What's New

April 27, 2015 - 6:57 a.m.

Dan and I had a good day of work on Saturday.  After 7 hours straight, Dan finally finished the varnishing in the cottage.  I started cleaning the house around 7 in the morning and then raked where I could around the cottages until 3:00.  Ground is still pretty wet in alot of places.  As I was burning as I was raking, we ended up having a camp fire with some friends and neighbours.  Wasn't a late night but Dan and I took the day off yesterday just to relax.  We are starting to get those annoying calls again when the phone just rings twice then stops or it'll continue to ring but no one is there.  We just wanted to relax and watch a couple of movies so I finally took the phone off the hook.  Bell Canada says there is nothing they can do as the caller(s) showing as "private number".  Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if it's Bell themselves trying to run our bill up.  So annoying, especially when I was all comfy under the blankets with one of my cats.  Lol.  Today I'm starting the cottage spring cleaning and I believe Dan and Mitch are putting thr new cottage kitchen together.  Good day for it as it's overcast with possible showers or wet snow and only around +2.

April 25, 2015 - 6:39 a.m.

OMG!!!  I counted 17 deer up on the bedrock this morning and those are only the ones I could see.  There were probably a few more hiding down in the evergreens.  The herd seems to be getting bigger every day.  Dan was talking to a neighbour yesterday who just recently bought a hobby farm down the road.  He is raising lambs and a few babies were just born.  Apparently it attracted coyotes and he had to shoot one of them as it was obviously after the babies and wouldn't spook off.  I guess one of his horses also beat one of them up pretty badly.  It's not easy to just shoot an animal.  You have to contact the MNR, etc.  Usually if you shoot one coyote, the pack will leave the area but the way the deer are gathering and staying close together, I'd say the coyotes are still around.  Been an awful lot of cats gone missing in the neighbourhood and it was being blamed on a pair of fishers who have been spotted (I've seen them myself) but maybe that's not the case.  Nature in all her glory.  Yuck.  Dan spent yesterday varnishing the cottage.  Not sure how much I accomplished but I was going all day and didn't stop until around 6:00.  Was overcast all day and never did get very warm.  Temps only reached a high of 5 and down to -4 overnight.  At least it's going to be sunny today and suppose to hit around 10.  Not sure what is on our agenda today but hoping to get together with friends a little later on.

April 24, 2015 - 7:15 a.m.

Temperature only reached a high of +2 yesterday but at least we didn't get much more snow than what we woke up to.  Currently -3 with a few very light flurries.  Cold front going to stick around a few more days but the sun is due to come out tomorrow.  Isn't there a song about that?  Lol.  The town run yesterday ended up being all about Dan.  Lol.  He was pleased.  We hit pretty much all the lumber stores and priced some flooring for just the kitchen area of the cottage.  Still haven't decided what, if anything, we are going to do.  Dan's starting to run out of steam, which I'm surprised lasted this long.  Our docks didn't survive the winter very well so Dan is going to need to spend some time on that project and time is a factor.  We can always do the flooring once we get open for the season, things have slowed down, and time isn't such a factor.  We also went to Canadian Tire and scooped a couple of flat screen smart tv's so now all the cottages are up-to-date.  Anyone want a used tube tv?  Have actually 3 to get rid of.  Yours for the taking...

April 23, 2015 - 7:38 a.m.

Frig me.  Woke up to snow this morning.  Just enough to cover everything in white, but still.  Cabin fever has officially set in.  Lol.  Temps right around zero this morning and suppose to dip to -6 overnight.  Dan finished the wood yesterday while I finished the books.  We are both going to town today.  I need to do my usual run but we also need to pick up our new kitchen cupboards and some paint.  Dan start the varnishing process in the cottage yesterday but it's tedious and time consuming so I'll likely give him a hand tomorrow.  The deer were bedded down in the trees by the bedrock waiting for me this morning.  As soon as I went out to feed them, a few came trotting down the road just like little puppy dogs.  Can you say tame?

April 22, 2015 - 7:43 a.m.

The weather was rather poopy yesterday.  It did get to a high of 10 but we had rain on/off all day and overnight.  At least we didn't get any snow although it's still in the forecast.  Dan and Mitch finished the cottage ceiling and all the trim then Dan finished the trim for the fireplace after supper last night.  He's finishing the "cabinet" this morning and then everything needs varnishing.  The pine we bought for this project is just beautiful and very smooth so he should be able to roll it on.  I worked in the office all day and then made some awesome ribs for supper.  I have a little more to do so will be in the office this morning.  Plan to clean out my fridge and freezer after that.  Need to get rid of some buried stuff that's been there through the winter.  Yuck!!  I don't throw anything out as there are enough critters around, it won't go to waste.  Huge town run tomorrow so hopefully by Friday the weather will have inproved and I can get busy outside again.

April 21, 2015 - 7:44 a.m.

Neither Dan nor I slept well last night as we both woke up with achy joints.  Don't think we are coming down with anything but old age.  Lol.  It's very damp right now as we received a good rain through the day and night yesterday.  We actually watched the storm approach over the lake and although it could have gotten pretty nasty, it wasn't warm enough to fuel the cell.  Had a couple of tailers in the clouds which usually signifies windy conditions approaching but it missed us.  Just.  The deer have been coming up every morning and night now.  Once things warm up and green up, they won't need me for a food source so may just as well enjoy it while we can.  A cat showed up on my bedroom window flower box last night.  Was driving Grady nuts.  I think he was up all night communicating with it.  Dan and Mitch are getting back at it today.  They worked on the ceiling for about 5 hours yesterday before their bodies started screaming for a break.  I was in the office all day as I will be again today.  The weather is going to be less than desirable all week.  Calling for snow and/or flurries for the next 3 days as well as below zero night time temps.  Pretty safe bet everyone in this area has had enough of old man winter.  Time for him to take a long vacation.  Lol.

April 20, 2015 - 7:37 a.m.

