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December 3, 2016 - 8:51 a.m.

Legend has it that if you are unable to sleep at night it means you are awake in someone else's dream.  Whoever was dreaming about me yesterday, please stop because you ruined a perfectly good night's sleep.  Lol.  Dan and I went to town yesterday.  While he was in the dentist, I did a bunch of errands and then we went for a nice lunch at Burger World.  That place is always busy, no matter what time of day but it's worth it if you have to wait. Unfortunately one of our errands was to pick up the pump parts and when we got there, no one was around.  Dan ended up having to go back into town once we were home but did eventually get the chlorination system working on our pump again.  We also exchanged some bedroom furniture in one of the cottages so it'll be ready to go once we open it up again.  Still having a problem finding cleaning help but hopefully something will turn up.  I'm back at the house cleaning today and am tackling the living/dining rooms today.  Hopefully I can finish by day's end.  The Ontario Northland Holiday train is going to be at the North Bay Station tomorrow evening at 6:00.  I would sure like to attend but will have to see how things go for me tomorrow.

December 2, 2016 - 6:03 a.m.

Two rooms finished.  So nice to purge and help the homeless or less fortunate at the same time. Dan was outside or in the shop most of the day yesterday.  Doing some organizing and maintenance while I cleaned.  He hates when the house is torn apart or disorganized so a good place for him.  He has an appointment in town at 9:00 so I'm going with him as I have some errands to run and then we are doing a little shopping.  We have a few flurries this morning and calling for light snow throughout the day.  The wind is blowing northwest 20 km which explains the cool down from yesterday.  It finally went below zero overnight and is due to get colder over the next few days.  Too windy to form ice but hope that's coming within the next week or so.  I'm guessing it's going to be later in the month before we see ice though.

December 1, 2016 - 7:42 a.m.

Dan came home yesterday looking like a new man.  He basically shaved his head and had his tooth repaired so looks like a new man.  Considering it rained most of the day and night, good day to sit in a chair and get some pampering.  The pressure has been lifted off me.  The hospital called yesterday.  Changed my surgery from December 21st to the 22nd (apparently they could get closer to Christmas) then called again saying they lost the surgery suite for the day so changed it to January 8th which I indicated was no good for me as we'll be in the heat of ice fishing by then.  Soooo, providing I can keep the date, I am now having my surgery on March 8th.  All told, that's definitely a better time of year so my hand will have plenty of time to heal afterwards but I'm a little concerned about doing more damage in the meantime.  Will obviously need to be extra careful this winter.  No slip and falls.  I am currently looking for some cottage cleaning help.  If you know of someone who would be interested, please call 1-705-752-3558.

November 30, 2016 - 6:38 a.m.

Have to say thank you to Keith who called me yesterday telling me I had the wrong date on my blog.  Glad to know someone is paying attention.  Lol.  From the looks of things, the little progress we made towards winter has vanished.  Very mild yesterday with temps heading towards the +10 mark and staying above zero today as well.  Lots of rain in the forecast for the next few days before temps drop and it turns to snow.  No frozen water on Lake Nipissing just yet.  Around the December 5th mark, we usually go to Mike and Reta's for the weekend (we can't this year) and the lake would always freeze over while we were in Sudbury.  We would see ice as far as the eye could see on our way home.  Don't think that is going to happen this year.  I'm guessing we are a few weeks behind and this is going to be our norm in the North now.  Obviously we'll just have to wait and see what December brings and pray for cold weather.  Dan is heading to town today for a hair and dentist appointment.  I'm plugging away on the master bedroom which should be completed today.  I have 3 large garbage bags full of clothes to donate but lots of room in the closet now.  A good purge now and then is cleansing for the soul.  Still don't know how we acquire so much "stuff".

November 29, 2016 - 7:09 a.m.

It is raining this morning, as forecasted.  At least it isn't freezing rain.  It isn't cold enough for that here as it's currently above zero but it could be in North Bay.  Dan spent yesterday running around, ending up going to town twice.  We had a problem with the chlorine system on the pump but the parts are ordered and due in tomorrow.  The parts come with spares and apparently we've been living on borrowed time but it's all good.  I spent the day sorting through clothes so have a bag to be burned and a couple to go to goodwill.  I should have the master bedroom done by the end of the day and can then get busy on the rest of the house which shouldn't take as long.  Considering the forecast has nothing but rain or snow for the next week, this is a great time to clean and organize.

November 28, 2016 - 8:00 a.m.

One room done, now on to the next.  Finished the spare room yesterday.  Now I'm starting on the master bedroom today.  Lots of purging going on as we really need to lighten our house and get rid of "stuff".  You know, the things you hold on to "just in case"?  Well I'm slowly getting rid of it.  Going to take a while though.  The weather is staying fairly mild and they have issued a special weather bulletin for tomorrow. Freezing rain in the morning but temps are going to climb in the afternoon so turning to rain apparently.  Going to be a hazardous commute in the a.m.  I'm sure all of natural is loving these warmer-than-normal temps.  We've had a steady herd of deer coming up but sadly, the buck is missing.  We had two last year, one went missing, down to one this year and now it's missing.  Someone in the neighbourhood took it, I'm sure, likely with a bow.  I truly wish they would change the hunting laws for this area.  Shooting fish in a rain barrel is not hunting.

November 27, 2016 - 9:02a.m.

Yesterday was another gray day.  I also didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted.  I worked away in the morning but decided to take the rest of the day to myself so rented a couple of unforgettable movies.  Dan and I vegged but today is another day.  It looks like the cloud cover is finally breaking up and maybe, just maybe the sun will shine for us.  Temperatures rose above zero yesterday but dipped to -5 overnight.  They have since risen above zero once again.  No ice forming on Lake Nipissing yet and the temps are going to be above the freezing mark for most of the week.  Need a deep freeze for a good 4-5 days to bring the ice on but there is time yet.

November 26, 2016 - 7:15 a.m.

