent some time yesterday rigging up a small cathouse which I put in our storage building by our house.  Don’t know if “Gato” our resident feral cat will find it but hopefully he does and he uses it.  I followed his tracks yesterday morning to see where he is currently living but had to give up.  I’m sure, if my neighbours were up, didn’t appreciate me trapsing through their yards first thing in the morning.  I followed the tracks to the far end of the bay along the shoreline where they cut up a steep incline towards Shady Lane.  That’s where I gave up.  Wherever Gato is living, its kept him alive going into his third winter.  Just thought I would give him some shelter for when the weather is really bad so he doesn’t need to travel as far.  Doing a bit more organizing this morning and then getting myself organized for our girls Christmas party this afternoon.  I have hosted the past couple of years but Ginny is doing it this year.  Looking so forward to it.  Not sure if Dan and Mitchell are getting together during our revelry but likely a safe bet.

December 8, 2017 - 7:10 a.m.

Finally a great night’s sleep!!  I think I could have slept through a war last night, truth be told.  We received some snow overnight, just a little bit.  Calling for squalls today and then a huge freeze up for a good week.  If the temperatures ring true, we’ll be making ice for sure.  Will be hitting minus teen’s to -20’s.  Hopefully that will suck some of the humidity out of the air.  I’ll take -20 with little moisture over -10 with dampness anyday.  I fought the masses yesterday and didn’t end up getting home until nearly 3:00 yesterday afternoon.  By the time I unpacked and put everything away, I called it a day.  Talking to the cashiers along my journeys, I hate to say it but a lot of people don’t like Christmas.  Lol.  Bah humbug.  I will admit it can be a lot of work but if you enjoy spending time with your family and friends over the holiday season, that’s what it is all about.  It’s all about the giving not the receiving and hopefully people don’t lose sight of that fact.  Dan and I are having a quiet Christmas by ourselves this year which we’re actually looking forward to.  It’ll be a calm and quiet chaos for a change before the onslaught on the ice fishing season.

December 7, 2017 - 8:05 a.m.

The ground is yet again covered in white stuff and looks like it’s going to stay that way for quite some time.  The long term forecast is very favourable for producing ice on Lake Nipissing as long as the wind stays mild.  Going to get progressively colder over the next week but not banking on anything these days.  We had lots of snow squalls yesterday but because it was so windy, not sure on the accumulation amounts.  Had another day of an incessantly ringing phone so didn’t get as much accmplished as I would have liked.  I was going to put my town run off until tomorrow but decided to go today after all.  Looked at tomorrow’s forecast and they are calling for more squalls so today it is.  Have lots of errands to run so going to be a long day of fighting the Christmas crowds which I’m not relishing.  Seems I’m scrooging it this year.  Lol.  Both Dan and I were up late last night.  I couldn’t get to sleep if my life depended on it.  Was up and down and even tried the couch at one point around 2:00 this morning which didn’t pan out.  With the ground now white, it sure makes for bright evening hours.  Don’t  know how the people living in Alaska do it ;)  

December 6, 2017 - 7:58 a.m.

The snow started around supper time last night.  At least that was the first of many squalls.  They kept coming periodically throughout the night.  I know this because I was up for most of it.  This morning it is snowing and the winds are obnoxious.  Deer were looking in my bedroom window this morning so I put some corn down for them under the cedar trees where they are a little more protected.  They have declared a snow day, cancelled all buses and are advising people to stay off the roads.  Wouldn’t want to be driving to town today.  Dan heard a big crash boom last night around 9:00 and this morning it looks like we have a downed tree to deal with.  We have a good sized maple in front of one of our cottages that came down in the wind last night.  We haven’t ventured that far quite yet but it looks like it came down by the marina and didn’t hit anything so hopefully no damage.  It may have landed on some young trees but hopefully not.  Or at least I hope it didn’t kill any of them.  Wouldn’t be surprised if a sapling starts to grow from the stump next summer.  If that’s the case, we’ll let it.  Obviously I’ll be puttering around the house today and continue on with my cleaning while Dan deals with damage on the property.  I’m sure he’ll have a ton of branches to pick up. 

December 5, 2017 - 7:04 a.m.

Either Mother Nature is on drugs or she’s badly in need of a vacation.  Thunderstorms in December?  Really?  Had a few boomers last night and they are calling for the same today.  Very windy this morning and temperature sitting at +8 degrees.  We received some rain overnight which is suppose to continue today before the temp falls below zero and it turns to snow.  We’ll see but all I know is the weather has been crazy this year.  We still have a fairly large flock of doves living here which is unheard of for this time of year.  I won’t admit winter is here until they leave but then maybe our weather is going to stay mild enough for them to winter here.  Would certainly be a first.  Dan spent the day in town yesterday.  He bought a new battery for the sled so it’s ready to rock and if the upcoming storm pans out, I’d say just in time as we could see upwards of 30 cm of snow.  I didn’t get to the closets yesterday as anticipated because I was on the phone all frigging day.  It was ringing off the hook and continued into the evening hours.  Must be the forecast of the polar vortex has everyone trying to book ice fishing.  I did manage to get four loads of laundry done but honestly, as much as I try to get things accomplished, can’t plan my days.

December 4, 2017 - 9:11 a.m.

