What's New

July 6, 2015 - 8:45 a.m.

What a fantastic day we had yesterday.  Larry and Trish kindly took us pontooning down to the French River.  We explored for hours, dropped in on some friends, had a few swims and even bbq'd in Campbells Bay.  We were on the water all day and didn't get home until 9:00ish.  I don't think I've seen four more relaxed people in a long time.  Just a great summer day.  Temperature reached 27 and suppose to hit 29 today.  All sun this week with warm temps except for possible showers tomorrow.  I'll take it!!

July 4, 2015 - 7:56 a.m.

Happy Independence Day to our American friends.  Hope your day is filled with celebration and sunshine.  Dan and I both had a busy day yesterday.  I did my town run which took the better part of the day and then cleaned the public washrooms.  After that, I prepared the fresh strawberries Trish and Paula were kind enough to pick for me, for the freezer.  Beckers has the best strawberries on the planet.  Dan worked all day doing the weed eating and piddly stuff that needed doing.  It's changeover day today so I've 2 cottages to clean and check-outs/ins to do so will be busy for a while.  Looks like we may get some sun today although we did get a shower overnight.  Suppose to reach 25 today and nothing but sun and 26 tomorrow.  I'd say it's a boat day tomorrow for sure!!

July 3, 2015 - 7:28 a.m.

What a beautiful day yestetday.  Sun, sun and more sun.  Looks like we are in for a nice stretch of weather.  Hitting the high 20's for the next few days.  I'm zipping into town this morning and then hoping to do some flower dead heading later on.  Lake Nipissing is pretty calm this morning but it had been very rough the past couple of days.  Should be great boating this weekend.  Hopefully we can get out there sometime Sunday or Monday.

July 1, 2015 - 6:30 a.m.

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!  Hope everyone has lots of festivities planned for today and that the weather cooperates for you.  Ours?  Not so much.  Was beautiful yesterday.  Hit a high of 25 lakeside but felt and likely was much warmer once you got away from the water.  Was sunny for the most part but the clouds started to move in late afternoon.  Cold front and showers arrived through the night.  It's a little chilly this morning as the humidity is gone but it's still 16 degrees.  I cleaned all day yesterday and am cleaning another cottage this morning.  Have some festivities planned for later today but don't know how that's going to pan out as it's pretty gloomy.  Make the best of it I suppose...

June 30, 2015 - 7:23 a.m.

Just an absolutely beautiful day yesterday.  Would have been nice to go for a boat ride but, sigh, I was inside cleaning all day.  Same thing today.  It reached a high of 25 and only down to 12 overnight.  Dan took the day off yesterday but was kind of helping Alf with his boat as he has a few problems with it.  Our pontoon is out of commission for a bit so God only knows when we'll get out on it.  Fishing has been pretty good lately.  People catching slot line or over.  A couple of good spots on the lake anyhow.  Currently sunny and calm but calling for thunderstorms later today.  Don't see anything on the radar so they could possibly develop as it's pretty humid.

June 29, 2015 - 8:12 a.m.

I actually slept in until 7:30 this morning.  What's up with that?  Was a miserable day yesterday but we made the most of it.  It pretty much rained on and off all day.  I did some cleaning and laundry and then Paula came over in the afternoon and we played a game of dominoes.  Alf joined us a little later and I cooked us all a nice stuffed chicken dinner followed by homemade fresh strawberry shortcake.  Was a great meal.  Red showed up after supper looking for some apples and was rather insistent as she was practically knocking on the door.  It was pretty funny actually.  I still haven't seen her baby but it's around as there have been several sightings.  Guess I'll just have to wait until Red is ready to introduce her/him to me.  Suppose to be mostly sunny and a high of 26 today so I bet it's going to get muggy.

June 28, 2015 - 6:22 a.m.

I can't belive it's nearly July already.  They had a fireworks display in Callander last night to celebrate Canada Day and we could hear them from our house. Couldn't see them but it sounded good.  Lol.  Hydro One is doing maintenance today so the power will be out this morning.  Thought I'd better get up early so I can get my shower in beforehand.  Dan brought the generator up to the house last night so at least the pump for the well will be working and people will have running water.  Weather was great yesterday although mostly overcast and hit a high of 25.  It's overcast again this morning and we may be in for some rain today but the sun is due to come out again tomorrow.  Thought I might clean out my fridge and freezers today since the power is going to be out anyhow but we'll see how that goes.  Hope everyone in Southern Ontario stayed high and dry yesterday although I'm sure there was more than one flooded basement.  Crazy weather.!

June 27, 2015 - 11:58 a.m.

Sorry I'm late this morning.  Had cleaning to do and guests to check in so been busy.  I have a beef to pick with our township and think I'm going to lodge a complaint.  They dug out the ditches and widened the road on Marion (around the corner from us) which is fine but they've totally destroyed the turtles natural habitat and did this during breeding season.  On our way home from the restaurant last night, there was a Blandings turtle trying to lay her eggs in t middle of the road (it was packed with fill and think they are resurfacing it).  I couldn't put her off the road as there was no where for her to lay eggs so I brought her home. She was hissing and hyperventilating but as soon I she smelled and then saw the water, she settled down.  I put her along the shoreline and she immediately found a spot to lay her eggs.  Blandings are endangered so I hope she likes her new home.  I've saved a couple of others and put them along the edge of the water so she'll have some company.  Looks to be another beautiful day.  Warm and hazy but calling for showers tomorrow.  Nothing like they are expecting in Southern Ontario, thankfully.

June 26, 2015 - 7:22 a.m.

Was a nice day yesterday although we did have clouds move through here and there but mostly sunny with a high of 22.  Dipped down to 9 overnight.  Sunny again all day today and the lake is close to window pane calm.  Red was spotted with her tiny baby fawn yesterday.  The reports of a dead baby were false.  It was actually a grown deer that had been there for some time.  It happens.  Glad to know Red is not grieving so all I can figure is she just needed some quiet time alone because she's been up by our house quite alot.  If she brought her baby out yesterday she's starting the weening process so likely won't see her quite as much.  Quite the animal as she wanders, saunters more like, around the property.  She has no fear as long as she is on the boundaries of our property as she knows no one will hurt her but Red has certainly done a number on everyone's flowers and hostas.  Speaking of flowers...i'm spending the day outside tending to them.  I wanted to yesterday but by the time I got home it was too hot and buggy to be up on the rock where it draws all the heat of the day.  So I painted the beach bench instead a nice vibrant blue.  Dan finished the grass cutting and weed eating so today he has a couple of boats to clean for our next round of guests.