Wow, what a day yesterday!!  Zipped into town first thing in the morning, did major running but was home by 12:30 and now have my Christmas shopping done.  Ran into Donna and Mitchell at Canadian Tire so ended up having an impropmtu get together at our house later in the afternoon.  Ginny also dropped by.  I cooked up some chicken wings and we had a great time.  Everyone was gone by 7:00 so I had a rather early night which was excellent as I was pooped.  Great night's sleep so raring to go again today.  Still didn't get the spare room completely put back together as it involves emptying/transferring items from dressers to warerobes, moving old dresser to cottage, etc.  It'll take me the better part of today to get my house back in order and then I can start my thorough fall cleaning on the rest of the house and a start on the cottages.  The shop also needs another good clean and organization before. The ice fishing season.  Lots to keep me busy between now and Christmas which certainly helps beat the gray skies blues.

November 25, 2016 - 7:54 a.m.

I woke up a little later then I wanted to.  I'm heading out in about 15 minutes to get a couple of Christmas gifts aka Black Friday sale, and that should be it for the holiday shopping.  I vowed I would never do the Black Friday thing again after mistakenly going to town last year not realizing what day it was.  However, what I want is marked down considerably and so it begins.  Figured if I left home at 7:30 I would beat most of the crowds but think it should be okay.  Dan and Mitch (thanks for the help Mitchell) ended up going to town yesterday and picking up the new furniture but it took way longer than expected to organize the spare bedroom due to unforeseen circumstances.  It's all good now but my house is still torn apart.  Don't care.  I can live in chaos for a few days.  I believe Donna and Mitch may be coming over this afternoon for a little socializing but see how our day goes.  I'm hoping to be home by 11:00 if all goes well.  Very overcast and the sky looks heavy with precipitation although nothing is coming down right now.  May yet get some rain or snow or both but pretty mild today with temps bang on zero degrees.

November 24, 2016 - 8:08 a.m.

Yippee, we actually have some snow on the ground!  I got up around 4:30 (what's wrong with me, right?) and it was snowing pretty good.  Went back to bed and when I finally got up for good, there is a nice blanket covering all the nasty looking stuff this morning.  I love the first good snowfall of the season.  It's still snowing but lightly.  Calling for snow or rain tomorrow so may be short lived.  I finished the spare room yesterday.  All painted and pretty again so now just waiting on the new furniture to put the house back in order.  Not sure when it's to be delivered but was really hoping for today.  Now that's done, I can't concentrate on the rest of the house.  This is the time of year I do a major purge and clean.  Living next to a sandy beach as well as water, the interior gets pretty dirty over the course of a busy summer season.  Looking forward to making the house shine again before putting up my Christmas decorations.

November 23, 2016 - 6:26 a.m.

Great day yesterday.  The wind died down considerably and the sun even came out.  It dropped to -8 overnight but suppose to be partly sunny and high of -2 today.  Flurries tomorrow so guess this is it for all beautiful balmy weather.  Deep freeze coming right up.  I had my appointment yesterday but was home by noon.  Dan had the spare room pretty much emptied by the time I got home and then he left for Sudbury.  He really doesn't want to sit in a meeting room all day but the government dictates that he take a "Small Drinking Water System" course even though he's been looking after it for 3 years already.  Another cash grab made mandatory thanks to our neglectfull government employees in Walkerton.  After Dan left, I painted the ceiling, doors and trim in the spare room and sorted through all the clothes in that closet which are mostly Dan's.  Washed them all except for the two loads I'm finishing this morning.  Will take the rejects into town for the homeless later in the week.  Painting the walls this morning and can hopefully semi get my house back together later today.  Have new bedroom furniture coming tomorrow so can't dally.

November 22, 2016 - 7:59 a.m.

Sometime after midnight, the wind finally died down to a dull roar.  It's still windy but only blowing 20-40 km/hr now.  At least that is a little more manageable.  Now to see if there is any outside damage anywhere.  I was out briefly yesterday and didn't see our BBQ cover anywhere so will talk a gander around the property today.  I'm sincerely surprised we didn't lose power at all during the course of this storm so chalk one up for hydro.  I bathed my kitties yesterday, which was fun ;) and cleaned the house a bit and then started sorting through the spare bedroom.  Didn't get it finished and have an appointment in town this morning so will finish that chore this afternoon and hopefully ready the room ready for paint.  Want to try and get it done by day's end tomorrow but think that's pushing it.  Not rushing so that room will be done by the end of the week at the very least.  Have lots to keep me busy between now and Christmas, for sure.  Dan is heading to Sudbury in a bit.  The small drinking water system course starts at 8:30 tomorrow morning so he's renting a room tonight at the same hotel it's being held at.  I suggested if the weather is bad, he stay there's again tomorrow so we'll see.  At least the driving should be okay for him today.  Would have been a rough ride if it was still blowing like it was.  Don't think we received the snow forecasted either but see what it's like on the other side of the lake.

November 21, 2016 - 8:00 a.m.

Wow!!  When the gales of November start, they don't let up!!  It has been blowing directly onto shore and not letting up.  I had to finish a little outdoor decorating yesterday and needn't have bothered.  I'm guessing what I did yesterday has blown away.  I know I have to face this blizzard this morning and go in search of our barbecue cover which could be anywhere by now.  It'll be likely be found in the spring.  I just hope it hasn't landed somewhere that will be detrimental to nature.  I can't believe it's been blowing 90+ km without letting up.  Suppose to settle down tomorrow and I can't believe we haven't lost any power yet.  Knock on wood.  I wiped out on the ice encrusted bedrock yesterday (my bad) when feeding the birds and that was it for my day.  Took some Advil and hit the couch.  Caution is obviously needed when weather conditions are this severe.  The good thing is whatever snow we've been getting isn't accumulating on our property as it's all being blown inland.  Haven't been far enough away from the buildings to see just how much snow the area has received but watching it blow horizontally yesterday, I'd say quite a bit.  I always have sympathy for nature when it's like this as they have to hunker down until the storm passes so can go without eating for days.  I'm making sure the bird feeders are full but it's difficult for the little critters to fly in this.  It feels like -20 with the windchill factor but only registering -7 in North Bay, -4 here.  No way will we start making ice as Lake Nipissing is one massive white cap.  Here's hoping the wind begins to settle down today.  Stay safe everyone.

November 20, 2016 - 7:49 a.m.