We had another beautiful day yesterday though still a tad chilly.  It reached a high of close to 14 but the wind was brisk.  Rain started sometime overnight and looks like it'll continue for a bit.  Not a heavy rain but hopefully enough to get rid of the last of the winter snow.  Greening Bay has opened up but still half full of ice.  Need more rain and some milder temperatures to let nature do her work.  Dan and Mitch are hoping to get the ceiling in the cottage started today but it is going to take a few days due to the tediousness and positions required to do the job.  I imagine they will both be sore tomorrow after reaching over their heads all day.  The new kitchen is due to arrive today but the boys won't be ready for it until a little later in the week.  Me?  Office work for the next few days.  Sigh.

April 19, 2015 - 7:22 a.m.

It was bright and sunny yesterday but a tad chilly as we had a northern wind come through.  Dan zipped into town for supplies and had a quick lunch at the tavern then came home and put the finishing touches on the cottage's new deck.  I did some more outdoor work until I caught a chill.  The temperature only got to a high of 8 and it went down to -3.  Sunny again today so working outside again today once it warms up.  Suppose to rain for a good part of next week but we need it to raise the water levels in Lake Nipissing.  The Mergansers are back but I've yet to see the Trumpeter swans or the Osprey.  

April 18, 2015 - 7:15 a.m.

It was such a beautiful day yesterday we both ended up working outside.  Reached a high of 17 so Dan and Mitch started and completed the new deck on cottage 3 while I raked.  Was great.  All the critters were out and about so instead of music, we listened to the sounds of nature.  This morning we had a few spits of rain but that was about it.  Sun isn't fully up yet but it looks like once the clouds move out, we are going to have another nice day.  I'm heading back to the office until it warms up and then I'd like to tackle some more raking.  Property sure takes a beating during the winter months.  It is going to turn cooler again after this evening so want to get as much done outdoors as I can.

April 17, 2015 - 7:49 a.m.

Thirteen deer again this morning.  They'll likely stick around for a few weeks before heading elsewhere.  We generally have a handful stick around indefinitely but they do thin out once the food source is back.  We didn't get any rain as forecasted overnight but there is plenty of it in the long term.  Low percentage so I'm thinking maybe a few sprinkles until Monday.  I'm itching to start the property clean up but only when the sun is shining.  There is plenty of indoor work to keep me busy.  Dan and Mitch are making great progress with the cottage renovations.  All the pine is up on the walls so just the ceiling and trim left.  Both want a change of pace so they are building the new deck for the cottage today.  It's overcast so won't be too warm.  I'll be in the office for the day unless the sun comes out, which I hope it does.  I bit the bullet and bought some pansies yesterday to add some colour at our house.  So nice to see some flowers again.  Temps were in the high teens yesterday and down to 7 overnight.  Most of the snow is gone around the buildings were the sun can get at it but still lots around.

April 16, 2015 - 8:08 a.m.

Had a great day yesterday.  The sun was shining but it was a tad cooler than it's been and only hit 7 degrees.  Still melting snow though so that's a good thing.  Calling for rain tonight which we can certainly use.  Paula and Alf are leaving sometime today but not until I get back from town.  Have a few errands.  There were 13 deer up on the bedrock this morning so best be getting some more corn today.  Fifteen years we've been here and last night we finally found a decent restaurant.  Well, Larry and Trish found it and the 4 of us joined them for supper.  It's called "Michael's On Main".  I ordered chicken and ribs and brought home 3/4 of it.  Dan had the fish, said it was the best he ever had.  The portions are huge.  It's in Sunridge so a bit of a drive but so worth it.

April 14, 2015 - 8:00 a.m.

What a nice day yesterday...until it started raining.  Sun was out until early afternoon and it hit a high of 17.  Showers were on and off during evening hours but the sun is out this morning.  Down to 2 overnight and suppose to hit 11 today.  All 7 of the local deer came back and are extremely hungry.  Fed them twice yesterday and they were all back first thing this morning.  Looks like I'll be picking up some more corn today.  Paula and Alf made it up safely yesterday afternoon.  We caught up, I made a nice dinner and all in bed fairly early.  Must be getting old.  Dan and Mitch picked up the lumber yesterday and after loading and unloading by hand, pretty much called it a day.  Dan gave Mitch the day off as it was suppose to be raining today and doesn't want any sawing inside.  Wouldn't be surprised if Dan doesn't get started today anyhow now that it's beautiful out.  Paula and I are heading to town.  Want to see if I can find some flooring somewhere on sale for the cottage kitchen.  Have a few more errands as well. 

April 13, 2015 - 8:03 a.m.

What a glorious day yesterday.  Went to a high of +13 and was it beautiful.  Five deer came up for feeding around supper time so they are back.  Lots sighted the past few weeks so slowly moving back into the region.  The robins, red polls and finches are also back.  Was going to start on the books today but Alf called last night.  I've had so much on my mind lately I completely forgot he and Paula are coming up today.  I've lots of time to get my office stuff done so think I'm going to do a little more raking this morning.  Although the sun is currently shining, we are getting some rain/freezing rain/snow this afternoon through tomorrow morning.  May as well get outside and get some exercise while I'm able.  Dan and Mitch are heading to South River right shortly to pick up the pine for the cottage.  Likely take two trips and need to get it into the cottage before the rain comes.

April 12, 2015 - 10:13 a.m.

Yesterday turned out to be a nice day.  Was overcast in the morning and then the sun came out although the wind was cool.  I puttered around the house doing some laundry,  cleaning an organizing until about 2:30 and then Dan and I headed over to Ginny's for a drink in the sun.  Went out for supper afterwards and then home so an early night.  Today is absolutely gorgeous!!  Going to a high of around 14 and warming up quickly.  Was going to do some bookwork but am now waiting until tomorrow as it's suppose to rain.  Working outside today and seeing about doing some raking up on the bedrock.  Won't be able to do alot as we still have some snow and ice but I'll do what I can.  I can at least get all the seed shells picked up from the winter bird feeding.  We were disappointed that they weren't able to stream the webcast yesterday for Sab but they put some very nice tributes on his sabstock.com website.

April 11, 2015 - 8:19 a.m.