June 25, 2015 - 6:37 a.m.

Beautiful day yesterday.  Reached a high if 22 with alternating sun and cloud.  I weeded some of the bedrock and kept at until around 4:00.  All my efforts didn't pay off this year as the oats from the deer feed all sprouted and are all through the garden.  Just have to keep at it and hopefully by mid-July I will have some beautiful blooms...if the deer don't eat all the buds.  Yesterday was grass cutting day for Dan so he did that and some weed eating but he's pretty much done for another week.  He also went to the dump yesterday which is a good thing as the fish guts were getting pretty ripe.  Lol.  Today he's cleaning up some boats for the guests coming in.  I've got to get to town briefly and then hitting the gardens again.  Looks to be a nice day but we do have some cloud at the moment.

June 24, 2015 - 7:33 a.m.

What a day yesterday.  We had rain and sun and clouds and through it all, lots of wind.  It settled down somewhat for a brief period of time as the wind was changing direction but then it picked up again.  Most of the humidity is gone and it dipped to 12 overnight.  Saw the first of the baby Mallards this morning.  Not many, but at least a few have so far survived the turtles.  The goslings are already quite big, bigger than a full grown Mallard.  I have to say, the one big snapping turtle that has been coming for years to the same spot annually to lay her eggs, wasn't spotted this year.  There is also no evidence that she did.  I usually smooth the sand so critters aren't so inclined to dig up the nest.  She either made her nest elsewhere due to too much activity in the area this year (neighbours building) or something has happened to her.  I also didn't see any Blandings turtles.  Since they are endangered, I certainly hope nothing happened to them as we only had a few.  Hard to say with 2 harsh winters back to back.

June 23, 2015 - 7:58 a.m.

Just had a nice thunderstorm roll through here a bit ago.  Nice way to wake up.  Lol.  It was fairly brief but the rain was somewhat torrential.  It's still a high of 19 and rather humid.  Overcast but the sun is suppose to come out later this morning.  I didn't get the bedrock weeded yesterday as I opted to do other things on the property and I needn't have bothered raking and cleaning the beach as the lake is fairly rough and will likely wash more debris ashore but so far, so good.  I thought we lost all our cedar globe trees along the beach area due to winter kill but they seem to be coming back.  Gave them a little TLC yesterday to help them along.  Dan helped Alf out yesterday and not sure what either of us are doing today.  Always something to fill our days, that's for sure.

June 22, 2015 - 7:57 a.m.

Hope everyone had a nice relaxing day yesterday.  I know we did!!  Needed to give my poor back a break but am getting into it again today.  Have the beach to rake and the rest of the bedrock garden to weed.  Red, the deer that has kind of become our mascot around here, has been hanging around the shop and the house more than normal.  She's also been sauntering around the park on a daily basis eating everyone's flowers.  Red is fairly tame but it's unusual for this time of year for her to be hanging around quite this much.  Well we were told yesterday that her baby died.  I know the general area of where the poor mite is so going to find and bury it today.  Don't know if the neighbours dogs got loose again and killed it but that wouldn't surprise me.  We were told that it didn't look maimed but it doesn't take much to kill a newborn fawn.   I just feel so badly for Red because she's always had babies this time of year and doesn't quite know what to do with herself.  Temperatures have been quite warm, hitting at least in the mid 20's.  Calling for showers and possibly a thunderstorm later today and tonight.  It's currently foggy and 16 but the sun should be out shortly.  Red is right now eating some apples as she was laying down outside the bedroom window when I got up so I gave her a treat.

June 21, 2015 - 9:45 a.m.

Happy Father's Day.!

June 20, 2015 - 7:33 a.m.

I had a great day yesterday, Dan not so much.  He and Alf spent a good portion of the day building a new trailer septic pump out and it didn't go very smoothly for them.  Had to make several trips to town.  The kicker was they bought a clearly marked 4" rubber boot with gear clamps on it from Canadian Tire and when they got home, found it didn't fit.  When they measured it themselves, it was 5".  Dan was not a happy camper.  Lol.  I spent the day outside on the gardens.  Got all of them done and then started weeding the bedrock.  I only finished one section before my back started screaming and had to call it a day.  I didn't feel much like cooking so Dan, Alf and myself went to Mac's Grill for supper.  The boys shared pizza and wings and I had the ribs.  Was very good.  I'm hoping to do a bit more weeding this morning and if our guests arrive in a timely manner, we can go for a boat ride today.  We've yet to get out on one of our boats.

June 19, 2015 - 7:46 a.m.

We had a little sun in the morning while I was doing my running in town.  Shortly after I got home and had just finished unloading everything, it started to sprinkle.  Then rain, then thunderstorm, then torrential rain.  We received nearly 2 inches in an hour.  Needless to say, I didn't get my outdoor work accomplished.  It cooled things off and it is no longer humid but it went down to 7 overnight.  It's sunny this morning and suppose to stay that way so I'm heading outside right shortly.  Not sure what Dan did yesterday as I didn't see him until the rain started.  Just a beautiful, calm day today so going to take advantage of it!!

June 18, 2015 - 7:15 a.m.

What a great work-outside day yesterday.  It was overcast for the most part but the sun did make an appearance here and there.  Reached a high of 23.  I worked outside all day in the gardens while Dan did some running around in town.  I'm heading to town briefly this morning.  Only a couple of things to do and then hoping to finish the last of my gardens before the thunderstorms hit this afternoon.  Not sure what hubby is up to.

June 17, 2015 - 7:39 a.m.

Yesterday was just a beautiful day.  Sun was shining and it was a tad humid in the morning.  Dan and I worked all morning at getting rid of the kazillions of maple keys all over the place.  Needn't have bothered.  The wind picked up shortly after lunch ushering in the cold front.  Blew north all afternoon so some of the remaining keys were all over once again.  Just can't believe how heavy they are this year, the trees were all loaded with them.  Still, looks cleaner than before we started and the humidity is gone.  Dan weed-eated and cut grass in the afternoon while I weeded gardens, put down mulch and did some tree trimming.  I'm doing the same today and will hopefully get it  done.  Calling for sun this morning but it's currently overcast and only 12 degrees.