Winter arrived overnight.  The wind started howling around 4:30 this morning and looks like it's going to continue for the day.  Dropped temps to -2 here but -6 in North Bay, away from the water.  Lake Nipissing is being stirred up quite nicely at the moment.  I hate it when the wind starts on goes on for days.  We also have a light dusting of snow but there is likely more inland.  I know we need to start making ice but nature could be a little more gentle.  Dan and I went into town yesterday to do something errands and then had a nice quiet evening at home.  I bought a few outdoor Christmas decorations yesterday to replace last year's that were wind worn.  In hindsight, should have finished putting them out but it was raining when we got home and continued for most of the night (before turning to snow).  With this wind, going to be difficult getting them out today.  I'm giving the cats a badly needed bath this morning - should be fun - and then going to start getting the spare bedroom ready for paint.  Doing that and a big reorganization in that room this week.  Dan went out yesterday before going to town as he had a couple of things to do before the snow hit.  He was able to get the blade switched to the plow on the tractor as they are calling for a possibility of 10-14 inches here.  Don't think we'll get nearly that much but it's good to be prepared.

November 19, 2016 - 8:18 a.m.

Brace yourselves, winter is coming!  What a difference a day makes.  Considering the forecast I decided to get while the going was good.  I spent the afternoon putting up my outdoor Christmas lights and decorations.  It was t-shirt weather, reaching a high of 19 here and even the bugs were out.  Dan did some outdoor work and we ended up having a beautiful fire as we watched some unsavable cedar andirondack chairs burn.  Today is another day.  I can see the front coming across the lake and it's going to get very windy right shortly.  Calling for rain to begin this morning, turning to snow tonight and into tomorrow.  We may even see some "stick around" accumulation as the temperatures are going below zero and staying that way.  Just so anyone who has been hearing rumblings about Lake Nipissing being closed to walleye this winter, it isn't going to happen.  In lieu of a 3rd party study which was just released this week, it was concluded that angling is not stressing the lake and can sustain the current harvest numbers.  Commercial fishing (namely gill nets) has however, been determined to be detrimental.  We are still hoping to get the nets banned and have been working tirelessly to do so.  For up to the minute information regarding the current situation on Lake Nipissing please join our facebook group.  Simply go to the Facebook page "Save Lake Nipissing" and ask to join the forum.  Lots of valuable and insightful information.

November 18, 2016 - 8:32 a.m.

Oops, I slept in this morning.  Was a long day for me yesterday so not surprising I had a few extra winks.  I ended up going to Sudbury by myself.  Left the house at 8:30 and didn't get home until after 4:00.  I saw my surgeon and surgery date has been set for December 21st.  Could it be any closer to Christmas?  Good news is my wrist joint hasn't deteriorated much further (surgeon figured it would have so meds are working).  Bad news is my thumb is buggered.  Depending on what the surgeon finds during the operation, recovery time will be either 6 weeks with bandages or 6 months with a cast.  No in between.  Here's hoping for 6 weeks.  Guess I really need to get cracking and have everything done beforehand.  Lots on my agenda that's needs to get done and Christmas will be here before I know it.  I'm not stressing about something I can't change but really want my ducks in a row.  Bad timing for ice fishing though but I will have help.  It is going to be a beautiful day today.  Sun shine and high of 14 but winter is due to start Saturday night.  Temps will drop to below zero, wind is expected and the forecast for next week has temperatures below zero, hovering around zero during daytime highs and snow.  Bring it.  We need ice.

November 17, 2016 - 6:41 a.m.

Yesterday was overcast but fairly mild for this time of year.  It went below zero overnight but going to be warmer then usual for the next few days.  Winter like weather is coming later in the weekend and we may even see some snow.  Not quite sure what I did yesterday but I didn't stop.  I worked in the office and got everything caught up, did some cooking and cleaning and also helped Dan put our pontoon boat to bed for the winter.  It had been sitting back by the shop but is now safely tucked away with the bass boats under the picnic shelter.  Always sad to see all the boats put in storage.  We are heading to Sudbury today, just briefly as I finally have my long awaited surgeon's appointment.  Going to zip into Costco quickly to restock our coffee reserves for the long winter ahead.  Was hoping to get a visit in with Mike and Reta but isn't going to happen this trip :(  I keep forgetting to mention that Hwy 654 aka Wasi Road is now completed and they have done a wonderful job.  The drive is so smooth now.  No more potholes or crumbling asphalt and the shoulders are paved and now wide enough for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.  So pleasant driving to town now.

November 16, 2016 - 8:29 a.m.

Woke up to rain and mild temperatures this morning, as forecasted.  A very gloomy day indeed but no complaints as it has been unseasonably beautiful since returning from my vacation.  Two deer were waiting on me and looking in my bedroom window this morning wanting corn.  The Trumpeter swans also returned so they are hanging out by the shoreline also wanting some corn.  Quite the walk out there now but once I get dressed, will take a gander.  Did my town run yesterday and had a hankering last night so made so fabulous fish tacos for supper.  Am spending some time in the office today as I have a few things to get caught up.  Dan is likely vegging today due to the rain and he deserves it.

November 15, 2016 - 7:12 a.m.

I don't know where this "harsh" winter is they've been forecasting as it is suppose to be sunny and 11 degrees today.  Middle of November?  I'll take it.  Was beautiful yesterday as well.  The weather is normally unusual during a full moon but tends to lean towards the cooler side so this is somewhat of an anomaly.  Red came up last night with several of her offspring.  She's still taking care of one of the fawns so tells me it's mama has died.  Where, how and why I've no clue but its baby is thriving in the herd.  We've been told there is hunting in the neighbourhood which is a crying shame.  Easy pickings does not make you a hunter, it makes you an opportunist with a gun.  Sad, really.  Due to low water levels, we have an actual stretch of beach in our entire bay now that can be walked from one side to the other.  The  deer have been out daily romping around but you have to be  up pretty early to see them.  The Trumpeter swans stayed in the bay for several weeks but it looks like they've left for good now.  Ducks and geese still here so it's not winter yet.  Obviously.  Hopefully the cold weather coming our way later in the week will stick around and get Lake Nipissing started on her way to a frozen state.

November 14, 2016 - 7:41 a.m.

Had a pretty great day yesterday.  Did some light house cleaning, unpacked my luggage and put the case away until next time.  Did all the laundry and then Dan and I headed over to Donna and Mitchell's for an afternoon campfire.  Ginny and Craig joined us and we stayed until just after the sun set, which was about 5:30.  The time change always throws me for a loop for the first week or so.  The almost full moon was incredible here.  I tried taking pictures but my camera just makes it look like a white dot in the sky, as does everyone else's who don't have a telephoto lens.  Seeing it is unbelievable though, especially when it shines over the lake - usually about 3-4:00 in the morning.  When I got up this morning, I just caught the moon setting over Nipissing and the sun was rising over Moose Creek.  Beautiful.  Living here has its moments!