Went into town yet again yesterday, found and ordered the new kitchen for the cottage.  It'll be in a week Monday and Dan should be close to if not ready for it by then.  He has a big job ahead of him pining the walls and ceiling but at least Mitchell is available to help him.  I also did my grocery/house shopping and then zipped over to Mitch and Donna's briefly late afternoon.  I really wanted to go to Sab's farewell today but we have potential customers (pre-arranged) dropping in today to view the property and discuss a possible rental.  So unfortunately don't think I'll have time to make it to Pembroke by 2:00.  However, I am going to watch the webcast they are running on http://www.sabstock.com  Sad day.  Weather turned from spring to winter again late yesterday afternoon.  The winds came in like a hammer and if we did get any snow overnight, it's not evident.  Temps dropped from 8 to around zero overnight and currently overcast but it's suppose to be sunny and warmer tomorrow.  Still no robins.

April 10, 2015 - 7:24 a.m.

It is currently sitting at 7 degrees and a brief though weak thunderstorm went through a couple of hours ago.  Been raining most of night.  That's going to change to snow a little later today as the winds pick up and temperatures drop.  We've a few more below zero nights ahead of us but looks promising for the weekend.  Sunday anyhow.  The marsh birds are all back as well as the doves but I've yet to see a robin on our property.  I'm heading to town this morning to scout pricing for the new cottage kitchen, pick up a few groceries and a component cable.  Since we aren't making the trek to Pembroke for Sab's funeral I would really like to watch some of it on the webcast they are streaming live.  Was quite the well known/loved character in these neck of the woods and I'm thankful for his family there has been such an outpouring of love and support for him.  He will definitely be missed.

April 9, 2015 - 8:05 a.m.

We got home yesterday afternoon around 2:30 after having a nice visit with Mike and Reta in Sudbury.  As we were out of touch while there, we arrived home to the news that Peter Sabourin aka Sab had passed away on Tuesday night.  He was an intrical part of the Northern Ontario music scene, famous in his own right and did alot of work with various charities.  He played at our place a couple of times and never failed to get the crowd riled up.  Sab was a friend and one of the first people we met when we moved here.  Although he had been fighting cancer for many years, this is one battle he couldn't win.  You'll be missed and may you now find some peace.

April 7, 2015 - 7:53 a.m.

Well glory be.  I think this will be our first trip ever going to Sudbury and actually having somewhat decent weather.   The temperature is a few degrees below zero but once the sun is fully up and shining it all her glory it'll hit, I'm guessing close to 10 today as a warm front is due in.  I cleaned up the office yesterday.  Been having problems with my printer.  It was printing but blurring every 15th row or so.  Wanted to see if I could fix it.  Lmao, I picked it up and it was rattling big time.  Took it outside, shook it upside down.  The thing was full of deer corn.  Have mice?  Think so.  At least we did.  They must have started storing it in there in the late fall because Dan put poison down in November.  I can't believe it was printing up until a few weeks ago.  Gotta laugh though.  Glad it was inexpensive because no way of fixing it now.  Hopefully I can find a replacement at Costco.  Dan decided to put insulation on the ceiling as well as the walls in the cottage he's working on.  Did a great job so next winter we can flip the bird at Mother Nature when she hits us with the deep freeze.  Our pine is in so will be picking it up as soon as we can.  Still tons of ice on the lake as there have been lots of sleds and vehicles travelling on it.  Dan still hasn't been able to pull our treeline up but should be able to later in the week with the warmer temps coming in.

April 6, 2015 - 8:42 a.m.

We had a very nice Easter dinner yesterday with just the two of us.  The weather was lovely with the sun shining even if it didn't get much above zero.  Had a few very light flurries in the morning but nothing like other areas of Ontario.  Dan is heading to the lumber yard today and I'm doing a little organizing back in the shop and office, which are a mess.  Need to do my books later this week and my desk is cluttered from "I'll clean that up later" syndrome.  Going up to +5 today but don't think the sun will shine.  Have an appointment in Sudbury tomorrow so am planning on a visit with Mike and Reta as well as a Costco run to load up on supplies.

April 5, 2015 - 8:40 a.m.

Happy Easter everyone.  Hope you've all been able to spend some time with friends and family this holiday weekend.  We received a tiny bit of snow overnight and this morning but the sun is out now and it's going to be fairly mild today so things will likely start melting again shortly.  Went just above zero yesterday afternoon but the wind had a bite to it.  Down ti -8 overnight.  A few ducks showed up yesterday and was nice to watch all the various critters scrounging for food under my birdfeeders.  Marty dropped in briefly to help us out with the last of the electrical in the cottage.  Had quite a few unaccounted for wires so fixed that problem and made sure everything else worked.  Dan and I went over to Mac's Grill for supper and then came home and watched a couple of movies.  I'm making a nice ham, squash and scalloped potatoes for supper tonight.  Going to be a quiet day for the most part. 

April 4, 2015 - 8:31 a.m.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend.  I ended up going to a girl's night on Thursday and had a great time.  Dan went over to Mitch's after they put in a long day in the cottage.  We were both home early and yesterday just vegged.  Didn't do much at all.  It hit a high of +13 on Thursday, which is the warmest it's been to date.  Cold front came in Thursday night so temps down to -10 and still below zero yesterday.  Down to -7 overnight last night.  Didn't get up to look at the full moon, which I likely should have since I have the view and advantage of seeing it unencumbered.  Suppose to be sunny all day today, which it currently is.  Lots of critters around now.  The geese and a few seagulls have been hanging around Moose Creek pretty steadily now.  Haven't seen any ducks yet.  Trumpeter swans should be making an appearance soon also.  Lots of chipmunks and squirrels around as the babies have all come out after the long, long winter.  A few fawns have been up but aren't coming steadily just yet.  I believe Marty is dropping in today to help Dan with the last of the electrical in the cottage.  He wired most of it but just needs some help with one of the panels.  All of the insulation has been installed so now we wait for the lumber.  Should be able to get the pine some time next week.  I'm working in the office this week and then starting with the spring clean and painting that I'd like to do.  Might as well as it's not nice enough to start the property clean up and think that'll be a few weeks yet. 

April 2, 2015 - 8:20 a.m.