June 16, 2015 - 7:39 a.m.

Well I was having problems with my Kobo the past couple of days but that is now resolved.  Couldn't even get my keyboard up.  Technology is a wonderful thing when it's working properly.  How many times have I said that in the past?  Lol.  Yesterday I did some cleaning, namely the public washrooms and then washed my house windows and floors.  Everything will need another bath next week again as the pollen is pretty thick right now.  Only thing that gets rid of it is rain and I don't want anymore.  We did get a little sun yesterday but it was overcast for the most part.  Very humid this morning and only went down to 17 overnight.  We were suppose to get some showers during the night but doesn't appear that we did.  Looks like the sun is going to shine for us right shortly.  I'm doing some raking this morning.  Place looks so messy with maple keys everywhere and they aren't even all off the trees yet.  Dan power washed yesterday and this morning the deck already needs to be swept.

June 14, 2015 - 8:20 a.m.

It has been a beautiful weekend so far.  Sun came out just before supper time on Friday after raining most of the day.  Sat outside and watched the ducks play and the sun set.  Yesterday was very hazy and warm, temps reached a high of 24.  Didn't do much though.  Today it's overcast and calling for showers to start within the next couple of hours.  It's not too humid so doubt any storms will materialize, just a nice summer shower.  Lake is very calm.

June 11, 2015 - 7:32 a.m.

Wasn't a very nice day yesterday but I guess that's an understatement for some of our southern neighbours.  All we received here was a little bout of rain and a few drizzly showers.  Sky was dark and the wind picked up briefly later in the day but everything pretty much missed us.  Cold front is here and no humidity.  Went down to 13 overnight but feels cooler.  Red ate some more of my flowers yesterday the little bugger.  Just the flowers, not the plants so hopefully they'll come back if we ever get a long stretch of warm sunny weather.  She was sauntering around the park yesterday and eventually curled up by the boat trailers and had a nap.  We know she's given birth so was likely taking a break from her newborn(s).  Dan and I did some more work in the refurbished cottage yesterday.  One more day and it should be all done.  Sun is suppose to make an appearance sometime today but for now, it's perfect inside working weather.

June 10, 2015 - 7:38 a.m.

What a great day we had yesterday.  Some clouds, some sun, temperature reached a comfortable 22.  Did a little bit of everything while Dan cut grass.  He's cutting it a lot layely and that won't slow down until we start to see really warm temps.  There looks to be a doozy of a storm heading our way this morning.  We've had a few rumblings this year but no really good thunderstorms.  I love them as long as they aren't accompanied by dangerous winds.  Both Dan and I are working in a cottage today so perfect day for it.  

June 9, 2015 - 7:55 a.m.

Wasn't a very nice day weather wise yesterday.  Was overcast all day with temps only in the high teen's.  Down to 11 overnight.  Still overcast but looks like the sun is going to come out.  I can't believe how much pollen we have this year.  Always have quite a bit but I think more than usual this year.  The maples are just loaded with keys and are making a mess of everything.  Only about half of them have come down and they are absolutely everywhere.  I can see I'll be plucking baby maple trees all summer long.  Should probably save a few and plant them where I want them.  I didn't end up cleaning yesterday, other then my house but I'm heading out right shortly to get at the cottages.  I noticed yesterday a few of the male Mallards are starting to molt already.  This seems pretty early.  Also saw a pair of geese with one gosling and then right behind them, another pair with 16.  Sixteen.  Lots of baby geese this year.  Only 3 pairs come back every year to mate so thank God for that.  

June 8, 2015 - 6:58 a.m.

We did get rain as forecasted yesterday.  Quite a bit of it actually.  We could do without anymore for a few days.  Currently overcast and only went down to 16 overnight.  Dan didn't do much yesterday but then neither did I.  Caught up on my laundry, watered flowers that are in window boxes as they don't get the rain, did a bit of cleaning and once the rain started, read.  Today I'm cleaning cottages.  Calling for showers again overnight but sunny tomorrow.  Currently overcast.

June 7, 2015 - 9:52 a.m.

I just finished a delicious BLT with bacon from Northerner Meat Packers.  Yummy and thanks Trish for picking it up for us.  Had a great day yesterday.  The sun was shining and with no humidity, perfect for gardening, which I did until around 2:00.  Headed over to Liz's for girls night and had a blast.  Sat outside visiting while catching some rays then headed indoors when the skeets came out and played a silly game which was a blast.  Today I'm catching up on laundry since it's low time for hydro.  Lol.  Currently overcast but quite comfortable and calling for rain/showers tonight and tomorrow.

June 6 2015 - 7:18 a.m.

I decided to take a break from the bugs yesterday.  Didn't want to saturate myself with bug spray to plant the last little bit of flowers I have left.  Needless to say, with the weather change yesterday I'm heading outside to do that right shortly.  It rained until around noon so puddles were everywhere as we got quite a bit.  Was overcast for most of the day and then the sun came out just before suppertime.  Beautiful sunny day this morning.  Temps only got to about 17 yesterday and then dropped to 6 here (3 in North Bay) so a wee bit chilly this morning.  Perfect for what I need to do.  I have girls night later this afternoon so baked some cookies for the event yesterday after doing some house cleaning.  Outdoor work on my agenda today until then.

June 5, 2015 - 6:55 a.m.

Wow, what a great day yesterday.  I planted all day, got to my last garden and peetered out.  It's a shade garden and the mosquitos were so bad, they drove me into the house.  Today is another day.  It really got humid gradually throughout the day, went to a high of 22 and down to 15 overnight.  It was so humid around 5:00 this morning the "heat" woke me up.  I turned my fan up and went back to bed.  Shortly after, it started to rain.  Just pouring right now but suppose to clear up by noon.  Have some indoor work I can do this morning and as soon as it clears up, will finish the gardening.  It should be much easier anyhow with the ground being saturated.  Going to be beautiful tomorrow so alot of people should be in the park.

June 4, 2015 - 7:30 a.m.