November 13, 2016  - 7:56 a.m.

I'm home!!  Got home around 4:00 yesterday afternoon so am back in the saddle again.  It was a very rough landing due to the wind that has apparently been blowing for days.  I must have brought the nice weather home with me as the wind has died down and the sun is shining this morning.  Unpacking, laundry and some light house cleaning is on the agenda this morning.  Have a few business matters to take care of as well and then hoping to get outside this afternoon.  See how the day progresses.  I certainly need to go to town tomorrow as Dan ran us out of groceries.  I am also picking up paint as I am redoing the spare bedroom this week.  Yep, great to be home.  Lol.

November 12, 2016 -10:01 a.m.

I'm sad to say that I'm back in Canada.  Had a wonderfully relaxing vacation in Mexico and happy to report my Spanish course had it's moments.  I was told my accent was perfect so now I just need to keep learning the language.  Had a marvellous visit with the girls, met up with an old friend who is currently residing in Cancun and spent a terrific day exploring Isla Mujeres.  Would love to spend more time on the island as the beach and swimming is incredible.  I am currently in Toronto and flying home to North Bay at 2:30 this afternoon.  Very short trip. Looking forward to seeing Dan and pets then back to the grind tomorrow.

October 31, 2016 - 5:55 a.m.

"Leaving on a Jet Plane" by Peter, Paul and Mary comes to mind this morning.  Which also dates me.  Lol.  I got all my packing done and weighed yesterday.  I'm just under the weigh restrictions for my flight and will be a lot lighter coming back.  Half the stuff in my checked bag is for other people.  Presents for two 60th birthdays, a belated 55th, two pool rafts, heavy dominoes game, Itouch and speaker, a paper towel holder for a friend residing in Cancun, you name it.  And I was going to pack light.  Lol.  I had pretty much finished my packing mid-afternoon when Mitch, Donna and Ginny dropped in to say "Bon Voyage" (and to drop off the paper towel holder that they picked up for me on their way through town - thank you again) so we had a quick beverage.  After they left I finished up some last minute office work and gave myself a pedicure.  I was in bed early but guess I had a case of the excitement jitters because I didn't sleep all that much and woke up at 5:15 although my alarm was set for 6:00.  I am so looking forward to some down time with zero responsibilities. Unfortunately, as I fly on to bluer skies, Dan's paternal grandmother's funeral is being held tomorrow.  Bertha Thorpe led a full life, helped those less fortunate and was still baking pies in her 90's.  She passed away at the tender age of 99, God bless her soul.  This will be my last blog update until I return from Mexico.  Stay safe and well.

October 30, 2016 - 7:14 a.m.

I hope all you trick or treaters out there had a great time last night.  I was in bed by 10:00 or so.  No Hallowe'ening for me.  Not that I don't like a good costume party, just nothing going on in the neighbourhood.  I spent the day doing chores instead.  Got the scrubs/trees all wrapped in burlap just before some nasty weather came through.  We could see the wind coming across the lake bringing some drizzle with it.  The full gusting didn't hit until closer to dark but the mid-afternoon wasn't all that pleasant either.  Dan worked outside most of the day and I managed to get everything finished that was on my list.  All I need to do today is pack.  I'm pretty organized so just need to get everything I need my suitcase the way I want it.  I always have these horror thoughts of my case opening on the carousel and spewing my personables everywhere.  Lol.  I'm definitely getting excited as are the rest of the ladies.  Dan will be well looked after as I stocked the freezer with meals and he may have a couple of friends up while I'm gone.  I think he enjoys my trip nearly as much as I do.  Togetherness 24/7 needs a break sometimes ;)

October 29, 2016 - 8:52 a.m.

Geez, got up at 6:30 and got busy, completely forgetting to update my blog.  Did all my last minute running yesterday and then petered out for the rest of the day as I was only running on about 3 hours sleep, if that.  I was in bed and sleep by about 9:30 last night and slept a good 9 hours.  Already have a couple of loads of laundry done and am cleaning the house today  I also have to wrap my shrubs which still hasn't been done due to the weather, namely wind.  Dan cleaned out the eavestroughs yesterday and did another round of leaf blowing and mulching.  Except for a few trees which are hanging on to their leaves, he's pretty much done for another year.  Tell me again why I planted so many trees on the property over the course of the last 17 years?  Lol.  It didn't get as warm as forecasted overnight only reaching a high of 6 but the temperatures are continuing to rise and it's currently 10 Celsius here.  Going to rain on and off all day as well so I'll have to keep my eye on the radar to get my outside work done.

October 28, 2016 - 7:05 a.m.

Yes, we received snowfall yesterday, even had a little accumulation.  It should all be gone but noon as it is going to +6 with sun today and +12 by tomorrow morning.  Nice to see the white stuff as it brightens things up a bit.  The deer herd came up twice yesterday so we'll be going a lot of corn over the course of the next two months.  I couldn't believe there was actually a chipmunk out and about during the snow yesterday.  Apparently they haven't all hibernated yet.  I am going through a ton of birdseed right now, mostly chick-a-dees but there are still a few blackbirds around.  The blackbirds and grackels are all normally gone by now as well.  I have one more appointment in town today and then all my running is done until after vacation. It seems like yesterday we were swimming in Lake Nipissing and alreadyNovember is here.  I swear the time speed starts up the older I get.

October 27, 2016 - 7:40 a.m.

It was somewhat of a nice day yesterday.  The sun even came out for a while and the wind died down to a more comfortable breeze.  It was calm in North Bay at any rate.  Lake Nipissing isn't white capping anymore but they are calling for snow today.  Flurries for sure and may even get an inch of the white stuff but there is a warm front coming through in a few days.  We've usually had snow by now so are definitely behind the norm although what is normal these days?  Not sure what I'm doing today.  I have some cleaning to do and then think I might start getting my packing organized.  Riviera Maya can't come soon enough.  We are also going to Isla Mujeres this year which I am really looking forward to as I've never been.  Poor Dan is still under the weather so I finally made him a doctor's appointment for next week.  What is it with men when they are sick?  Rather be a martyr and suffer instead of going to the doctor.  Last time Dan was sick like this he suffered for weeks until I finally got him to the doctor who then gave him antibiotics and he was better in 2 days.  Silly rabbit.