It appears the full moon got the best of me last night.  Dan woke me up at ten to nine asking if I was still alive.  Lol.  Pulled me out of a weird dream so that’s something.  It was so bright last night that everything was quite visible.  I wish the full moon shining on our bay made better pictures but I don’t have the right camera equipment.  Hopefully I have a better night’s sleep tonight.  I watched the made for tv Christmas movie “Angel Falls” last night as it was filmed in North Bay.  It was very sappy, as most Christmas movies are but I was able to pick out all the landmarks and businesses that were used during the filming.  The production people change the appearances but most were certainly identifiable.  Burrows was the biggest stand out which is where I purchase a lot of my flowers in the summer.  I finished the spare room yesterday and think it is an improvement.  Today I’m cleaning out the laundry, coat and linen closets.  Can’t possibly fit one more thing in any of them.  How does that happen?  Dan is heading into town as he needs a few things from Canadian Tire.  Just as well as he hates disarray.  Another overcast gloomy day here with mild (above zero) temperatures.  Looking at the long term...nothing but below zero and lots of snow beginning tomorrow night.  Bring it!

December 3, 2017 - 9:07 a.m.

Oops, I slept in this morning.  Must have needed it!  Temperatures currently at +2 and staying mild until later in the week.  It was a beautiful morning yesterday and we even saw some sun.  Margie (our neighbour) was out with Fannie (her dog) but by the time we chatted, the sun had already disappeared and the cloud cover is still giving us grief.  Marg was saying that while I was in Mexico, there were hunters parked along Birchgrove shooting deer in the pasture.  Really?  Sorry to break it to you people but that’s not hunting.  Driving to a neighbourhood, parking your vehicle and just waiting for the deer to come and feed at their usual spot is just picking them off like fish in a rain barrel.  I honestly can’t believe our township still allows hunting in this neighbourhood considering how populated it has become (and how tame the deer are).  You hunters should be ashamed.  End rant.  I spent the day tearing the spare room (aka cat’s room) apart.  We use the room strictly for storage so with the shelving units, has a ton of storage capacity and is where everything usually gets stuffed on shelves.  It was a dog’s breakfast.  It’s now organized and very clean.  Still have a bit left to do this morning but for the most part, can check one room off my list.  Dan worked on his snow machine yesterday.  He is rigging his gps up to the sled this year.  Personally, I think it’s a bad idea but with the blizzard frequency they are forecasting for this winter, may be a life saver.  It’s not me out on the ice anymore so whatever makes Dan more comfortable and secure, I say “go for it”.  Frankly I’m surprised you can’t buy a sled with built in gps these days.  Or maybe you can...

December 2, 2017 - 8:03 a.m.

The weather sure has been mild lately.  We actually had about 5 minutes of sun yesterday but that was about it.  It’s currently sitting just above zero and overcast although there is a swath of sun peaking out which I’m sure will disappear.  Sigh.  Need a vitamin D fix.  Dan and I spent the day yesterday puttering around doing our own thing.  I managed to get my new lamp from Mexico hung yesterday but had to splice the cord that came with it to another one.  Quite proud of myself as it’s hanging where I want it but more importantly, it’s working.  Dan worked on cleaning out the shop which I think is nearly finished.  Today I have decided to rip apart our spare bedroom which is actually used for storage.  I have so much stuff on the shelves I need to sort through as I noticed after grocery shopping this week that I bought stuff I already had.  I use the room as a pantry among other things.  It’ll be a day long project but I’ll get it organized.  Tried to sleep in today as I was up until around 1:00 this morning watching cheesy Christmas movies but my internal clock had me up at 6:30.  See how the day goes. 

December 1, 2017 - 7:33 a.m.

We certainly received some snow yesterday and I drove through most of it.  It started snowing just as I left the house for my appointment and continued throughout my errands.  The roads were just starting to get a little treacherous on my way home.  At least our area didn’t get the rain they were calling for.  Looked like the north shore may have though.  It warmed up throughout the day so not a lot of snow left on the ground and I’m sure the roads are fine by now as it’s above zero and getting warmer over the next few days.  Haven’t had any sun at all to speak of since returning from my vacation a week ago.  Seriously.  It’s no wonder everyone appears grumpy.  The holiday shoppers were out in full force yesterday, everyone’s in a hurry, rushing around, being rude and not paying attention to anything but their urgency to buy.  I think we are going to have a quiet holiday this year and just enjoy our family and friends.  We are blessed and none of us need anything.  Instead of buying gifts this year, I’m thinking of donating a food hamper to some deserving family instead.  I know there are lots of people in our area that would certainly appreciate it.

November 30, 2017 - 7:27 a.m.

We have an enormous red sky this morning.  If I was feeling inclined, it would be an awesome photo opportunity but not that ambitious today.  They are forecasting flurries and/or snow today so guessing we’ll get some sort of precipitation.  It is currently -3 going above zero today and any ice we had on Lake Nipissing has disappeared.  There is however a polar vortex due to arrive next week.  Hoping the temperatures get cold enough to freeze the lake solid.  If that’s the case, we are right on schedule.  I need to go to town for an appointment today and to run errands.  Yesterday I was feeling well enough to make a nice pot of bean and ham hock soup as well as some crockpot spaghetti sauce.  Feeling much better today as is Dan so hopefully this “bug” is short lived.  My father-in-law Doug has a nasty cold but I guess with the weather fluctuations, colds and flus are to be expected.  It’s the time of year and always dread Christmas time germs.  Don’t I sound “Scroogey” today.  Lol. 

November 29, 2017 - 8:06 a.m.