Sorry I didn't update yesterday.  I had my town run to do and completely forgot.  Dan had a strenuous day on his back yesterday. He unloaded a full large trailer of wood and stacked it all on the beach.  After that he restacked a bunch of boulders along our breakwall.  Strong like bull.  I'm back to planting again today.  Nearly finished and then I just have to lay the mulch.  By the time I get all my planting finished, it will be time to weed everything.  Lol.  I really need to stop making new gardens, I have enough.  The past few days have been beautiful with temps in the low 20's and plenty of sun.  Today looks a little overcast this morning but I suspect the sun will burn it all off.  Suppose to hit 24 with a mixture of sun and cloud.  Possibility of a shower overnight but we could use a little rain.

June 2, 2015 - 6:50 a.m.

Beauty day for planting yesterday.  Temperatures hit 18 later in the day and for the most part, it was sunny, cool and bug free (almost).  Didn't get everything planted but did accomplish quite a bit.  Of course after all my hard work, I checked the forecast just before going to bed and it said "slight chance of frost".  Sigh.  Luckily it did get cool overnight at 4 degrees but I don't think we got any frost.  Temps are going to at least 20 today and not as cold overnight so I'd say the planting is safe now.  I'm usually done by now but the weather just hasn't cooperated this year.  Dan piddled around yesterday doing odd jobs.  There's always something needing doing.  Our fishermen did well yesterday.  I posted some pictures on our facebook page.  Nice 7 pound walleye.

June 1, 2015 - 6:48 a.m.

I cannot believe it's June already.  Where does the time go?  Was a nice sunny day yesterday but kind of chilly.  Only went to a high of 14 and down to 4 overnight.  Sun is out again this morning and suppose to hit 17 today.  I think I'm going to press my luck today and plant the rest of my flowers.  Put them in the shop but they aren't calling for frost, just low temps for the next few nights.  After the full moon tomorrow, things should warm up a bit.  I think some type of bird was in peril last night.  Woke me up out of a dead sleep and was screaming pretty good.  Not sure what type of bird but it finally went dead silent.  Gross.  Nature at it's finest.  Our guests have been doing well with the fishing.  Dan and I have yet to find the time to get out there.  Maybe sometime this week after supper.  Could really go for a fish dinner!!

May 30, 2015 - 7:31 a.m

Had a very busy morning and early afternoon yesterday.  Cleaned the public washrooms and then my house.  After that I planted all my flower pots.  I can't do the planters just yet due to the cold weather coming in today but by the middle of next week, all my planting should be done.  It hit a high of 27 yesterday, as forecasted.  Thankfully it wasn't overly humid but due to overnight showers, it is this morning.  However, the south winds are due to veer north later this morning dropping the temps from our current 19 to 10.  Suppose to go down to 4 overnight. They were originally forecasting a low of zero.  Couple of cool nights but after the full moon on Tuesday, everything should be good to go as far as the gardens are concerned.  I hauled all my flowers back to our shop deck as I'm putting them all inside this afternoon.  Donna and Mitch dropped over for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon and then I made a nice steak dinner for the two of us since it was too warm to do anything but bbq.  We have a surprise birthday party to attend this afternoon which we're really looking forward to as there will be alot of people there we haven't seen for a while.  Our fishermen are quite happy.  They fished our bay last night and caught over 25 walleye, 10 of which were keepers over 18".  They obviously moved into the shallows sometime through the week as they weren't in yet last weekend.

May 29, 2015 - 6:41 a.m.

Was a pretty good day yesterday.  Temperatures reached 19 and it was sunny on and off.  Did my town run and then came home and started planting.  I just did the window boxes to start and am doing my pots today.  I am going to need to put them all in the shop for the next few days though.  Calling for a high of 27 today but temps are going to dip drastically tomorrow.  Just want to grt a leg up on the gardening.  I can finish the rest of the planters next week (after the full moon).  Not very humid just yet but suspect we'll be feeling it by noon so hoping to get most of my work done early.  Would love to get on the boat today once our guests arrive but it's doubtful.  See what the day brings...

May 28, 2015 - 7:01 a.m.

Yesterday was quite nice.  Some sun and a high of 24 but the north winds came through overnight dropping temps to 12 and relieving us of the humidity.  Overcast and breezy this morning but sun is suppose to come out a little later.  I cleaned the house and two cottages yesterday while Dan cut the grass and weed eated all day.  We then zipped into town so I could pick my car up.  Have a couple of appointments back in town today so picking up some more flowers as I want to spend the next few days planting.  Dan will keep himself busy and I vaguely remember him saying something about cleaning and dropping another boat in the water.  Heads up to those of you who don't already know but the turtles are on the move.  I rescued a snapper on Hwy 654 on Tuesday but sadly yesterday saw a couple of not-so-lucky ones on Hwy 11.  Please have a care and take the time to move them off the road to the side in the direction they are heading.  Still don't know how anyone can hit them as you can see them for miles and they certainly don't move very fast.  Here's something you don't see everyday...last night, a big doe came up on the bedrock, laid down immediately and started to eat some corn.  After a few minutes, she walked over to our beach and bedded down in the safely of the trees bordering the beach.  Dan and I watched her for some time but just before dark, she stood for a few minutes and then laid down again in front of the beach chairs.  It got too dark to see her but Dan and I are of the opinion she was ready to give birth or the neighbour's dog got loose again and had been chasing her so she was tired.  Deer don't normally bed down next to a house unless there is a predator in the area.  Either way, she was gone this morning so obviously got the rest she needed.  One of her fawns from last year also bedded down near her under the swingset so we don't know what prompted it but was pretty cool to see.  I didn't want to disturb them by taking a picture just in case the Mom was in labour.

May 27, 2015 - 6:58 a.m.

Was hot and humid yesterday and reached a high of 27.  Dan and I zipped into town early in the morning to do our errands.  I picked up my first round of annual flowers.  I did some planting when I got home but it was so bloody humid, I only lasted until about 4:30 and called it quits.  Came in the house, had my second shower of the day and vegged in front of the fan until I cooled down.  I don't think it got as warm all last summer as it was yesterday.  It was as buggy though.  Lol.  Had to chase the deer out of my bedrock garden again yesterday.  I swear they think all that hard work was just to give them extra special treats.  Be a few weeks to see if it all paid off.  We had some rain again overnight, just as things had started to dry up.  I don't think we got much but it was enough to cool things down a tad.  Currently 20 and overcast but sun is due to appear a little later, which will likely make it humid again.  I've two cottages to clean this morning and depending on my energy level afterwards, may plant some more.