I hope everyone got through yesterday without any severe pranks pulled on them.  Dan usually does something but because he's been so busy with the cottage I don't think he realized it was April Fools Day and I wasn't reminding him!!  He and Mitch got all the electrical rewired except for the bit the electrician is doing.  They also put all the strapping up.  All they need to do today is the insulation and then we wait.  Ordered the lumber for the pine walls and ceiling back in January but we can't get it for another week or so.  I'm doing the house clean today including washing my filthy windows.  It's mild out today, above zero and overcast so hopefully the windows outside won't be too cold.  Might be pushing it though.  Hit -2 yesterday and rose to +3 overnight.  We did get a little freezing rain here but compared to other places think we dodged a bullet.

April 1, 2015 - 8:19 a.m.

Got everything done yesterday that I wanted to and then picked Grady up from his little adventure at the vets.  He was pretty high and pretty quiet for the rest of the day but seems to be more himself today.  Poor guy.  Dan has the cottage completely gutted.  Ran into a little problem with the ceiling as it wasn't initially built properly but he's since fixed it.  He and Mitch are putting the strapping up today.  I have to zip back into town to my accountant today, pick a few things up for Dan and think I'm going to wash my car.  The full moon is doing a number on Dan and I because neither of us could sleep last night.  I realize the full moon isn't until the 4th but it's a strong one and you wouldn't believe how bright it is at night already.  Went down to -11 here overnight and calling for freezing rain changing to rain with temps rising to +2 overnight.  What a hodge podge of weather we have been experiencing lately.

March 30, 2015 - 7:49 a.m.

Had a great time Saturday night at Ginny's party.  Lots of fun had by all.  Dan and I didn't do much yesterday though.  Starting the cottage project today so Dan is going to be busy for the next few weeks.  I'm cleaning house today and then starting my books/office work.  I have to go to town tomorrow to take Grady to the vets and pick Craig up at the airport as Ginny is working.  Few other errands as well so hoping the roads will be free of snow by then.  We received yet another dumping yesterday and until a few minutes ago, was snowing still.  Milder temps have brought the snow but not sure if colder temps is the lesser of two evils.  Just want spring to come and stay.  I think once the blood moon has come and gone our weather pattern should change.  That's my theory anyhow.

March 28, 2015 - 7:34 a.m.

Would like to send out a big "Happy Birthday" to Ginny Baker on her 60th.  Actually going to help her celebrate a little later today.  Looking forward to it as the change of scenery will do both Dan and I a world of good.  Would prefer the scenery be on a hot beach with palm trees and little umbrella drinks but we do what we can.  Lol.  We didn't do a whole lot yesterday.  I emptied cottage #3 of everything that had to be moved so Dan can start gutting it next week.  Dan went to the dump to get rid of some furniture from another cottage and then moved the large furniture items from #3 into one of the bedrooms to get it out of the way.  My back is screaming just thinking about it.  Dan is strong like bull.  I use to be.  Sucks to get old.  Lol.  The temperatures have been a bit much lately.  Only reached -8 yesterday and down to -19 overnight but the sun is shining and warm front is due in this evening.  With this colder-than-normal spring it's allowing us to get our renovations done because we certainly can't work outside!!!

March 27, 2015 - 6:57 a.m.

Guess what?  It snowed here yesterday.  Anybody else really really really sick of winter?  Not going to warm up either.  Hit -12 overnight, -27 with the wind chill.  Come on.  Blood moon next week isn't going to help the "bring on spring" cause either.  It usually gets really cold during full moons but since a blood mood (as legend has it) is suppose to bring great change, hopefully this pertains to the weather.  I did some cleaning yesterday, went to town for a few groceries and then had my back therapy appointment.  Was pretty much toast after that.  Was going to pick up Chinese food for supper and although the posted hours on the restaurant door indicated they were open, they weren't.  According to the guy at the variety store next door, they rarely are open when they are suppose to be.  How can anyone run a successful business like that?  Obviously they can't.  Dan did some plowing yesterday and tinkled around in the shop for a good part of the day.  I'm starting to clear out cottage #3 today as Dan is starting the renos next week.  Completely gutting the main room, putting in a new kitchen and putting pine up on the ceiling and walls.  Should keep him out of my hair for a few weeks.  Lol.

March 26, 2015 - 7:57 a.m.

Warm front came through yesterday.  Went to a high of +8 and stayed above zero here overnight.  Unfortunately we also received a good downpour of rain.  Helped to get rid of some snow and has started Moose Creek running again but there is another cold front due again.  I did my running yesterday and got most of my errands finished.  While I was in town Dan took his tractor over to Mitch and Donna's to help move some snow.  He went on ice also to check on things.  Still can't get the treeline off but figures the next warm sunny day the stakes should be ready to pull up.  Still quite a few huts on the ice and they have to be off by the 31st so suspect we'll see alot of action on the ice this weekend.  Dan bombed around out there and quite a few of the huts are frozen in.  Why do people let things get that bad?  Good luck getting them out.  Not an easy job!!

March 25, 2015 - 7:56 a.m.

Dan got home around 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon and he was bearing gifts.  Gotta like that.  He actually had the back of his truck plus a trailer he borrowed from Alfie chock full of stuff.  We now have, amongst other things, new kayaks for the kids, a box grader, new seats for one our bass boats, new garden hoses and holders plus all the other things he bought at Costco.  Good to know he didn't waste the trip by bringing home an empty trailer.  Lol.  Dan also brought the warm weather with him.  We're showing it hit -15 overnight but temps are suppose to reach +5 this afternoon.  Unfortunately it's also suppose to rain, snow or a mixture of both.  I'm heading to town as I've a lot of errands to run.  I'm hoping to be home by 2:00 or at least before the bad weather hits.  In a way I hope it rains and gets rid of some of our snow.  Dan still hasn't been able to get our treeline off and there are still huts on the ice.  This is the last werkend to get the huts off.  If they are still on past the 31st, charges can be laid.

March 24, 2015 - 8:49 a.m.

Just got off the phone with my hubby.  He's leaving Erieau in about 30 minutes and heading home.  Going to make a quick stop at Costco to pick up some children's kayaks if they have any.  He saw them in the Windsor location but didn't have the right vehicle at the time.  Long drive home for Dan but the sun should be shining the entire way.  Was beautiful yesterday as well but the temperature only rose to -8.  Went down to -20 again overnight but the haze is over our bay this morning so temps should rise quickly.  Dan must be bringing the warm weather with him as the long term promises it to be warmer than it has been.  Hopefully once we get through this week, the spring-like weather will stick around indefinitely.