After a brief reprieve of +8 temperatures and what was an extremely mild day yesterday, winter is back.  The winds have picked up and dropped the temperatures below zero and it feels pretty darn cold out there this morning.  Whatever ice had formed in our bay has now been pushed to the shorelines.  Won’t be any ice forming today as it’s just too windy.  I worked in the office yesterday and managed to get everything caught up and then headed into Callander for a few errands.  By the time I got home, wasn’t feeling too great.  Did I fail to mention on my plane ride home from Cancun, there was a man sitting next to me coughing and sneezing all over the place without covering his mouth and nose?  I was some ticked off and offered him a Kleenex which he refused but I insisted.  Dan wasn’t feeling well either.  We both took some flu drugs and headed to bed early last night.  I’m feeling better this morning but also slept a good 8-9 hours so see what the day brings.  I hate rude people who like to spread their germs.  With winter coming and going this year, it’s a prime breeding ground for viruses so do humankind a favour and stay home if you’re sick or at least cover your mouth when around people.  This has been your public service announcement for today.  Lol.

November 28, 2017 - 6:29 a.m.

Well I didn’t get as much accomplished yesterday as I would have liked but that’s okay.  Better to “ease back in” to work rather than undo all the stress relief of my vacation.  It was rather cold out yesterday not to mention damp as temperatures dropped to -12.  Our bay began to freeze over but don’t know that it will stay that way.  Forecasted to hit a high of +8 with rain today.  It was -6 when I got up but the southern winds have picked up which will bring the temp up even more.  In previous years, Lake Nipissing never freezes over completely until at least the first week of December so there is still time.  Need a major cold snap but hope it doesn’t come with high northern winds or we’ll have piles of ice shards.  That said, why should this year be any different.  I’m finishing my office work today and then zipping into Callander briefly.  Need some fruit and veg until I do a major grocery shop on Thursday.  Not sure what’s on Dan’s agenda.  He did quite a lot of work while I was away so no reason he needs to bust a gut right now.  He should actually try to get some rest and relaxation in before the ice fishing begins.  We’re booking up nicely, just hope the weather cooperates for us.

November 27, 2017 - 7:19 a.m.

Well it’s back to the old grind today.  Had a great weekend as Donna, Ginny and Mitch came over for a visit Saturday afternoon which stretched into the evening.  Donna and I went out for an unforgettable breakfast yesterday after picking up some more deer corn.  There isn’t any food left for them so they are now on corn and oats.  Good thing we stopped to pick some up as there were more than usual up last night.  The temperatures started to plummet when the wind picked up and it’s currently -9.  It started snowing right after the herd came up late yesterday afternoon and we ended up with a good amount of the white stuff so Dan will be plowing today while I work in the office.  Lots of things to get caught up that needs my attention.  I haven’t even gone through the stack of mail waiting on me yet.  I’ll be busy this week so vacation and play time is officially over ;(

November 25, 2017 - 8:07 a.m.

Well I made it home safely from Mexico and apart from missing Dan, would rather still be there.  The weather was gorgeous with a little rain here and there but that was okay because the heat could be overbearing at times.  No complaints.  Had a great host, did some exploring, went to the local markets and Isla Mujeres a few times.  The island had the most perfect beach and ocean swimming I’ve ever experienced not to mention the shrimp tacos.  Didn’t do any shopping although I did buy a Mexican lamp which is wood and beautifully carved.  Ron (our host) had one in our rental unit which I fell in love with.  Mine isn’t quite as nice but I really like it.  Back to the grind now.  I did all my unpacking and laundry last night so today I am likely doing a little catching up but am easing myself back in to work mode.  Pretty relaxing vacation.  I saw the doves this morning and am surprised they are still here.  Lots of deer also.  Completely overcast and dismal this morning not to mention chilly.  Welcome home to reality...

November 9, 2017 - 4:58 a.m.

And we’re off!!  Wasn’t suppose to get up until our 5:30 wake up call but it is what it is.  I had a great flight from North Bay to Toronto yesterday.  Being in the clouds sure gives one some perspective on just how insignificant we really are.  It was beautiful and we flew over the front clouds bringing all the nasty weather to the North today and the South tomorrow.  By the time I landed, I had a peaceful feeling until I got into the bowels of the airport.  People really need to take time to acknowledge one an another.  Rant over.  Lyn didn’t arrive to our hotel until close to 8:00 so by the time we walked to the restaurant, had dinner and walked back to the room, it was 11:00 and we didn’t get settled until later when the lights finally went out after 1:00.  Both of us up and running on very little sleep so think it’s going to be a very long day.  Shuttle is taking us to the airport at 6:45 so better get moving.

November 8, 2017 - 6:33 a.m.

I managed to “sleep in” until nearly 6:00 this morning but only because I made myself stay in bed.  Lol.  I was up at 3:00 the first time.  Hopefully my internal clock will smarten up.  Dan worked outside most of the day yesterday.  With the weather advisory in affect, he wanted to make sure all the water was turned off which meant doing some last minute things that involved the outdoor spigot.  He’s ready for winter, which is apparently arriving with a huge drop in temperatures and snow tomorrow.  Going to drop to -18 apparently.  Weather is looking good for my flight to Toronto this afternoon.  I arrive in Liberal town (being facetious) at 4:30 and am meeting Lyn at our hotel.  We leave for Cancun at 9:15 tomorrow.  Meeting the rest of the girls there.  I’m not sure how often I will be updating my blog but thanks to FaceTime, should be keeping in touch with Dan on a regular basis as I will have access to wifi.  It’s up to Dan to look after all the critters while I am gone.  I gave the five Trumpeter swans some grain yesterday.  I did notice a band on one of the swans legs but they are more skittish than usual so not able to get the number.  Pretty hard to get close to them and I’m guessing they will have gone further south by the time I get home.  Deer are still very skittish and only have 4 or 5 around at the moment.  Mostly just the does with babies.  There is a reason I go to Mexico every November.  Heard the guns yesterday.