May 26, 2015 - 6:17 a.m.

Good grief.  It rained all day yesterday and a little bit overnight.  It certainly greened everything up and made the colours pop but at the risk of sounding negative, hatched a kazillion mosquitos.  They practically carried me away when I ventured outside after supper.  After all my hard work on the bedrock garden, I had to chase a deer out of it last night.  Little bugger was chewing on my new lilac tree.  Should have taken some pictures when I finished because it probably won't look that way in a few weeks.  We didn't do much yesterday due to the weather.  I need to drop my car off for it's yearly maintenance this morning and Dan is getting some badly needed grooming aka hair cut and trimming.  Temps are going to be much warmer this week but quite a bit of rain in the forecast.  I've cottages to clean tomorrow so bring it :o)

May 25, 2015 - 7:40 a.m.

Had a wonderful day yesterday.  The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cool and no rain.  Worked until around 1:00 and then a bunch of us went boating.  Was a little rough at one point but found another location where the waves weren't as bad.  Was an early night but woke up to rain.  Suppose to rain nearly all week.  Very little sun in the forecast but temperatures are going to remain steady and mild.  Lots to do this week and alot of it indoors so not necessarily a bad thing.

May 24, 2015 - 7:22 a.m.

After three and a half days of patience and back breaking work, my bedrock garden is now pretty much finished.  Just have to add a little mulch (ran out yesterday) and it's a done deal.  Now we wait for lots of sun and a few showers to see the end result.  Didn't do anything after I finished the garden yesterday except collaspe.  My back was screaming at me so I just rested and was in bed early.  Have a few things on my agenda this morning (clean car out, rake beach and rake around house) but won't be too upset if it doesn't all get done.  I'd like to have a little fun today, possibly a boat ride but we'll see.  Dan took it easy yesterday as well.  He'd been burning both ends all week and was tired as well.  We've a family of 2 adults and 6 gosling in Moose Creek but no ducklings just yet.  They're still sitting on their nests but between the snapping turtles and pike, mortally rate is high on the poor wee ones.  Was a pretty nice day yesterday but windy.  Today is calmer and due to be warm (23) and sunny.

May 23, 2015 - 6:25 a.m.

I spent the entire day from 9:00 until around 4:30 in my bed rock garden.  No lunch and got nearly everything finished and damn if we didn't get a frost overnight.  What the heck?  Went below zero even here last night but is suppose to warm up fairly quickly today and stay at normal seasonal temps for the rest of the week.  I have to say, as cool as it was yesterday (only hit 7 degrees), it was perfect working weather.  A light wind, some sun and zero bugs.  I'm finishing the bedrock today and then praying for lots of warm sun.  Suppose to reach 16 today and the lake is currently calm.  Our fishermen weren't able to get out on the boat yesterday until early evening but they were happy as we still put them on fish.  Our secret but suffice it to say, they did well.  Dan was busy outside all day as well but didn't see much of him as he was all over the place.  Hoping for some r&r this afternoon.  I would like to say a big thank you to Laurie who emailed me thanking me for my blog updates.  Glad to know I have faithful followers out there and as long as I do, I'll keep blogging!!  :o)

May 22, 2015 - 6:53 a.m.

The first of our guests arrived last night for a nice fishing weekend but alas, the weather isn't cooperating.  The cold front came through late yesterday and it was registering -1 in North Bay.  We have a balmy 2 here but think we're getting some heat off Lake Nipissing.  The winds are strong today so doubt anyone will be fishing until/if the winds die down.  Worse case scenario, try in our bay this evening but I still think it's too early for the fish to have moved in just yet.  We shall see.  I tell you, the Victoria weekend coming early this year has certainly put a wrench into things.  I zipped into town yesterday and bought some perennials then planted some of them in the afternoon.  My main goal is to finish the bedrock garden as I envision it but going to take another day or two.  Dan cut all the grass on the property yesterday and must say, things are looking beautiful.  He also cleaned the bass boat and launched it, doing another today.  At least the sun is shining so hopefully will help calm the wind.  Blowing out of the north right now but suppose to veer south a bit later.  Fingers crossed.

May 21, 2015 - 6:58 a.m.

Was a productive day yesterday.  Was a little cool in the morning as it was still fairly windy but as the day progressed, so did the warmer temps.  Only reached a high of 15 but it was beautiful for me working up on the bedrock garden as it tends to get too hot and buggy during the afternoon.  I spent six hours weeding, digging things up and finally decided to dig up most of the wild grasses as they've taken over.  Today I'm heading into town for more mulch, soil and perennials.  Determined to get that garden under control and since it's still too early to do my annual gardens, might as well make the most of it.  I'm still behind but catching up.  Went down to 6 overnight and calling for frost with -2 tonight depending on which weather network you want to believe.  Don't think we need worry this close to the water but may cover my new plants just as a precaution.  Dan did some electrical yesterday (always something), cut grass, pulled the pontoon boat out of storage and organized the picnic shelter, which I am going to change when I have a few minutes.  Lol.

May 20, 2015 - 7:00 a.m.

Seriously?  We go from nearly 30 degrees on the weekend to -4 with the wind chill factor last night?  Mother Nature needs to get back on her meds.  Lol.  Actually, since we are on the water, our temps only got down to +3 but it is extremely windy and coming straight out of the north.  At least this weather is killing off the pesty little bugs.  Was going to plant some perrenials yesterday but was concerned it would snow overnight as forecasted.  I think they had a few little flurries on "the mountain" in North Bay but we didn't get any on the south shore.  Dan wasn't able to retrieve our raft yesterday either as it was too windy.  Doubt very much anyone but the brave and/or silly were fishing yesterday.  They were biting pretty good on the weekend though.  I puttered around the house yesterday catching up on some cleaning and laundry.  Today, not sure what I'll be doing but am sure it will involve more cleaning unless the wind settles down and the lake calms.

May 19, 2015 - 6:08 a.m.