March 23, 2015 - 8:27 a.m.

Another day, another night below -20.  Sigh.  So tired of this weather.  Should have gone south (obviously).  March 2015 aka the winter that never died.  Calling for more snow this week also.  Sigh.  At least it is warming up quickly through the day time hours so venturing outside isn't too much of a hardship.  Talked to Dan yesterday and he thinks he's heading home today.  What on earth for?  It's warmer where he is.  I'm taking Grady to the vets today.  Wanted to get him nutured but apparently the vet won't do it until he has his rabie shot.  So, when I had him in previously for all his other for his shots I had indicated at that time I didn't want to give him his rabie shot as he's an indoor cat.  So why didn't the vet tell me at that time since we discussed his nuturing.  Another vet visit charge, that's why.  Another day, another something to whine about.  Grady is getting his rabit shot today and then nuturing likely next week some time.  He's been wanting to get out (spring has sprung and so has his libido) so today, he's getting out, although not quite how he wanted.  LOL.  I'm doing some office work this afternoon when I get home and calling it a day.  I'm trying to take as much time off this week as I can because I know when Dan gets home, we're right back into the thick of things.  Lots of renovating we'd like to get done this year before the outdoor property clean up begins.  Good year for it as I don't think the outdoor work will be starting any time soon.

March 21, 2015 - 7:53 a.m

The first day of spring came and went.  Very mild with a high of +6 and some sun.  Today, winter is back.  Currently snowing pretty good (can't see our island in the bay) and it's hovering right around zero.  Lots of snow melt yesterday and Moose Creek looked like it was starting to open up yesterday.  Saw a pileated woodpecker on the tree yesterday, some finches, a couple of grackels and Canadian geese.  Fed a chippie some peanuts a few minutes ago.  I think the wildlife is as anxious for spring as I am.  Winds are starting to pick up and think we're in for another nasty day.  First of March did come in like a lamb so suspect it'll go out like a lion which means another few weeks of this.

March 20, 2015 - 7:40 a.m.

Oh the joy of sleeping in.  I was actually up at just before 5 this morning, fed the cats and went back to bed.  The blue jays finally insisted I get up.  My company all arrived home safely yesterday while I vegged most of the day.  With no apologies, I might add.  I finished the cottage laundry and am cleaning the double unit this morning.  Going to be a beautiful day today but only forecasted to hit high of +2.  The sun is up and shining but calling for snow later this evening and overnight.  Still have some cold weather in the long term but the above zero days and below zero nights is good for the sap running.  Just might tap a few trees myself next week.  

March 19, 2015 - 6:57 a.m.

Dan called yesterday and had arrived at his Mom and Dad's safely.  He had hauled a boat trailer down for Doug and was picking up some new batteries for my golf cart while down visiting.  Our girls night was a success but alas, the girls are heading home today.  I'm going out for breakfast with them, doing a little grocery shopping and then coming home for some couch time.  No more entertaining for a while.  Going to take the weekend before I get into the spring cleaning mode.  Temperature was -18 when I got up but it's going to around zero during day time highs.  Read this morning they think there is little chance of flooding this spring because of the slow melt.  Good news.

March 17, 2015 - 7:38 a.m.

Happy St. Patrick's day to everyone.  Hope the luck of the Irish follows you around today.  We were experiencing some beautiful weather for the past few days but a north wind came in like a hammer early this morning so with the wind chill factor it's pretty cold out today.  A wack of us sat outside in the sweet sunshine Sunday afternoon and it was glorious.  Yesterday Dan and Alf headed to Southern Ontario to drop off and pick up stuff.  Just what we need...more stuff.  Lol.  The girls and I got our butts in gear and went shopping in North Bay yesterday and today I'm hosting girls night.  Was hoping to be outside in the sun for awhile but it is not to be.  The Canadian geese arrived yesterday but aren't sticking around here as there isn't any open water yet.  We also saw a fairly large flock of ducks on Trout Lake yesterday during our travels.  They were all huddled along the shore where there was a small opening of water.  The fowl always arrive this time of year but I think it's still too early this time around.

March 15, 2015 - 8:16 a.m.

All our company arrived safely around 4:30 on Friday.  We did bbq pork burgers for supper and a lot of catching up.  Was a later night than expected but we had fun.  Got up to very mild temps, had a big breakfast and then headed out to fish.  Did well enough we are having a nice fry for brunch today.  The only low point of the day was it rained all afternoon and made a slushy mess.  Saw our first chipmunk yesterday afternoon.  Think it came out of hibernation a tad early but maybe it knows something I don't!!  Dan is taking the last hut off today and then hoping to head to Southern Ontario tomorrow.  The girls are staying on for a few more days so we'll be able to polish up our domino skills.  Only down to -2 overnight snd although it's currently overcast, sun is suppose to make an appearance today and most of the week.  Nice.

March 13, 2015 - 8:15 a.m.

Welcome to this Friday the 13th.  Going to be a lucky day.  Should I fish?  Hah, if only there was time....We had a couple of power surges here on Wednesday and unfortunately, they wiped out our link completely on our router.  We've been without internet since last night as I had to buy a new router yesterday.  I swear, if I was able, I'd go after Hydro for all the routers (this is #3) we've had to replace as well as coffeemakers and other small appliances.  Not to mention the inconvenient of having to reset all the appliance or electrical clocks all over the property.  And yes, we have power surge protection but most of the time, it doesn't work.  Anyhow, I've lots to do today as we have company arriving this evening.  Cooking and cleaning to do but that's quite alright considering the weather today.  We received a little bit of snow overnight, just enough to cover the ugliness that appeared due to this weeks melt.  It's nice and bright and clean again.  I just finished cleaning off my car and lifting the wipers as we may have some freezing rain come our way later today.  Hope not.  The plan is to ice fish tomorrow as Dan left one hut on for the event but the forecast isn't looking too great.  At least the temps are very mild.  It's been above or hovering around zero for several days and not hitting much below -5 during the night time hours.

March 11, 2015 - 7:36 a.m.