October 26, 2016 - 7:14 a.m.

Yes, it was still windy yesterday but did settle down somewhat later on in the day.  A little calmer this morning but it isn't going to last.  It's -4 in North Bay and calling for flurries this morning.  I'm heading to town right shortly for an appointment and some errands.  Dan took yesterday off as he was feeling a little under the weather.  The bug he has is hanging on and the stubborn man won't go to the doctor.  There are several viruses going around but this one just won't let go.  I cleaned out the fridge and freezers and did some laundry.  Made a batch of chilli for supper and put some in the freezer.  Dan now has several meals frozen for while I'm away.  Phone has been busy with ice fishing inquiries so I'd love to see the ice come on early.  Fingers crossed we don't have a repeat of last year!  Having to deal with a pressure crack every year is one thing.  Having it hazardous to one's well being is another.

October 25, 2016 - 8:45 a.m.

Well now, this wind is just plain ridiculous.  It's been blowing for days and according to the forecast, isn't slowing down anytime soon.  It was just nasty by the lake yesterday and very unpleasant. Wasn't so bad when I went to my class last night but then we weren't near the water.  I certainly won't be working outside until the wind goes away.  The cold north wind is keeping temps just around zero, a little higher during the day time but that wind just crusts right through you.  Think I'm going to clean my fridge and freezer out today as that needs to get done before my trip.  I've already prepared some meals for Dan that I've frozen.  Yes, he's a suck.  The forecast for Mexico next week is looking iffy but we booked a little earlier this year so it is still technically hurricane season there.  A little shower or thunderstorm isn't bad as long as it's short lived.  Unlike here where the weather doesn't change for days at a time.

October 24, 2016 - 8:42 a.m.

When the gales of November come early.....my Lord, this wind just hasn't let up and doesn't look like it's going to anytime soon.  Just too blustery for me out there today.  It settled down a bit overnight but started up again and now it is just howling outside.  I'm guessing the gusts are reaching a solid 80 km/hr.  Kind of thinking our beautiful autumn weather is definitely a thing of the past.  Coats and mittens from here on out.  Landscape has changed dramatically over the past few days and most of the colour has changed to dull :(  Today I'm working in the office on the Road Committee statements so that can be completed, mailed out and off my plate for another year.  Too funny last night.  Dan yells at me to come look out the window and "hurry".  I'm in a panic thinking something is horribly wrong due to the panic in his voice.  He's yelling "It's a UFO".  I have to admit, for a few minutes it was but I grabbed the binoculars, handed them to Dan and then I ran outside.  It turned out to be a plane as I could clearly hear it once it flew overhead but it was unlike any plane I had ever seen and the lights were all wrong for a plane.  They were just all solid white, no blinking and extremely bright.  Kind of thinking it could have been military.  Scared us both at any rate and trust me, we've seen UFO's three times up here, all in the dead of winter.  Twilight zone.  Lol.

October 23, 2016 - 7:41 a.m.

I don't know about anybody else but I think this wind can go away anytime.  It's been blowing hard since what seems like forever and very brisk.  It went below zero last night and I'm marking 3 degrees here.  We had a few minutes of flurries yesterday morning and calling for flurries overnight.  And so it begins.  We've been spoiled up until now.  I had a great time yesterday and Ginny was a fantastic hostess, as usual, for our girls night.  Food and company awesome.  I was home by about 9:30 last night and think everyone else wasn't too far behind me.  Not sure what's on the agenda today.  It's really too windy for outdoor activities so Dan and I will likely putter around the house.  Would be a good day for Dan to have a lie in since he's been going pretty steady all week.  None of the deer came up last night which isn't surprising considering they don't like the wind.  I'm sure a lot of creatures will be hunkered down today.

October 22, 2016 - 8:01 a.m.

Oh she's a cold one this morning.  Showing 3 degrees here with a very chilly north wind.  I wouldn't be surprised if we see some water spouts today.  Apparently the warmer weather is now a thing of the past.  I got busy with things and forgot to update my blog yesterday so my apologies.  Didn't do anything outside as it was too miserable for me.  Dan was out and about and caught himself a chill so went into town later in the afternoon to get some replacement mulcher blades for his lawnmower.  Doesn't take long to dull them when dealing with this many leaves.  I cleaned the house, made my dish for ladies night at Ginny's today and then started organizing my packing for Mexico.  A little over a week and I'll be sitting by the ocean soaking up the sun. 

October 20, 2016 - 6:48 a.m.

Well yesterday was a bit of pain which sorely tested my patience.  We had upmteen phone calls from friends, family and customers all concerned about our welfare, so thank you very much for that.  Unfortunately, hackers tend to prey on people so the calls and emails were non stop.  I had an appointment in town I had to keep combined with several errands so by the time I got home at 4:00, still had the hacker's mess to contend with.  Karl, who is my computer guru go to guy stayed on the phone with me until we got everything sorted out.  He deserves a major pat on the back.  There was no sense even attempting to call Yahoo as they had their hands full with 500 million other customers.  Dan mention to me yesterday that Yahoo's stock went down.  Lol.  At any rate, we're pretty sure the hackers weren't able to get any of our banking information but did get my email contacts so we apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced.  The lesson wasn't totally futile as I now know a little more about the world of email.  Today is another day and I am spending the bulk of it outdoors as the cold weather is coming our way overnight tonight.  It hit a high of 16 and was sunny all day yesterday.  Won't be quite as warm today but nice enough to finish burlapping my shrubs and do a few other things to ready the property for winter.  I'm also going to cook a few things so Dan is looked after while I'm in Mexico.  God knows...I need a vacation.  So does Dan but I suppose just me being absent is vacation enough ;)

October 19, 2016 - 7:21 a.m.

UPDATE:  Please note we were one of the 500 million yahoo customers to be hacked.  If you receive an email from Greening Bay asking for money, please disregard.  Hackers unfortunately are a whole other breed of low life's.