Sunday turned out to be "the day" for this long weekend.  Was beautiful, sunny and warm all day.  Larry and Trish took a group of 9 of us on their new tritoon boat for a day on the water.  What a gorgeous fun-filled afternoon we had.  Headed to the Manitou Islands, drifted for a bit and then went into South and Fish Bays.  Came back around supper time and had a bbq.  Yesterday early morning we had torrential downpours so water was everywhere and it got extremely muggy and buggy.  Humidity disappeared overnight and much better working conditions today.  Only going to a high of 12 today with showers this afternoon but calling for rain or snow overnight.  Still haven't even begun to think about flower planting yet although I do have a few perrenials that need to be put in.  Just nutty weather this spring.  Hopefully things will turn around in the next few days.  Back to cleaning this week.  Dan's priority today is retrieving our wooden raft that got lose and ended up across the bay at our neighbours.  He also needs to mark our channel.  Lots of water but still sandbars to be aware of.

May 17, 2015 - 7:17 a.m.

Was kind of a yucky day yesterday but spent the majority of it outside anyway.  Was very damp with light showers on and off and a little chilly.  Had Reta, Alf and Paula for supper and then called it an early night.  I was in bed by 9:30, up at 1:30 and again at 3 and finally got up around 6:00.  Have some work this morning and then Larry and Trish are taking us, Reta, Paula and Alf on their brand spanking new tritoon boat for a maiden voyage this afternoon.  Going to be a gorgeous sunny day with a high around 25.  Very calm this morning so hopefully Lake Nipissing will cooperate and stay that way.  Calling for thunderstorms early tomorrow morning so want to make the best of today!!

May 15, 2015 - 6:18 a.m.

Another long day for Dan and I yesterday but it was beautiful outside and perfect working weather.  Hit around 17 and was sunny all day.  Unfortunately I spent the bulk of it inside cleaning.  Didn't get outside until about 4 o'clock when I did a little raking before calling it a day.  Dan actually had to cut some grass for the first time this season.  Between the sun and rain we've been experiencing, everything is growing quickly and all the greenery has popped.  Since I'm all cleaned out for a couple of days, I'm heading to town first thing this morning to get supplies.  There's plenty of outdoor work I could do but I really need to get to town as I've been too busy all week.  We don't even have any staples left in the house and had to settle for "tube steak" (aka hotdogs) for supper last night.  Not suppose to be all that nice weather wise today anyhow.  Currently overcast and 6 degrees with 30% chance of showers.  Hope not as I'd really like a fire tonight.

May 14, 2015 - 6:13 a.m.

Boy, just can't believe the May long weekend is nearly upon us.  Where does the time go?  Seems like just a couple of weeks ago we were running the ice fishing.  Still have lots to do as we are a little behind but couldn't be helped.  I'm not quite sure what Dan was up to yesterday as I was cleaning all day but I do know he never stopped.  I petered out around 4:00 and called it a day.  Didn't get the cottage completely done and will be back at it first thing but hoping I've only a couple of more hours cleaning.  After that, I'm taking a break and concentrating on outdoor work.  Was a beautiful day yesterday but cooler.  Was sunny and a high of 14.  Went down to near zero overnight but the sun is already shining and looks to be a gorgeous day.  Unfortunately, with the northerly winds the past few days, some ice fishing debris has washed up on our beach.  It'll take a while to get it all picked up but it's par for the course.  I usually start planting on the May long weekend but not this year.  Still too early.

May 13, 2015 - 6:08 a.m.

Although the weather sucked yesterday, both Dan and I accomplished what we set out to do.  It rained on/off most of the day and as the winds switched direction and started coming in from the north, the temps dropped.  Currently sitting at 2 in North Bay but it's registering 4 here so the air is colder than Lake Nipissing.  At least the sun is finally shining.  Let's hope it stays that way for the long weekend!!  Dan worked outside all day yesterday, rain be damned, installing the new docks.  By himself.  Guess it's official.  Dan IS a god.  I don't know how he completes such amazing feats but I think it's a mixture of brains and brawn.  No way I would have believed he could move the new finger docks on his own but he did.  He also jacked up and reinforced some older docks that needed maintenance.  Dear, I applaud you.  My task yesterday wasn't near as daunting but I did manage to get the spring clean done on yet another cottage.  I swear I'm getting too old to be crawling around under beds or spending several hours going up and down a ladder but then I prove myself wrong.  Great deal of satisfaction, that.  Dan needs to head into town this morning and I'm heading into another cottage.  Another day in the life of a resort owner :o)

May 12, 2015 - 6:45 a.m.

We didn't get as much rain as forecasted overnight but we did get our fair share over the past 24 hours.  Still overcast and still calling for more today/tonight though.  Temperatures haven't dropped as quickly either.  It's still 14 degrees here but due to drop to 8 this morning and down to just around zero overnight.  Really?  Where's our spring gone to?  The weather hasn't affected the mating process if the seagulls are any indication.  Lol.  Doubt I'll be seeing that particular ritual anymore as the water has risen and covered any above-water sand bars so they won't be in front anymore.  We've also had some wood ducks hanging around this year.  Hardly ever see them on our property so they must be nesting in a tree nearby.  Cool looking birds.  Alot of the deer have taken off, as they usually do once the food source is plentiful again, which it is now.  This rain just made everything pop and grow.  The grass is green, the tree leaves are coming and our spring flowers are showing.  Now all we need is some sweet sunshine!!

May 11, 2015 - 7:00 a.m.

Yesterday turned out to be quite miserable weather-wise although was perfect for what we were doing.  The temperature had dropped considerably, it was overcast and sprinkled rain on and off for most of the day.  Much like today as well with the high only being around 12-14 degrees.  All those trees we had cut down needed to be cleaned up and since we had other priorities or the weather wasn't conducive, finally got 'er done yesterday.  Working together as a team, Dan loaded all the big logs,  I loaded the smaller ones and did the raking.  Have a huge pile of brush though.  Couldn't burn it all in a day, that's for sure.  We'll ask the park tenants to pick at it over the course of the summer as it will make great kindling.  Cutting down all those trees has certainly left us with enough wood for the season and likely beyond.  Now there is the little matter of a beaver needing trapping.  Just wreaking havoc on trees surrounding the park and along Moose Creek.  I don't want to kill it, just relocate it.  Something warranting my attention when I have time.  Going to be raining for the next few days so I'm indoors spring cleaning cottages again.  Certainly be glad when that's off my plate.  Not sure what Dan's up to today but I hope it doesn't involved intense back labour as he was feeling it yesterday.