November 7, 2017 - 5:41 a.m.

I don’t know why I’ve gotten in the habit of getting up so early these days but ever since the Beaver moon, that’s what has been happening.  In bed by 10:30, up before 5:00. Maybe I’m just getting primed for ice fishing.  My system is a month off.  I did my last bit of running yesterday and took care of everything that needed to be done.  All I have left is packing and one last house clean.  Lots of time as I don’t need to be to the airport until 2:30 or so tomorrow.  Amazing how we past one another in our travels.  I have a couple of friends starting their journey home from Florida tomorrow.  One friend starting her journey to Florida today.  A few friends already in Mexico but unfortunately a different location.  Guess it’s a good time to travel.  We haven’t seen a whole lot of deer around lately.  Not since the deer was poached last week.  Rifle season has now opened so I’m sure they are all in hiding or running for their lives.  Bothers me though that the deer use to feel safe here and I think that may have been ruined by one careless and selfish act.  See what happens over the next few weeks.  Glad I won’t be here to see the carnage.  Most of the migratory birds have left although we’ve had 5 Trumpeter swans around this week and I look for them every morning.  The temperatures are winter like now as it went below zero overnight and calling for flurries this morning.  Snow tomorrow.  Yuck.

November 6, 2017 - 5:26 a.m.

The wind started to roar around 4:00 this morning and woke me up.  Tried to get back to sleep to no avail and so here I am.  Gave up the ghost around 4:45.   The gales of November came early.  It was very warm at around 10 degrees yesterday and extremely foggy last night.  I’m sure the winds blew all the fog right out of here.  Too dark to tell right now but I can see coastal lights so pretty good indication.   I spent the day in the office yesterday while Dan did hopefully the last of the leaf blowing.  I doubt very much if he’ll venture outside much today as it’s pretty nasty.  He’ll need to stoke the stove in the shop as they are only calling for a high of zero today with possible snow flurries this morning.  Actual snow accumulation in the forecast for a little later this week but I’ll be headed for nicer climes.  Need to go to town for an appointment and last minute shopping for Dan the man and critters but hopefully will be home shortly after lunch so I can begin packing.  

November 5, 2017 - 5:29 a.m.

I guess the time change affected me just a tad.  I woke up feeling rested until I noticed the time.  Lol.  That means I’ll likely be in bed by 10:00 tonight.  Dan and I didn’t do much yesterday.  It was kind of a gloomy day with some flurries, showers, just a mixed bag of weather.  It is a mixture of light flurries and showers this morning and looking at the radar will likely be sporadic throughout the day.  Captain Larry came for a visit yesterday and then Dan rented some movies none of which appealed to me.  I didn’t miss anything according to his critique.  Today I am spending the day in the office.  Have some work to do and then am going to organize my music on my itouch.  Much easier to do on my computer and have a few new songs I’d like to add.  If I have time this afternoon I may start my packing.  Usually I’d have it all done by now but I’ve learned not to be in such a hurry anymore.  Guess slowing down is all part of the aging process ;)

November 4, 2017 - 9:35 a.m.

I obviously slept in this morning and am so happy I did.  Finally a good night’s sleep.  The full moon is doing a number on me but according to other people I’ve spoken to, I’m not the only one.  Dan and I went to Donna and Mitchell’s yesterday afternoon to celebrate Donna’s birthday and everyone was saying the same thing.  Had a nice little fire going until it started to hail just before dark.  We also received a little snow overnight but it didn’t accumulate.  It is gloomy and overcast today and temperatures are suppose to stay relatively cool, around zero.  Yesterday, the Trumpeter swans returned but with an extra one in tow.  This morning there are five in total. None have tags or leg bands so the program for saving them is obviously working.  I think Dan and I are having a lazy day today.  Larry is coming for a visit while Trish is in Florida with Paula so we may go out for brunch but other then that, we’re having a well deserved R&R day. 

November 3, 2017 - 7:57 a.m.

I am asking for the help of all our friends and neighbours.  Dan took a coffee to the back of the park yesterday as he quite often does and found something very disturbing.  Someone shot one of “our” young bucks and the poor thing survived long enough to get itself onto our property where it knew it would be safe.  The poor thing died a horrible death as it was a gut shot and some animal had already been at it by the time Dan found it.  We know this buck, have known it since it was a baby and it wasn’t even 2 years old yet.  I called the MNR and it has been reported but now I’m asking for help.  If anyone sees vehicles parked along the side of the road, especially Birchgrove, Tillicum and Muskeg, please get the license plate number and contact me.  Even if you know something or know of someone who likes to poach and don’t want to get involved, I will pass along any information confidentially.   The MNR is quite angry about this as it was a senseless act not to mention the idiot (I’m being mild) who is illegally hunting, left the poor animal to rot and the meat couldn’t be salvaged to donate.  Sorry to gloom and doom but this isn’t the first time this has happened and I want whoever is responsible to be punished.

November 2, 2017 - 8:19 a.m.