Brrr, a tad chilly this morning.  Only 3 degrees in the Bay but still around 5 here.  We had the strangest weather day yesterday, was almost eery.  Dan and I worked outside most of the day as the temperatures hit 21 degrees here.  I finished all my outdoor work and even got my two new fruit trees wrapped up for the winter.  Was going to start on my shrubs but ran out of burlap and then rain started.  Was the strangest thing because the warm southerly wind started to shift direction and Dan was having a difficult time leaf blowing because the wind just kept whirling around every which way.  We actually thought we might get some water spouts and saw one trying to materialize but it never did.  Instead, we had a couple of good cells rush across the lake; the last little one dropped the temp and you could feel the change from warm air to brisk in about 20 minutes.  It's suppose to be sunny with a high of 16 today but the cold front is arriving tomorrow and temps are going to get below zero for several days.  At least they changed the forecast from rain to sun.  The coyotes were active last night and I had a small herd of deer up on the bedrock for a good portion of the evening.  Obviously seeking protection.  Our stray cat didn't venture far either.  I wish the pack would move on to another neighbourhood as I hate their howling and with the moon glaring last night, they were very loud.  I'm heading to town today for an appointment and errands so will be gone most of the day.  Hopefully I can enjoy a little sun and a dose of vitamin D later this afternoon.  Dan, will as usual, be leaf blowing.  The wind yesterday did help clear quite a few trees but there are still lots of leaves yet to fall.

October 18, 2016 - 7:17 a.m.

Had an all around pretty good day yesterday.  Dan and I were both working outside for most of it.  I was able to pull most of my flowers and put away the last of the seasonal stuff such as beach/cottages chairs, ornamental hangings and pots but before I was able to finish, around 2:00 a thunderstorm accompanied by rain, rolled through.  It had been quite chilly and I was wearing a hoodie, a coat and mits.  Dan had the leaf blower out (sigh) and had the whole front of the property cleaned up until the storm hit.  It was so windy, by the time the storm was done, there were more leaves on the ground then before Dan started.  He went out later and cleaned up the new leaves.  We have so many on the property it takes a good 3 weeks to clean everything up.  I headed to my Spanish class with Ginny and Craig at 6:00, got home at 9:30 and since it was raining, turned the heat on in the house just to take the dampness out.  Turned it down before going to bed and woke up to a pleasant 18 degrees.  It's very windy this morning with regular gusts of at least 50 km but the wind is so warm it feels lovely.  Sun is just starting to come up so looks to me like it's going to be overcast for a while.  Going to get out there and finish my work as the warm weather is only sticking around until later tomorrow.

October 17, 2016 - 7:36 a.m.

NOTE:  whoever sent us an email yesterday inquiring about our people mover, could you please resend as it was accidentally deleted

It turned out to be a lovely day yesterday.  Was cloudy with light brief showers in the morning but the sun came out later on.  The temperatures  stayed warm but we were expecting a wind storm later in the evening.  Thankfully it never really materialized.  The wind did pick up after the sun went down but nothing drastic.  They are forecasting an abnormal temperature this evening as it's actually going to get warmer through the night but there is some cold weather coming our way by the weekend.  Going below zero.  I made some kick butt navy bean and ham soup yesterday, did some clean up in and outside and that was about it.  I'm working outside today.  Not sure about Dan.  He hasn't been feeling well for a couple of weeks.  Has an awful cough and congested lungs.  When my friend Lyn came for a visit in September, she ended up with pneumonia and think she left a little gift for us, meaning a nice little virus.  I've had it on and off but not to the extent Dan has.  I'm calling the doctor for him this morning as he likely needs an antiobiotic.  Rest would do him well also.  The deer are definitely in the rut now.  Red has been babysitting for a few days now and she and a fawn are the only deer we've seen lately.  Hope they all survive the hunt.

October 16, 2016 - 7:45 a.m.

The sun shone for the morning but clouds moved in mid day yesterday.  Was a pretty decent day though with temperatures staying quite unseasonal at nearly 20 degrees.  I cleaned the house and made a ham and scalloped potatoes (with fixings) dinner while Dan worked outside for most of the day.  We invited Ginny, Craig, Donna and Mitch over later on to join us for supper and Dan started an amazing fire as he had old wood he wanted to get rid of.   That fire blazed for hours and I finally had to come into bed around 10:30.  Dan stayed out for a bit longer until most of the wood was gone but it was still going pretty strongly at 1:00 this morning.  We had a little rain overnight so it's out now and the sky is looking pretty gloomy this morning.  Calling for  thunderstorms later this afternoon which won't surprise me as it's already 16 degrees and going down to 2 overnight.  Meaning, gusty winds bringing in a cold front.  Still, it's going to be pretty mild all week.  This weather is just crazy.  We usually have snow by now.

October 15, 2016 - 8:23 a.m.

Yesterday was an okay day.  Dan and I puttered around doing odds and ends.  Don't what we even accomplished but we kept moving.  The Barnier's aren't coming this weekend due to unforeseen circumstances but there will be another time.  I'm going to cook a ham I had anyhow and make a nice dinner.  I've got a few things I'd like to get done on the house this morning and possibly get a few things done outside.  Hopefully the sun will shine at some point but they are calling for showers to start later on and then for the next few days.  Something has the deer in the neighbourhood on the run as they haven't been coming up like they usually do.  Last night Red showed up with the fawn who had the pus sack (but it has now dissolved and the wee mite is doing much better) and its mother was nowhere in sight.  I am planning to walk our woods this afternoon, weather permitting, and see what the heck.  Hopefully I can see where the deer have been bedding down.

October 14, 2016 - 8:34 a.m.

I'm glad to see the wind finally die down.  Lake Nipissing is much calmer today considering it blew all day yesterday and part of the evening.  There were dust devils everywhere around the beach yesterday and even saw a few leaf tornados, for lack of a better term.  I guess it wouldn't be autumn without the wind.  I cleaned yesterday while Dan does what he does before he zipped into town to return the air compressor to Andy.  Only one cottage left to winterized which Dan can do with our compressor once he finishes some maintenance he wants to do.  I'm heading to town briefly this morning.  Looking at the long term forecast for our area, Environment Canada is showing a very gloomy picture for the next week with no sun at all.  I certainly hope that isn't the case but it is currently overcast here and only 6 degrees.  Was hoping all the wind from yesterday would have blown these clouds away.  Maybe once the sun has been up for awhile, some will burn off.  Fingers crossed.  Still haven't heard if Dan's family is flying up for a visit but am sure we'll know shortly.  It's  not so much the coming as the going.  Weather needs to cooperate in both directions :)

October 13, 2016 - 8:18 a.m.