We've had a few busy and one not so busy days since I last updated my blog.  We did end up fishing on Sunday with Donna and Mitchell.  Donna was the winner catching the most and biggest fish.  Truth be told, we really weren't trying that hard.  Monday was "we're doing nothing and watching movies" day for Dan and I.  Yesterday, we worked.  Dan got all but one hut and the treeline off the ice.  We're leaving just one out for this weekend but the weather is looking iffy.  It will be the matter of whether or not we can actually get out to the hut as conditions have started to deteriorate rapidly.  The very mild wrather started on Sunday and it's been well above freezing since.  Felt like 60 degrees here yesterday.  It wasn't but after the long winter we've had, a little warm air and sunshine goes a long way.  All the cottages are clean and Dan only has one more to winterize which I believe he is doing today.  I have some office work and need to scrub all the minnow pails and get them put away for the season.  Quick house clean after that as I'm doing a town run tomorrow.  Company arriving Friday for March break so will be busy next week as well.  Dan decided he doesn't want to go to Florida this year as we are renovating a cottage and he's a bugger to go.  The man really needs to take a breath.

March 8, 2015 - 6:25 a.m.

This is the last morning of having to get up really really early unless we really really want to.  Last run of the season.  Dan pulled another hut off yesterday and I'm hoping to use one today.  Got most of my work done yesterday and have a little today but would really like to drop a line this afternoon.  Weather has been very mild and it even went above zero yesterday for the first time this year.  Had a few flurries yesterday and a little snow overnight.  About done with the white stuff now.  Looks to be a mild week coming our way.  

March 7, 2015 - 5:44 a.m.

Busy day yesterday.  Dan managed to get both of our huge huts off the ice yesterday.  Love when that happens.  Had a difficult time as the snow banks were so high around them but he dug and tugged and got them out.  The smaller ones are easier to remove as they don't want to plow through the banks but rather go over them.  I believe Dan is taking a couple more off today.  I did some laundry, cleaned out the fridge, repaired tip-ups and bathed the cats.  Considering it was Grady's first bath ever, he behaved remarkably well and I didn't receive one scratch.  Lol.  The temperatures will now start to rise since the full moon is on it's way out.  Reached a high of -5 yesterday and only down to -7 overnight.  Does feel a tad colder due to the wind chill but that should change over the next few days.  

March 6, 2015 - 7:16 a.m.

Would like to say thank you to Keith for the card.  We received it yesterday and had we not, both of us would have forgotten it was our anniversary today.  That's what happens when being run off ones feet!!  Seventeen blissful married years together.  Dan says, "No.  One." LOL.  The full moon was out in all her glory last night.  The last cold night as it will warm up as the moon wanes.  Currently -23 but going to warm up and be a beautiful weekend.  Big group checking in today, as they do every year for our last weekend.  The Marshman group is completely self-sufficient and usually fish down Cross Point way.  We have a smaller group checking in tonight so only have 2 days left of actual running.  Dan is going to start taking huts off today and I pray he has an easy go of it but with the amount of snow on the lake, will have to see.  Calling for rain next week, first of the season so he's hoping to get as many huts off ice as possible before things get messy.

March 4, 2015 - 8:57 a.m.

Was mild yesterday so Dan winterized a couple of cottages while I cleaned one that's to be occupied this weekend.  Currently sitting at -5 very mild and sunny.  We did get a little snow yesterday, about 10 cm, which we didn't need.  This is our last weekend running and Dan will likely be taking some huts off between now and next Monday.  Usually this time of year we have to shut down because Moose Creek starts to run but think we could have made it right through this year.  That said, never know what the weather is going to do and it only takes a couple of mild days for the creek to start running.  Our huts need to be off the ice before that happens.  I'm heading into town for an appointment this morning.  Dan will likely be doing some plowing as there is enough snow to warrant it.  Does feel like spring is the in air but after the winter we've had, not counting my chickens just yet.

March 3, 2015 - 6:55 a.m.

Dan and I took the day off yesterday.  I checked guests out and then did the cottage laundry but vegged for the most part.  Was just a beautiful day with a high of -3 (finally) and would have been perfect for dropping a line but we were both just too tired.  Cleaning cottages today.  Currently overcast and a balmy -7.  A few more nights around -20 forecasted for the week but after the full moon peaks, looks to be much more seasonal weather for the next few weeks.  March came in like a lamb so does that mean it's going out like a lion?

February 28, 2015 - 6:12 a.m.

Praise be the Lord, looks like we're finally through the extreme cold.  Has been close to or colder than -30 the past 4 nights running and yesterday morning was just insanely cold.  Warm southerly winds came through yesterday so only went down to -17 overnight and suppose to hit -7 today.  Don't have really anything below -20 in the long term.  Yea!!  Our guests got into some major pike yesterday and caught quite a few nice ones.  Don't know if it was a pike or not but we are assuming it was; slammed one of our guest's rods and took the whole kit and kaboodle down the hole.  He didn't even have time to react, it was that quick.  Hoping someone catches it today.  If not the fish, at least the rod.  I'm doing some office work today (especially since I have internet this morning for a change) and then spending the afternoon repairing tip-ups.

February 25, 2015 - 5:41 a.m.

Yesterday was a little scary for Dan.  He went out to do his minnow run in the early afternoon.  The wind gusts and drifting out on the lake were so bad, he hit a newly developed drift the exact same time as a high gust materialized and it literally blew he and sled completely over.  Thank God he and machine both landed on their sides in a bank or things could have turned out differently.  Dan was able to right the machine and as far as he could tell, neither were injured but how scary is that?  He lost the bait and was a little shaken but things had calmed down enough by early evening that Dan was able to get everyone off the ice safely.  The wind has died down considerably overnight although still a few gusts.  Temperatures much nicer than they have been and currently sitting at -18.  Looks like we're in for a few more nights of the -25 cold but more seasonal temps on their way within the next week or so.

February 24, 2015 - 7:05 a.m.

Dan's already on the ice with our guests.  They did pretty good yesterday afternoon but I think the fishing will be even better today.  I did some cottage cleaning yesterday as I am today.  At least the temps are more reasonable.  Had the cold snap yesterday.  Was -30 again and only got to a high of around -19 yesterday but warm front came through with a south wind overnight so sitting at -15 right now but windy.

February 22, 2015 - 10:59 a.m.