May 10, 2015 - 7:23 a.m.

Happy Mother's Day to all you ladies out there.  Could be much better weather but hope you enjoy your day.

May 9, 2015 - 8:24 a.m.

Had just a beauty day yesterday.  Temps actually hit 30 degrees celcius here and man was it muggy.  I don't think we had one day all last summer that was as warm.  It did bring out the bugs but that's part and parcel.  We had a bit of a shower in the early evening but the real rain is due to hit us right shortly.  Cold front coming through today and this is the warmest it'll be all day, which is 17.  Had a fabulous girls night at Eadie's last night.  So much food as usual but was lovely to be able to sit outside with no coats for a change.  Dan and I put in a full days work yesterday but I'm vegging as much as possible today.  Invited to Donna's for quiche this morning but we have a new trailer coming in so don't know that I'll be able to make it.

May 8, 2015 - 6:25 a.m.

It's certainly been a very busy week for both Dan and I.  I spent a glorious day outside yesterday doing some  gardening and planting.  I even planted a cherry tree for Sab as it needed to get in the ground before the rain this weekend.  Dan turned the water on to the park yesterday so this morning I need to get the public washrooms cleaned and organized.  The one men's bathroom didn't fair too well this winter as all the paint is peeling.  Fixing that will be a project for me when I'm caught up on everything else.  Dan is nearly finished on the cottage renovation. Just needs to get the sink in and a new toilet installed, which he's doing today.  Was like summer yesterday. Hit a high of 27 and only down to 14 overnight.  Calling for much cooler temps next week and possibility of thunder storms and showers this afternoon and evening.  Of course they are.  Have my girls night tonight, we wouldn't want to be able to have a nice camp fire or anything this evening.

May 7, 2015 - 6:10 a.m.

Been a very busy past couple of days for Dan and I.  Dan's been concentrating his energy on rebuilding or repairing docks.  A lot of them took a beating this past winter, a few so badly he's had to completely rebuild from scratch.  I've been doing the raking and bedrock garden.  The garden was in rough shape by the end of the summer last year due to all the rain.  I wasn't able to weed it as often as I would have liked and it looks like the grass has taken over and thrived.  I bought a few more perennials yesterday while in town and was assured they could be planted right now.  Hhhhmmmmmm.  Going to try it but keeping my eye on the longterm forecast as the weather is suppose to turn considerably colder next week.  Has been sunny in the mid 20's the past few days and noticed the black flies were out while raking up yesterday.  Let them all come out this week so the cooler weather next kills them all off!!  Lol.  I believe Dan is going to turn the water on for the park today but I still think it's early.  Although the park doesn't open until next weekend, everyone is biting at the bit to come in this weekend to clean their trailers so they can relax for the holiday weekend.  We are so far behind this year just because the weather conditions didn't allow otherwise.  It is what it is.

May 5, 2015 - 7:20 a.m.

We finally received some much needed rain yesterday.  Had a nice shower late in the afternoon and then another bout of some good rain just at dusk.  Could see the storm moving towards us over the lake and was really hoping for a light show but no thunder clouds appeared.  I think it rained a little through the overnight hours as well but the sun is shining this morning.  The rain did drop the temps and it dipped down to 3 overnight but suppose to hit 20 this afternoon which will green everything up.  I've a little office work this morning and then I'm going to start hauling my summer things out of storage aka the public washrooms. I think Dan is turning the water on in the park tomorrow so needs to be able to get in there.  Which means I'll be cleaning them Thursday.  I made some hummingbird syrup yesterday so getting the feeders out today as I suspect they will be arriving shortly for the summer.  In for a beautiful week!!

May 4, 2015 - 6:36 a.m.

Had a great weekend and the weather was beautiful.  Actually hit 25 yesterday, was warm and sunny.  Most of the ice is gone from Lake Nipissing, at least as far as we can see.  Larry and Trish dropped over yesterday afternoon and brought supper with them from Danny's Pasta, which was fabulous.  Had a nice visit and looking forward to the summer season in the park.  Calling for thunderstorms today but unless they are pop ups, I don't see anything much on the radar.  May get some rain today also.  Could certainly use it.  

May 2, 2015 - 6:41 a.m.

Eventful day yesterday with lots of work accomplished.  Dan started pulling the boats out of storage as well as other equipment we had stored under the picnic shelter.  He also hung a retractable awning on the picnic shelter as last year we found we needed the extra protection for large numbers of people.  I finished cleaning (finally) a cottage and then did some yard work.  After lunch Mike showed up and ended cutting down 7 birch trees, 1 maple, 1 poplar (which had a widow maker hung up on an ash which also had to go) and a good chunk of the huge maple we have next to the beach as it was blocking all the sun.  For those of you who don't know what a widow maker is, it's when a huge portion of the top of an old tree breaks off and lands on another tree.  A good wind or just gravity can bring it down unexpextedly and kill someone.  Speaking of which, I did a boner move yesterday.  Mike had cut of of the huge limbs on the beach maple but it was still intact.  I zipped by to move my wheelbarrow and the limb chose that moment to break free.  Just missed me and scared me witless.  Of course Dan had something to say about that and women being on the jobsite.  Lol.  At any rate, lots of firewood for the summer and the maple we're keeping for the winter.  Temperatures have been wonderful in the high teens and the sun has been shining.  May get some badly needed showers overnight.

May 1, 2015 - 7:05 a.m.

Just finished feeding the deer.  All 17 of them.  Honestly I really want to stop feeding them in the morning but they actually lay in wait for me.  Heard a loon in our bay this morning but have yet to spot it.  I'm a little disappointed that the trumpeter swans didn't show up this year.  That's the first time they haven't stopped to rest in Greening Bay in at least 10 years.  I certainly hope they all survived the winter.  I've a bit more cottage cleaning to do first thing and then I want to spend the beautiful afternoon coming our way, outdoors.  The longterm looks just fantastic.  Sun and warm temps.  Long overdue.  It hit 20 yesterday and Dan was doing property clean up all day.  Larry and Trish are dropping in a little later this afternoon so when they get here, work will halt so we'd better get at it.

April 30, 2015 - 6:36 a.m.

