Ice Fishing


Contrary to popular belief, the North is not derivative of freezing cold. There is no better scenery than the North during the winter months. Especially if you're ice fishing!! The comradarie alone is enough to bring people outdoors to experience Lake Nipissing in the throws of winter.


The best fish to catch during the winter months are the walleye, perch, pike, whitefish, ling and herring. We place our huts on a 25' - 40' shoal and move them according to where the fish are biting. The majority of fish our hole usually generates is walleye and perch but pike and other species are always in the vicinity.

Keeping you warm, cozy, and happy is our main objective so we do all the work. We drill the holes and heat the huts prior to you even leaving your cottage. Using our safe, reliable "ice transit system", we transport you to our fishing hole, which is approximately 3.5 miles out on the lake, dropping you off at your nicely heated hut. The only decision you have to make is whether you'd like to fish inside or outside.


We try to accommodate all our guests to the best of our ability. Those wishing to go out at dawn may do so, or if your group wish to sleep in, that's possible too. However, the fish bite best at dawn and dusk. We also check on our guests regularly throughout the day to ensure bait is plentiful and your safety is secure.


Greening Bay Cottages offers various different ice fishing packages which consist of deluxe accommodations, transportation on and off the ice, and spacious propane heated ice huts. All ice fishing equipment is supplied and you are guaranteed never to run out of tip-ups. Although it is an extra charge, we have bait readily available and ensure you have plenty. For added comfort and convenience, we also supply a bbq and washroom facilities on the ice. After a day of fishing, your catch can be cleaned in our heated facilities. If you wish to venture into town, we will be happy to provide some suggestions.


To see our "people mover" in action, please click on the following link:


Before planning your next ice fishing vacation, you may wish to educate yourself on the regulations of Lake Nipissing.

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Please listen to our interview with Outdoor Journal Radio with Angelo Viola and Peter Bowman. Aired January 11, 2014

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