Fishing was good for our guests yesterday.  Likely the warm front helped with that.  Temps got to around -4 yesterday and it was a beautiful day although overcast.  Sunny today with a high around -10.  Went over to the Walt to hear Sab played last night but sadly, he's been admitted to the hospital.  Sincerely hope he will recover and be better soon.  Checking the last of our guests out shortly and then doing all the cottage laundry and having a basically lazy day if I can.  Dan isn't running again until noon tomorrow so it's "catch up on some sleep" time.

February 21, 2015 - 6:49 a.m.

Dan is on his way out to the huts with our guests.  Somewhat mild conditions this morning as we woke up to -15.  Now that's more like it!!  Going to stay mild until tomorrow night when we get another blast of this unrelenting cold.  I cleaned my house yesterday and then organized my music library.  Today I've a bit to do and then hoping to squeeze a nap in as I woke up at 4:30 this morning.  They were catching fish yesterday but could do better.  Warm enough today for fishing outside so Dan will be drilling holes.  We are getting a bit of snow today but aren't suppose to get more then a couple of inches.

February 20, 2015 - 1:25 p.m.

Well I'm sorry i didn't update yesterday but got busy and completely forgot.  If the net is knocked out in the morning, the blog gets lost in the shuffle once I get going.  Been very cold here with wind chills in the -40 range.  I've been cleaning, Dan's been running and organizing huts.  All our guests have checked in for the weekend and are currently on the ice.  Fishing is tough right now, which I don't doubt.  They just don't want to bite when it's this cold.  Have a few more days in the forecast for colder weather before we start to get bearable temperatures.  This is just plain mean.  Bundle up, undress, bundle up, undress.  Easier when you just have to throw on a coat rather than hats, scarves and gloves.  Do I sound like I'm whining?  I am.  Enough already!!  Bring on spring...or at least some spring-like weather for a change.  Oh, incidently, Dan has had to add his extension to his auger.   Lots of ice and lots of snow.  I wouldn't be surprised if the ice doesn't come off until the end of May beginning of June this year.

February 18, 2015 - 8:04 a.m.

Yesterday, we finally received some less than frigid temperatures and it was beautiful.  i think it hit -8 and only down to -18 overnight but it's going to be short-lived.  Another blast of artic chill is on the way.  Fishing was on fire yesterday and the two groups did very well for first timers. Not sure yet about today and I'm heading into town right shortly.  Light flurries right now, hoping it stays that way.  Last thing we need right now is more snow.  I guess pipes were freezing all over town during the last cold snap which is understandable considering how long the temps stayed below -25.  This is just crazy.  I want spring.  Dan's going to move a hut today if he can.  He's concerned already about getting our huts off the lake at the end of the season as the snow banks are ridiculously big.  Never mind getting the tree line out.  At least some of it is still showing.  LOL.

February 17, 2015 - 9:15 a.m.

Well I'm happy to report the frozen pipe in our house yesterday was thawed out and everything is good with the world again.  Poor Dan had such a hellish day yesterday.  As did I because I had to listen to him.  Lol.  He's just gone to pick up some more wood for the shop as we're nearly out and by the looks of things, we'll be needing the heat well into April.  I'm heading over to clean one more cottage and then will likely do some housework.  It did hit nearly -30 here again last night but we're suppose to get a bit warmer temps the next few days.  Currently at -15 which is quite balmy considering!!

February 16, 2015 - 2:03 p.m.

Well this is just horse manure, this nasty weather we're having.  It's been way too cold for way too long and everyone I know is sick of it.  Our outside house vent froze up and as a result, the cold water pipe going to my washing machine is frozen.  Not under the house where it's 60 degrees or by the spigot on the wall for the hose, but in the wall somewhere.  We're doing all we can to get it to open but if it bursts, we're in a right mess.  Dan also had another freeze up under one of the cottages but that's all fixed.  Just crap.  What happened to the highs of -6 and lows of -16 we're suppose to be getting this time of year.  It dropped to -35 the past two nights, which was really -42 with the wind chill.  Don't care what anyone says, you can do all the preventative maintenance and be proactive but mechanical just doesn't win against mother nature when the temperatures are this nasty.  Our internet has also been sporadic but that's the least of our worries at this point.  Fishermen in today but not fishing until tomorrow.  Hopefully the warmer weather is on the way.

February 14, 2015 - 6:44 a.m.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  Hope your day is filled with love.  Dan and I are working so nothing special going on for us today.  The temperature is at least making our lives a little easier as it progressively warmed up throughout the evening hours.  Woke up to -14 but going to be short-lived.  Winds are due to change late this afternoon from south to north with gusts up to 60 kpm, dropping temps once again for the next few days.  So glad Dan takes the time to put in an awesome tree line because we heard another tourist operator got lost on the ice for a couple of hours during a blow up like this.  Pays to be diligent.

February 13, 2015 - 10:52 a.m.

Well the extreme cold warning has ended for our area but not before it hit -35 overrnight.  Currently sunny and -24.  I've finished my cottage cleaning for the day so heading briefly to Walmart before picking up some more bait.  Had a little excitement last night.  Saw emergency vehicles across the bay around 9:00.  From what I've heard, a neighbour's vehicle started on fire so I'm guessing a bad heater cord connection.  Going to slowly warm up today and overnight but more cold due in tomorrow night.  This has definitely been a colder winter than last year.  Might not have hit some of the colder temps but it has stayed in the -20's much longer.  Should be -6 daytime highs to -16 nightime lows about now.

February 12, 2015 - 8:51 a.m.

We did get at least 10 cm of snow as forecasted.  Winds weren't too bad on shore but suspect they were blowing pretty good out on Nip.  Temperatures dropped from -8 when I went to bed to -22 when I got up this morning but with the wind chill, it's feeling more in the -30's.  Dan's got some snowblowing to do today for sure.  He's already done some shovelling and is heading down to Young's to get some diesel for the tractor.  I'm cleaning a couple of cottages today and then tomorrow is a free day for Dan (whatever) and I until our guests start to arrive later on Friday afternoon.  I'm going to try to sleep in for a change.  That means I'll be up before 7:00 probably.

February 11, 2015 - 8:08 a.m.