Looks like May is going to bring some spring like weather as the temps look very promising for the week.  Staying in the high teens, low 20's but not very much rain in the forecast.  I still didn't get the cottage finished yesterday as I ran out of steam and am going to town today.  Dan was outside all day mulching, gradimg the beach and generally doing property clean up.  The cottage project is at a stand still until next Tuesday.  Water in the lake is slowly rising and think the ice will all be gone in time for the opening May 24 weekend.  Busy time of year for us but we are usually caught up by mid June.

April 29, 2015 - 7:28 a.m.

Just a beautiful day yesterday.  Sunny and reached a high of 18.  Too bad I was working inside yesterday.  Talk about tedious work.  Spring cleaning half of the double unit but was scrubbing the wood walls with murphy oil soap as I went.  Needed to be done but man, what a lot of work.  Pine throughout the cottage is wonderful but it needs maintenance, for sure.  Saw my first lady bug yesterday and the spiders and various other bugs are starting to come out.  Like we say in the North...you have winter and then bug season.  Dan puttered around yesterday and then got his lawnmower out in the afternoon to mulch winter debris.  I still think raking does a much better job, just more labour intensive.  Calling for showers for the next few days but low percentage so doubt we'll get very much.  We definitely could use some rain but after last summer, hope it's just periodic and during night time hours this year.  One can hope!!

April 28, 2015 - 7:19 a.m.

Just finished feeding the deer.  We have way too many this year with a steady 10-15 coming up every morning and evening.  I realize once the season begins that most of them will move on to greener pastures so to speak but it is getting costly to feed them.  Alf and Paula bring us up bags of corn from S.W. Ontario because it costs half of what they charge here.  Sure like to rip us off in the North Bay area.  Even gas is more expensive then any of the towns around us.  Enough whining.  Looks to be a gorgeous day today.  The sun is shining and temps are suppose to be on the rise all week, hitting the high teens by the weekend.  Showers possible tomorrow.  Finally starting to dry up around here.  Heard the frogs trilling last night and the pike have been spawning in Moose Creek so I guess that makes spring official.  Mitch got the kitchen cupboards in the cottage mostly put together yesterday only to discover they ordered us the wrong doors.  Dan ended up going into town to take them back, order the correct ones and pick up other things he needed.  I tell you, when this cottage is finished, it's going to be beautiful.  I'm spring cleaning the double unit again today and likely tomorrow as well.  Be glad when it's off my plate as I'd rather be working outside.  Has to be done as it is going to be occupied this Friday.  Suck it up.  Lol.

April 27, 2015 - 6:57 a.m.

Dan and I had a good day of work on Saturday.  After 7 hours straight, Dan finally finished the varnishing in the cottage.  I started cleaning the house around 7 in the morning and then raked where I could around the cottages until 3:00.  Ground is still pretty wet in alot of places.  As I was burning as I was raking, we ended up having a camp fire with some friends and neighbours.  Wasn't a late night but Dan and I took the day off yesterday just to relax.  We are starting to get those annoying calls again when the phone just rings twice then stops or it'll continue to ring but no one is there.  We just wanted to relax and watch a couple of movies so I finally took the phone off the hook.  Bell Canada says there is nothing they can do as the caller(s) showing as "private number".  Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if it's Bell themselves trying to run our bill up.  So annoying, especially when I was all comfy under the blankets with one of my cats.  Lol.  Today I'm starting the cottage spring cleaning and I believe Dan and Mitch are putting thr new cottage kitchen together.  Good day for it as it's overcast with possible showers or wet snow and only around +2.

April 25, 2015 - 6:39 a.m.

OMG!!!  I counted 17 deer up on the bedrock this morning and those are only the ones I could see.  There were probably a few more hiding down in the evergreens.  The herd seems to be getting bigger every day.  Dan was talking to a neighbour yesterday who just recently bought a hobby farm down the road.  He is raising lambs and a few babies were just born.  Apparently it attracted coyotes and he had to shoot one of them as it was obviously after the babies and wouldn't spook off.  I guess one of his horses also beat one of them up pretty badly.  It's not easy to just shoot an animal.  You have to contact the MNR, etc.  Usually if you shoot one coyote, the pack will leave the area but the way the deer are gathering and staying close together, I'd say the coyotes are still around.  Been an awful lot of cats gone missing in the neighbourhood and it was being blamed on a pair of fishers who have been spotted (I've seen them myself) but maybe that's not the case.  Nature in all her glory.  Yuck.  Dan spent yesterday varnishing the cottage.  Not sure how much I accomplished but I was going all day and didn't stop until around 6:00.  Was overcast all day and never did get very warm.  Temps only reached a high of 5 and down to -4 overnight.  At least it's going to be sunny today and suppose to hit around 10.  Not sure what is on our agenda today but hoping to get together with friends a little later on.

April 24, 2015 - 7:15 a.m.

Temperature only reached a high of +2 yesterday but at least we didn't get much more snow than what we woke up to.  Currently -3 with a few very light flurries.  Cold front going to stick around a few more days but the sun is due to come out tomorrow.  Isn't there a song about that?  Lol.  The town run yesterday ended up being all about Dan.  Lol.  He was pleased.  We hit pretty much all the lumber stores and priced some flooring for just the kitchen area of the cottage.  Still haven't decided what, if anything, we are going to do.  Dan's starting to run out of steam, which I'm surprised lasted this long.  Our docks didn't survive the winter very well so Dan is going to need to spend some time on that project and time is a factor.  We can always do the flooring once we get open for the season, things have slowed down, and time isn't such a factor.  We also went to Canadian Tire and scooped a couple of flat screen smart tv's so now all the cottages are up-to-date.  Anyone want a used tube tv?  Have actually 3 to get rid of.  Yours for the taking...

April 23, 2015 - 7:38 a.m.

Frig me.  Woke up to snow this morning.  Just enough to cover everything in white, but still.  Cabin fever has officially set in.  Lol.  Temps right around zero this morning and suppose to dip to -6 overnight.  Dan finished the wood yesterday while I finished the books.  We are both going to town today.  I need to do my usual run but we also need to pick up our new kitchen cupboards and some paint.  Dan start the varnishing process in the cottage yesterday but it's tedious and time consuming so I'll likely give him a hand tomorrow.  The deer were bedded down in the trees by the bedrock waiting for me this morning.  As soon as I went out to feed them, a few came trotting down the road just like little puppy dogs.  Can you say tame?