Summer yesterday.  Winter today.  Mother Nature, please make up your mind.  Was 22, sunny and gorgeous yesterday and then the wind started around supper.  Started out as a southerly wind and felt great but overnight, it changed direction and rained.  Woke up this morning to white caps on the lake and a high of +2.  Little nippy so the heat is back on and the house will remain closed today.  I didn't get the cottage cleaned yesterday as I knew it would be a perfect day today to tackle that job so I'm heading out shortly to do just that.  I did do some house cleaning and a little outdoor work yesterday.  Dan winterized a couple of cottages yesterday so only has one left before he's completely finished for the season.  He's been keeping up with the leaves pretty good and doing a little every day.  Too difficult to clean up if he lets them build up.  I'm sure this wind cleaned off a lot of trees.  I think I was pretty accurate when I said they'll go from green to dead this year.  Our one huge maple that always goes a vibrant red is just slowly turning brown so pretty good indication.  Even the shoreline is pretty boring this year with mostly yellows.  It is what it is.  Calls are starting to pick up for ice fishing so if you're planning on booking a trip, pitter patter, best get at'er ;)

October 12, 2016 - 7:28 a.m.

Yesterday was an okay day.  Would have been much nicer if the sun had deemed to shine as the temperatures were pretty mild.  Reached a high of 17 and suppose to go to 19 today but be overcast with showers later.  Back to the cooler weather tomorrow.  The weather patterns have been up and down for years now so best get use to it.   No complaints as we've not had snow yet.  I finished my books yesterday while Dan winterized the trailer park.  Another season done.  Today I'm cleaning a cottage and will go from there.  Still lots to do to shut things completely down for the winter but I'm not busting a gut.  It'll all get done before the end of the month.  I'm still seeing chipmunks out and about so know we have some time left yet.

October 11, 2016 - 7:58 a.m.

Although it was a little chilly yesterday, it was a gorgeous sunny day.  Temperatures reached around 10.  I was going to work in the office but decided to take the day doing something good for the soul.  I picked Donna up and then we met Ginny, Craig, Richard, Mary, Liz and Annie for breakfast in North Bay.  Afterwards  we all hiked (with the exception of Annie, who has a bad knee) the Duchesnay Falls trail.  Was very enjoyable and I couldn't believe the amount of people out and about.  I would really like to start doing more hiking as I love it and there are so many trails around the area.  Sundays would be perfect, weather permitting.  At least until ice fishing begins, when I have no time for anything.  Going to finally finish my books this morning and then pull my flowers.  I also need to do one more public bathroom clean as Dan is going to be winterizing today.  It's definitely time as the nights have been incredibly chilly, even going below zero some nights.  Dan went to town yesterday to borrow Andy's compressor as it is more powerful than ours so does the job in half the time.  Going to be noisy outside today once he starts.

October 10, 2016 - 7:36 a.m.

Wow, sure feeling like winter here this morning.  Went down to -5 in the Bay overnight and we received our first really heavy frost of the season overnight.  Guess that truly is it for the flowers, however, the sun is coming up and it's suppose to be sunny all day with a high of 13, 17 tomorrow.  We had a great day yesterday.  I worked in the office for about 5 hours and then made devilled eggs for our dinner last night.  Ginny and Craig did a great hosting job for the 12 of us and everyone's contribution was gobbled up.  Came home and started watching the presidential debate but had to turn it off after 15 agonizing minutes.  I'll be so glad when the U.S. election is over.  Just getting too painful to watch anymore.  My game plan today is to complete my books as I still have a couple of more hours work to do.  That'll be a biggie off my plate and I can concentrate on other things this week.  I suspect the leaves are going to really start falling after this frost.  While sitting around the fire yesterday afternoon we were discussing the leaves.  The colour is behind but I think they are just going to go from green to dead this year.  Don't have my Spanish class tonight due to the holiday but should probably do some practicing anyhow.  Maybe I can practice with Dan lol.

October 9, 2016 - 5:32 a.m.

Dan and I would like to wish everyone a healthy and happy Thanksgiving.  I know we are truly blessed with plenty to be thankful for.  Now if we could get the weather to cooperate.  It was rather chilly and windy yesterday only reaching a high of 12 but calmed down later in the day.  Winds picked up again through the evening hours and dropped the temps to +2 in North Bay.  We are registering 5 but that is because the lake breeze is warmer than the air.  I worked in the office yesterday which is where I'm heading shortly.  Would like to get a little more finished on my books before we venture over to Ginny and Craig's for a neighbourhood Thanksgiving dinner.  My contribution is a fruit tray and devilled eggs.  Looking forward to it.  Dan will likely continue his battle with the leaf blower although I may need to reign him in as no one wants to listen to that if their families are visiting.  Calling for possibility of flurries this morning but hoping things will calm down and we have a nice day.  Still, it's only suppose to reach a high of 9.  Reminds me of my sister's wedding here many years ago when she actually thought we would be fishing and enjoying the outdoors.  Silly girl.

October 8, 2016 - 7:14 a.m.

I knew I should have put all my flowers to bed yesterday.  Was absolutely gorgeous yesterday and reached a high of 25 with plenty of sunshine.  Today we are getting Western Canada's weather.  The wind started around 5:00 this morning and dropped the temperature to 8 degrees.  It's very windy today and Lake Nipissing is getting quite the stir up.  Going to be cold for the next few days and even some flurries in the forecast for tomorrow but I'm guessing rain.  Not going to be the best long weekend we've ever had.  As soon as we have another nice day, I'll pull my flowers and store the pots.  Just couldn't bring myself to do it yesterday while the weather was so beautiful.  Today I'll likely be in the office working on my books.  Might just as well work on them when the weather is less than stellar.  Our family decided not to take a chance by flying up for the weekend and can't say as I blame them as it wouldn't be very conducive to outdoor visiting and downright gloomy but they are shooting for next weekend so hopefully the sun will deem to shine.

October 7, 2016 - 8:44 a.m.