Well will you fancy that.  I actually slept in until 8:00 this morning.  Went to bed at 10:30 so got a great night’s sleep.  Dan was even up before me this morning which is a rarity.  I should have stayed in bed as the weather is rather miserable today.  Just had a rain shower go through but it feels warmer outside compared to yesterday.  Suppose to reach a high of 9 today but quite a few “below zero” temps in the long term forecast.  So it begins.  November, although my birth month, is my least favourite of the year just because it is always so drab with very little sunshine.  Hunting season also doesn’t do much for me either.  I’m heading to the office again today once I’m fully awake and showered.  I should have everything caught up by the end of the day and can then concentrate on other things.  Like packing :)  Dan finally put the lawnmower to bed for the season yesterday as he won’t need it anymore by the looks of things.  He cleaned it all up first so it’ll be ready to rock when he pulls it out in the spring.  Long long time from now.  Lol.

November 1, 2017 - 6:39 a.m.

Well that was a night’s sleep I’ll never get back.  I tossed and turned all night last night and don’t think I got into REM once.  C’est le vie.  There’s always tonight.  Had a busy day yesterday as I did errands in town.  Banking, post office, shopping, the usual.  Today I’ve a little office work to do and then some house cleaning (seems endless but that’s what happens when running a business out of one’s house) and perhaps start getting things organized for my trip.  I need to pull my luggage out of storage which always freaks my kittens out as they know after all these years, it means mommy is going away.  My friends and I opted not to go all-inclusive this year.  We are renting a house from a friend and doing all our own cooking (or most of it) so a tad more thought needs to go into packing.  Clothes aren’t the issue but certain spices and food items which are not readily available need to be considered.  I’m definitely bringing wasabi and anchovy paste.  Lol.  Our stray cat hasn’t been around for a few days but like a bad penny showed up this morning meowing his face off.  Pretty hungry cat.  I think he may be living in our neighbours barn, which I hope he is but with the two eagles around, he’d better keep an eye to the sky.  Dan worked outside in all that wind yesterday.  Pretty comical with his big heavy winter coat on swinging the leafblower.  Property looks awesome, especially for this time of year and since he mulched lots of leaves, should give the grass lots of nourishment for the winter.  We currently have some light flurry action but doubt we’ll see any accumulation of snow just yet.  It’s right around zero degrees but calling for showers a little later once things warm up.

October 31, 2017 - 6:22 a.m.

Happy Hallowe'en!!  Was a pretty long day yesterday but the roads were clear and only ran into showers when we hit North Bay on the return from Sudbury.  My cast is finally off so should be back to normal in no time.  I have exercises to do and one more visit to the surgeon in December but I'm a pretty happy camper.  Donna, Ginny and I all had a great day.  Did some shopping at Costco, stopped at Kate's for a late lunch and did a little shopping in Sturgeon Falls as we all needed a few groceries.  They are calling for possibility of snow flurries this evening so going to be a little cold for the trick or treaters.  We never get any kids out here but please be extra cautious while driving tonight.  Also keep your pets indoors please.  We had a buck come up just after I got home from Sudbury.  We have seen him before and he looked like he just had one antler but upon closer inspection, his second antler is either ingrown or has been broken.  It is hanging down the left side of his face and likely obstructing his periphrial vision but the antler will shed soon enough.  He's obviously been around the property since he was a baby as he isn't too skittish.  Well, most of the deer are skittish this time of year so I should say he isn't overly spooked by Dan and I.  

October 30, 2017 - 5:54 a.m.

Wow!!  The wind is just howling this morning.  It actually woke Dan and I up around 4:00 this morning.  Figures as I need to drive to Sudbury and back today.  Going to be a rough ride, for sure.  Finally getting my cast off and can't wait.  Even a blizzard wouldn't keep me home.  Ginny and Donna are going with me and as we all need things from Costco are stopping there afterwards. It does look like the precipitation is keeping just west of us but that could change.  At least I know traffic won't be very heavy so hopefully no accidents.  My appointment is at 11:30 and they need X-rays beforehand so leaving here at 9:00.  Dan figures this wind will take care of the few leaves remaining on the trees and he'll only need to do the property cleanup once more.  I'm hoping he's right so the neighbourhood can finally have some peace and quiet.  No more leaf blower!  Doesn't look like the Hallowe'eners are going to have very nice weather tomorrow.  Hope the little kiddies are bundled up!  Currently 6 degrees here but with the windchill, feels colder.  Hopefully things will settle down once the sun is up.  Awwww, I just noticed the ducks were all in a tizzy.  A poor Mallard got taken by an Eagle.  This isn't the first time I've seen that happen.  Eagle's are strong buggers because it's extremely windy.  It did drop the duck but picked it up out of the water again.  Thankfully it was already dead.

October 28, 2017 - 8:16 a.m.

It is an absolutely miserable day today.  It's been raining for a bit and still coming down pretty hard.  Depending on which long term weather forecast I believe, we are either in for nasty weather for the next week with lots of rain and snow or some precipitation with sunny periods.  I'm hoping for the latter.  I do believe though that the gorgeous autumn weather we had been experiencing is now a thing of the past with the onset of winter right around the corner.  Our lilac tree by our house is still green as can be and hasn't even dropped a leaf so I'm going to use it as a weather gauge.  Dan's at the point when I think one more day of leaf blowing should do the trick but he might just as well wait until all this crappy weather is done and we have a day of sunshine.  I was in the middle of housecleaning yesterday when I was interrupted yet again.  It was a very pleasant interruption though.  Mike and Reta dropped in for a visit as they had errands in the area.  Always great to see them and due a quick catch up. We made plans to get together with them for a longer visit in the not too distant future and before we are in the throes of ice fishing so that gives us something to look forward to.  Not sure what we are up to today but with the weather such as it is, might be a great day to relax.