Snow hasn't materialized just yet but it's coming.  It's very dark on the north shore as Sudbury is getting hit but our snowfall isn't due in until a little later this afternoon.  Hoping we don't get a ton of it.  Dan is out grading our path as it's very hard and very lumpy.  Makes for a terrible ride in the people mover.  Our guests said the fishing dropped off yesterday but they did okay.  Hoping they do well this morning before checking out this afternoon.  No one is checking in again until Friday due to this being the family day weekend so most are staying through until Monday.  If Dan so wishes, he can have a "free" day tomorrow but I'll be cleaning a couple of cottages.  Today I'm hoping to tackle a few things I've neglected but I'm not busting my butt.  See how the day goes.  I am definitely doing a little house cleaning and the minnow tank needs cleaning as well.  My printer is not working properly so would like to take it apart and see if I can fix it sometime in the next few days.  Always something needing my attention.  Very mild this morning as it only went down to -13 overnight.  One more really cold weekend and then we should be into the more seasonal temps (although they are calling for a colder than usual February).  Anything around the minus mid teens during the night time hours is fine by me :o)

February 10, 2015 - 7:29 a.m.

Dan's on his way out with our guests for another day of fishing.  Bbbbbrrrr is it cold this morning.  Hovering around the -25 mark but feels colder and very brittle.  Fishing dropped off around 3:00 yesterday afternoon for some reason so glad I didn't go out.  Randy, Dave and Brian are up sledding this week so had Dan and I over to their cottage for an awesome chicken dinner last night.  Any time I don't have to cook, it's awesome.  Lol.  I'm suppose to go to town tomorrow for an appointment but with the forecasted snow coming our way overnight and into the morning, I'm going to see if I can change it to today.  If not, I'm cancelling but either way, I'm doing a town run today.  Calling for the coldest temps of the winter for Ontario during the weekend.  I think our temps will just be the norm but it kind of sucks as this is the free fishing family day weekend.  Kids are pretty resilient but it would be nice if the weather would cooperate for them.

February 9, 2015 - 6:54 a.m.

Was a busy day for us yesterday but we were able to put our feet up after our work was done and Dan actually gets to sleep in this morning.  Doesn't have to run until noon so I'm being as quiet as possible this morning :o). Our sledders arrived late afternoon and should have great conditions this week although a little chilly.  Going to be fairly cold all week but after this weekend, family day weekend, looks like a warming trend.  Hopefully the rest of the ice fishing season will be much warmer.  I've a couple of cottages to clean today and then have a break for a few days.  Will report tomorrow how the fishing is but suspect it won't be on fire today due to the northern winds, cold temps and rising pressure but one never knows.  Guess that's why they call it fishing!!  Lol.

February 8, 2015 - 8:17 a.m.

Was beautiful yesterday.  Mild temperatures and some sun, some cloud, some snow.  Cold front came in overnight and dumped another 5 or 6 inches of the white stuff but also brought bitter winds.  Was -15 when we got up but feels much colder due to the north wind.  Fishing is likely to drop off today because of it but was pretty good all weekend.  Have check outs and ins today as well as two cottages to clean.  Dan already did the snowblowing so people can get out without too much trouble.  Roads haven't been plowed yet but that'll likely happen shortly.  Was hoping to get fishing today but doesn't look like I'll be able to.  See how the day goes.

February 7, 2015 - 6:35 a.m.

Temperature warmed up for us yesterday reaching a high of -9.  Only -25 overnight and pretty calm right now.  Have a bit of a motley crew in this weekend and although the fishing has been good, think this group is more about the camradarie.  No one wants to get on the ice before 7:30 this morning.  Lol.  We could have sctually slept in this morning for a change but apparently our internal clocks had us both up at 5:30.  Dan was running all day yesterday while I was on shore repairing tip ups.  Today I'm tackling my house cleaning and making some soup and likely a very nice dinner.  Calling for comfortable temps today and possibly some snow this afternoon.

February 6, 2015 - 6:16 a.m.

Some of our guests arrived yesterday with the rest due today.  I contacted the MNR yesterday just for clarification purposes.  Although not listed in the regulations, you do treat sauger and walleye as one in the same.  In other words, you can only keep a sauger if it's over 18.1 inches.  Dan and I both worked yesterday but I still haven't gotten around to repairing tip-ups so that's today's job.  Have a few things to do this morning and then I'm going to hunker down and "get-r-done".  Watched back to back episodes of The Blacklist last night which didn't disappoint.  God I love that show and so glad they moved it to Thursday nights.  Temps are much more mild today.  Been bitterly cold all week but warm front came through overnight and it is currently -11 here.  Suppose to get some more flurries today though.  Was nice and sunny yesterday and I actually stood with my face towards the sun for a few minutes.  Felt so good and the sun is starting to get warmer as February progresses.  Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.  Lol.

February 5, 2015 - 6:23 a.m.

Figured I'd better update the blog first thing as we may lose the internet again this morning.  Sitting at -24.7 right now but always gets a tad colder as the sun rises.  As predicted, the roads weren't the greatest yesterday morning.  Snowed until close to noon so didn't see any plows out until I was on my way home.  Our guests are doing well with the fishing this year.  Catching Sauger, which are a species of the walleye family but don't see anything about them in the MNR exceptions regulations so putting a call into them today.  I'm going to assume that the same restrictions apply as those for walleye as they are few and far between in Lake Nipissing.  Good to know they are making a comeback though.  Have a couple of cottages to clean today.  Guests checking out this morning and in this afternoon.  Dan is jacking huts today but will assume he'll wait until this afternoon when it warms up to a balmy -16.  He won't be taking our guests out until after their noon arrival so two birds, one stone.  I'm sure he'll find something to do to keep himself occupied this morning.  The man's a machine.

February 4, 2015 - 7:35 a.m.

Dan's on ice with our guests.  Everyone did well yesterday.  Lately we've been catching Sauger through the ice.  Quite a few have been caught actually.  Maybe they're making a comeback in Lake Nipissing.  Currently snowing and temperature around -9.  That's more like it.  I'm surprised though because with the full moon last night it should have gotten extremely cold, as it usually does.  Beautiful moon though and very bright considering the white snow reflection.  I