It looks like our wonderful weather is sadly coming to an end.  Was absolutely summerish yesterday with temps in the 20's and nice warm sunshine.  It is registering 17 here currently but the north shore is very dark.  Calling for rain today and tomorrow with wind starting later today.  Temperatures are dropping to 9 tonight and it won't get much warmer tomorrow as the cold front is coming in.  Going to be cold, nearly hitting zero this weekend.  I worked in the office yesterday and was going to today as well but Dan needs a few things from town so I'm going as I also have a few errands to run.  I'd rather be running around while it is still fairly nice.  Hopefully the rain will hold off until much later in the day.  Dan's family were going to fly up this weekend but it isn't looking good for them.  Still not sure what is coming our way due to the remnants of hurricane Matthew but I'm sure we'll get something.

October 6, 2016 - 8:03 a.m.

What a gorgeous day yesterday.  The sun burned off all the cloud cover and was beaming on us for most of the day.  It reached a high of 22 and only down to 15 overnight.  Going to be another beautiful sunny day judging by the sunrise.  I worked in the office yesterday but ended up extremely frustrated as my computer was ticking me off.  I generally only use my iPad but do need the computer for certain tasks and I am not a big fan of the new operating system update.  Technology is a wonderful thing when it's working properly :)  Dan and I took the trailer park hydro reads yesterday so I'm doing the invoicing this morning and then hoping to spend some time outdoors this afternoon.  Sadly, I think it's  time to discard all my flowers and put the pots in storage for the year.  I've been caught having to do it with snow on the ground in the past so today may be the day.  I'm happy to report that the little fawn with the big pus sac is doing much better.  It was huge and impeding its ability to move properly but has now shrunken in size.  Don't know if it burst or has been absorbed but the sweet little thing looks much more comfortable. I still don't think we are going to get much leaf colour this year.  At least not nearly as vibrant as past years.  Judging by the trees on our property at any rate.

October 5, 2016 - 7:48 a.m.

Well honestly.  I don't know where all the sun is the forecast gods have been saying we have.  Was suppose to be sunny yesterday, was suppose to be sunny today.  It's not.  Overcast again this morning but still hoping it'll make an appearance this afternoon.  I did office work yesterday, as I am today but would really like to enjoy some outdoors later on.  Calling for a high of 22 over the next few days which is unseasonably warm but we'll take it!!  The chipmunks and squirrels are still busy collecting food and usually the chipmunks have all hibernated by now.  We had a chicken hawk hanging around the bird feeders yesterday.  Been picking off the chickadees so I ran it off but am sure it'll be back.  I hate predator birds who take prey at feeders.  Just doesn't seem right somehow.  Dan has been leaf blowing as some trees are dropping their leaves rather quickly.  Others haven't even started to change colours.  A couple of trees were cut down yesterday as well so that was a mess Dan had to clean up.  Sadly trees die and become a hazard but have to say, I've planted no less than 100 trees on this property over the years.  Still a few more to come down but due to their location waiting until we have snow so nothing gets damaged when they fall.

October 4, 2016 - 8:21 a.m.

With all the rain we've received recently, it is rather a damp morning.  Could feel the cold seeping in last night so had to turn the heat back on even though it hit a high of 17 yesterday.  Was beautiful in the sun though.  Chilly this morning as it went down to 8 overnight and the sun rise was quite nice but now the cloud cover has rolled back in.  The leaves are starting to change colour now but seeing more yellow than anything else.  According to Ginny and Craig, who were in the Toronto area this past weekend, we are actually further behind in our autumn colour.  That has to be a first.  The lake temperature has just reached 15 degrees so that could have something to do with it.  Spanish class was good last night and as our teacher is originally from Cuba, I asked his wife, who is Canadian, if their property and family were going to be okay due to hurricane Matthew.  Apparently the track is not going to be too near their residence but with the high winds, I'm willing to bet they will have at least minor damage.  Feel so badly for Haiti.  Those poor people have had so much to contend with in recent years.  Still can't believe Florida called for a state of emergency two days ago.  Jumping the gun just a tad but I guess it never hurts to be prepared.  Prayers with everyone who will be affected.

October 3, 2016 - 8:48 a.m.

I think we received some remnants of the southern Ontario rain yesterday.  It pretty much rained ALL day.  Finally let up just around dusk last night and the sun briefly peaked it's head out before setting completely but clouds must have moved back in afterwards as it was pitch black out.  We definitely have a predator or predators in the neighbourhood as six deer were bedded right down on our bedrock where they obviously feel a little safer.  Our friend Eadie told me she briefly saw a very large black animal but didn't think it was a bear as she saw a tail so I'm thinking a lone wolf maybe.  Whatever it is, it has the deer on the run and I had 8 of them up around 6:00 last night, including a couple of bucks.  Just so you are aware, there is NO hunting on our property so don't even think about it.  We have a rough idea who it was that took out 3 deer from the road on our property a few years ago (leaving one to die because you cowards were afraid of being caught) but now that we have the trail cameras up, you'll be caught if you do it again.  The deer have been dwindling in our neighbourhood so we're doing what we can to protect them and pretty much everyone is on the lookout.  Private property is private for a reason.

October 2, 2016 - 8:40 a.m.

We said goodbye to quite a few people for the year yesterday.  Still a few people in the park yet to winterized but it'll all be done today and then Dan will do the property some time next week.  Was a nice day considering it was suppose to rain but we did end up with showers overnight.  Paula and Alf came for one last dinner and we were all in a lazy mood and in bed early.  I think my body is going into hibernation mode as I was in bed shortly after 10:00 and slept in until 8:15.  Better start taking some vitamin D.  Today I'm cleaning up the kitchen mess as I wasn't in the mood last night and then I'm doing laundry and organizing my business receipts so I can start my 3rd quarter books tomorrow.  I also need to do my Spanish homework so I can follow along in class tomorrow.  Dan is helping Alf winterized his trailer today so hope it doesn't rain on them.  Calling for only a high of 14 today, it's foggy, gray and overcast so a good day for mundane tasks.

October 1, 2016 - 8:43 a.m.

What a fabulous evening we had yesterday!  Had our "Thanksgiving" dinner with Paula and Alf, Trish and Larry which was a joint effort consisting of drunken chicken with potatoes, gravy,, stuffing, green  beans, cauliflower and beer bread.  After the meal, Dan got a ROARING fire going.  It certainl