October 27, 2017 - 6:56 a.m.

I think this drizzly weather is going to stick around for another few days but that's okay; I don't mind working inside when it's not warm enough for just a sweat shirt.  Dan was out all day, or most of it.  More like inbetween showers.  We did get some rain but it was mostly the misty kind which is just aggravating.  Either rain or don't.  I managed to get a few things accomplished but between the phone and other interruptions didn't get as much accomplished as I would have like.  I didn't sit down until 3:00 and all I really had to show for the day was a clean fridge and a batch of homemade lasagna.  We will have that for supper either tonight or tomorrow and the the rest is in the freezer for Dan.  Today I think I'll do a quick house cleaning but I really have some office work to take care of.  See where the day leads.  It's only going to be high of 7 but we may see a little bit of sun.  That would be wonderful.

October 26, 2017 -7:53 a.m.

The weather isn't as bad as bad as it could have been yesterday.  Started out rainy and wet but got nicer as the day progressed with even some brief moments of sun.  It didn't get very warm only reaching a high of 9 but at least we didn't have any snow.  Yet.  Cold this morning at 4 degrees here, 2 in the Bay.  Lots of puddles around so pretty sure it rained overnight.  Completely gray and overcast this morning.  I did a town run yesterday.  Even popped into Sears to check out the "everything must go" sales.  Lol.  At those prices, they'll be holding on to their merchandise for quite some time.  I checked out the luggage in particular.  Sorry but unless it has a designer label, they aren't worth five hundred bucks a pop.  On sale.  I walked around and then just walked out.  They have marked everything up and then put a sale tag on it.  Such a shame.  Also went to Giant Tiger for cabbage rolls.  Do not usually shop there but Dan was happy.  I bought myself some thermal socks.  Not sure what I am doing today and Dan has very little left with the property leaf clean up.  Might just be a good movie day. 

October 25, 2017 - 7:44 a.m.

I was suppose to get up early today but didn't happen.  Guess I'll be running behind but not too worried about it.  I'm heading to town as soon as I can get ready.  Not a very nice day out at all.  Only 5 degrees and completely overcast with showers likely.  Was raining a bit ago.  We didn't get as much rain as forecasted yesterday nor the wind but we did receive a little of both and the cold front is now firmly in place.  I made a nice beef stew yesterday morning which both Dan and I had for supper and then I froze the rest so the big guy has something wholesome to eat while I'm in Mexico.  He is adamant I pick up some cabbage rolls from Giant Tiger for him as apparently they are very good.  I usually make some for him but won't have time this year and am not going to even attempt it with this cast.  I am going to try my hand at lasagna though.  Didn't get too much accomplished yesterday as I spent the afternoon going through some music and answering the phone which was relentless for some reason.  Our trees are nearly bare now.  A few hangers on, mostly maples and suspect by the end of the week there won't be much more for Dan to deal with.  The trailer park looks like a country club with the grass so green and healthy.  Dan is happy.  Dan also needs a life.  Lol.

October 24, 2017 - 7:51 a.m.

The rain started around 7:00 last night and continued on and off throughout the night.  Very overcast (and dismal) this morning with ominous clouds but not raining at this moment.  Temperatures only dropped to 14 overnight but the cold front isn't quite here yet.  It's very damp and winds due to pick up this morning dropping the temperature to 6 overnight and then that looks to be it for the unseasonably warm temps.  Stranger things have happened though.  Yesterday I began the purge in our storage building.  With help from Dan, loaded the cathouse which weighs about 120 pounds, all the blankets I've been hoarding, and some cleaning product.  Donna and I then took a drive to Kathy's All Heart only to find it was closed.  We left everything just inside the gate as we couldn't leave it all on the truck which meant Donna and I had to use our muscles.  Not sure what I'm doing today but may continue purging.  Pretty doom and gloomy out.  The stray cat and a few deer showed up this morning and I still can't belief how much deer really dislike cats.  Trepidation running rampant.  Must be something in their nature instincts making them leery.

October 23, 2017 - 7:27 a.m.

Wow, it sure has stayed unseasonably warm.  When I got up this morning, it was still 16 degrees.  We haven't received any rain yet but areas surrounding us certainly have.  It looks as though Elliot Lake is getting a good soaking.  The front is coming straight up to the west of us and it wouldn't bother me if it stays that way.  There were plenty of picture taking opportunities of the Trumpeter swans for the neighbours yesterday as they remained in the bay all day.  I put out some corn and birdfeed for them so I could double check that they haven't been leg banded yet and they haven't.  The migratory paths they take are amazing and sightings recorded but only if they are able to be tagged.  I don't see them out there this morning but they may be back.  Ginny and Craig took some great pictures at dusk last night but for the most part, the swans were in front of our place all day yesterday.  Not sure what I am doing today but I would really like to get all my spare blankets organized so I can take them to Kathy at All Heart Pet Rescue.  She'll need them this winter and I have a few bags of old towels, bottles of bleach and dish soap to take her.  I see she's posted yesterday that the cat I took to her in July is ready for a forever home as her foster time has come to an end.  Lola (as she has been named) has healed and turned into a very affectionate pet.  Amazing what a little kind human intervention can do for an abandoned animal.

8:09 a.m. - Spoke too soon.  Swans just flew in with much fanfare.  They are called Trumpeters for a reason ;)

October 22, 2017 - 8:12 a.m.

Great day yesterday!  Dan worked outside for most of the day but had a nap in the afternoon.  I started to clean out our storage building but didn't make much head way as I ran out of time.  We had a girls night at Eadie's yesterday.  Of course as soon as we all started to arrive the sun disappeared because the clouds rolled in.  It was okay though.  Had a beautiful campfire thanks to Eadie's husband Gai and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The cackling got pretty loud.  The Trumpeter swans showed up again this morning.  Such majestic birds.  I see no wing tags or leg bands so am thinking this may be a new pair and am happy to see them in our bay.  Usually the ones that arrive here are known to the area, have been here before and have been tagged.  This tells me the reintroduction of the original 8 pairs to Callander Bay is working.  Not sure what's on our agenda today but it is suppose to be a high of 21 and sunny and then the cold front is due in tomorrow bringing several days of rain.

October 21, 2017 - 7:36 a.m.

What a great day yesterday.  I zipped into town briefly to drop a few things off at a seamstress for alterations since I obviously can't sew at the moment.  I then came home and worked outside in this glorious weather for the rest of the day.  I can check another task off my list as I managed to get all my seasonal things put to bed for the winter.  Dan was busy all day doing property cleanup and cutting grass as well as burning a few things.  At one point, I sat on the beach for a bit and watched the geese.  Their survival habits and navigational system really amaze me.  I finally figured out why I think they take off and land in different groups.  The weaker ones of the flock leave first (with a strong leader obviously) and then others follow suit depending on how well they fly.  I never knew this but it was obvious to me after watching them yesterday.  Just the matter of their flight path as well as the length of time it took the various different groups to reach the altitude required to get to their destination.  Amazing.  I made a rib dinner last night for Dan but I didn't feel like eating and then I settled down on the couch to watch the Gord Downie chronicle which was excellent.  Glad to know I'm not the only person to like the huge talent of the Bee Gee's.  Lol.

October 20, 2017 - 7:24 a.m.

Wow, the 20th of October already.  Where has the time gone?  Been a beautiful autumn so far and the coming days no exception.  Going to be sunny with a high of at least 18 today.  Was beautiful yesterday as well though it certainly got windy last night.  Dan spent the entire day outside either on his lawnmower or with the leaf blower.  He's fighting a losing battle right now but is trying to keep up with things.  The trees that were taking their time turning colour seem to have accelerated the past couple of days and everything will be bare before we know it.  I finished my house cleaning yesterday so will definitely be working outside today.  Still have some seasonal stuff to put away but it'll all be tucked away by the end of the day.  I have lots on my "to do" list so will muddle through.  I have a ton of comforters and blankets in storage that I want to clean and take to Kathy's All Heart Rescue in Powassan within the next week or two.  Kathy works strictly on donations and takes in abandoned or rescued animals, gets them healthy and fit for adoption and then finds them homes. Very valiant but heart breaking, I'm sure.

October 19, 2017 - 7:23 a.m.

What an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday.  Much to my surprise, we had some robins show up on the property.  They are likely enroute to more southern climes but this is a great stop for them to rest for a few days.  Especially with the wonderful weather we are getting.  I did some major housework yesterday morning but as Donna was dropping over for a visit early afternoon, didn't get it all done.  We had just sat down outside in the sunshine with a beverage when Dan pulled into the driveway.  He made great time from Ingersoll to home.  Shortly after his arrival, his lawnmower showed up after being repaired.  So much for our peace and quiet.  Lol.  Donna and I just enjoyed the sunshine which we had to follow by moving our chairs until the sun finally set.  Was a very good day.  Looks a little overcast this morning so am going to finish my housework while Dan spends the day with his leaf blower ;) 

October 18, 2017 - 7:48 a.m.

The sun is nearly up and looks like it is going to be a beautiful day.  Calling for sun for the next 4 days with a high of 17 today.  It reached nearly that yesterday with the southwesterly winds so I opened the house up.  I zipped into town for groceries as the big guy is due home this afternoon sometime.  Did a few other errands as well and took it easy for the rest of the day.  Dan was able to get some deer corn while he was visiting Paula and Alf.  Twelve 55 lb bags for $10/bag.  Sure beats $15/40 lb bag up here.  They sure know how to fleece people in this neck of the woods, transportation costs aside.  I waited until dusk to feed the deer last night as the ducks are relentless and I just want them to leave.  I've been feeding two separate groups at different times in the evening as one group comes earlier.  I had 13 deer show up and half were fawns.  I'm doubting my initial winter forecast as being little snow and very harsh.  Thinking now it's going to be little snow and very mild.  The doves are still here and the blackbirds showed up again.  Unheard of for this time of year.  The weather has been hard to predict of late and although I watch nature, I think even its habitats are confused.  Strange times we're living in.

October 17, 2017 - 6:32 a.m.

Although the sun shone for a good part of the day, it remained quite chilly yesterday.  I worked in the office all day and managed to get my books all done so can check that off my list of things to accomplish.  It is currently 7 degrees going to a high of 15 today but may get a shower this afternoon.  Dan is due home from down south today but is stopping at Alf's on the way home to drop something off so may prolong his journey and not come home until tomorrow.  Been a peaceful week without Dan around and no leaf blower going.  I've been rather enjoying the quiet time.  Oops, did I say that out loud ;)  Today I'm doing a quick house clean and then hoping to head to town but may hold off until tomorrow.  Donna and Ginny arrived home last night from their girls trip to California so no more cat sitting for me.  Our stray cat, who I have dubbed "Gato" (cat, in Spanish) disappeared for a few days but showed up this morning anxiously awaiting a free meal.  I swear when I eventually retire, I'm not even putting up birdfeeders.

October 16, 2017 - 7:32 a.m.

It's a tad chilly this morning and although the temperature reads 3.7, it feels a little cooler than that.  The cold front arrived just after lunch with high winds, nasty blowing rain and it was just a miserable day.  Haven't been fully outside yet to see if we had any damage but think the trees are all intact.  It is still blowing but the winds have settled down considerably.  Thought perhaps we would have received our first sign of snow last night as it certainly smelled like snow was in the air.  May have had a few flurries while sleeping but no evidence of it.  I spent yesterday in the office.  My heater coughed so a tad chilly.  Time to fire up the wood burning stove even though it is due to warm up this week.  Didn't see any wildlife yesterday due to the wind.  Everything must have taken shelter because even the ducks weren't around as much as usual.  Only reaching 9 today and winds aren't due to subside until this afternoon but then they are shifting to SW 20 km/hr which should warm things up.

October 15, 2017 - 7:16 a.m.

The cold front hasn't arrived yet so that's something.  It started raining last night just around bed time and hasn't stopped.  We are in for quite a bit today and the winds are due to start dropping the temp from the current 14 to 6 this morning.  I've already closed the house up and put the heat on to ward off the dampness at least until the sun and warmer temps come our way tomorrow.  I spent the day yesterday in the office as I will today providing I can keep warm.  Our heater in the shop kicked the bucket and we don't want to get a fire going just yet.  It's pretty inevitable but this time last year, the wood stove had been in use for weeks.  I am driving to the airport today to drop off a vehicle for Donna and Ginny who are coming in from California after (what looks to be) a wonderful girls vacation.  May just need to do a little side trip to Canadian Tire for a space heater.  Will certainly be glad when my books are done.  Seems to be taking an enormous amount of time because is a little difficult for data entry right now no time to mention its aggravating but I'll get 'er done.  Had a few people drop out to the park yesterday because it was so nice out.  Last minute errands I guess because the park has been closed for two weeks.

October 14, 2017 - 6:37 a.m.

Had somewhat of a lazy day of R&R yesterday.  Hadn't been the intention but it was pretty miserable out.  Didn't rain all day but certainly on and off and was raining when I got up but seems to have stopped for the moment.  Had a ton of deer up last night as they all came at the same time.  I think the weather has them sticking together. Our fawns have finally lost all their spots and are growing nicely so should be okay for the winter.  Always worry when they are born late in the season.  Love to watch the little ones play and they love to frollick together in the park.  I'm getting a lot of ice fishing inquiries and reservations right now so attribute that to the change in weather.  It was very mild yesterday hitting 17 degrees but that is going to change as the cold front is due in tomorrow along with quite a bit of rain.  At least it will come in slowly.  I'll be working in the office today and tomorrow since it'll be too nasty to spend time outdoors.  Have to say it's nice to have some down time and get some rest though.

October 13, 2017 - 7:32 a.m.

We have a nice warm breeze blowing through this morning and the temperature is currently 14 degrees.  Unfortunately, we are in for some rain today.  It hasn't started yet but it won't be long.  There is also a weather statement in place for Saturday and Sunday.  Significant rainfall.  Boo.  It was gorgeous and sunny yesterday.  I had supper with Annie and Craig, which I made.  A nice pork tenderloin in mushroom gravy, new red potatoes, asparagus and a Caesar salad.  Pana cotta with blueberry sauce for dessert.  I also made a batch of chilli so I could leave some with Annie.  Poor girl is recovering from knee replacement surgery and when I arrived, was with the physio therapist.  Considering Annie's surgery was 6 days ago (already had surgery on her other knee) she is getting around quite nicely with the aid of a walker.  She'll be a new woman in no time.  I worked on the books yesterday before heading over to visit Annie so was in bed fairly early last night.  The cats were fighting this morning so had me up early.  Dan took the seats from our pontoon boat in to be recovered yesterday.  We aren't in any hurry so likely won't see them until next spring but our boat will look brand new.  Unfortunately there hasn't been a material invented yet that can withstand sun damage.

October 12, 2017 - 7:01 a.m.

Bbbrrrr, down right chilly this morning.  North Bay may be sitting at 4 degrees but my gauge is saying only 1 here and it certainly feels like it.  The mist is very heavy on the bay today and looks to be foggy clear across the water.  Also a very heavy frost last night so that's it for flowers.  Suppose to be sunny and high of 15 today so I'll take it.  Doesn't really matter as I'm starting my books today so will be in the office.  At least for the morning hours.  May head outside this afternoon for a bit.  I'm making a nice supper for Annie tonight as she is recooperating from knee surgery.  Also made some chilli yesterday afternoon to give her an extra meal or two.  As a matter of fact, I did a lot of cooking yesterday afternoon as I wanted to premake some meals before hitting the books.  Very difficult for me to type with this cast on, I can't even use the mouse at all with my right hand, so it's going to take me twice as long to data enter everything.  This should be fun.  The stray cat is still around and was up both last night and this morning looking for something to eat.  I would love to know where the thing actually lives but as long as there is adequate shelter and some warmth, he should survive.  I thought the black birds and grackles had taken off for the season but with the return of warmer weather, there are still a few hanging around.  If only the ducks would bugger off :(