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July 20, 2019 - 6:11 a.m.

Holy heat wave Batman!  The nastiness of yesterday still continues but hopefully we get some relief later tonight.  Hopefully the relief doesn’t come with something even nastier like a severe damaging thunderstorm.  After the winter we had, I’m not complaining but it would be nice to go outside without having to change soggy clothing after 5 minutes.  Lol.  I did my town run yesterday and it was just stifling in the Bay when away from the water.  There was a nice Lake Nipissing breeze at our place even if it was 100 degrees.  We set up the a/c unit which we try not to use but it had a very difficult time keeping up.  By the time the sun was due to set there was no point in using it as the temp was the same inside as outside due to the sun setting right in front of our house.  I opened the house up then at 5:00 this morning, closed everything back up and started the air.  It’s more for my kitties as I plan to be on the boat ASAP today.  We couldn’t get out yesterday as it was too windy so both Dan and I were completely immobile.  Literally couch potatoes.  Poor Dan got overheated changing the tire on his golf cart and nearly passed out.  This heat is extremely dangerous and nothing to mess with.  I’m doing some work this morning until it gets too hot or until I need a shower, whichever comes first.  Thankfully all our guest check-ins know the routine here and I’ve already notified them we may be on the boat when they arrive and to make themselves at home.  Might be a tad warm today but once the cool down comes our guests are in for a beautiful week ahead.  

July 19, 2019 - 7:03 a.m.

Ugh!  This heat is making life a little uncomfortable at the moment.  It’s one thing when you have access to a lake and a boat.  It’s another when outdoor physical labour is required.  I pity the roofers and road maintenance crews.  It hit 30 here yesterday with a humidex of 36.  The sun was beating down for most of the day and I had to call it quits around 1:00.  The next two days are going to be even warmer with it hitting 31 (or higher) and humidex readings hitting 40.  We are pretty much all in the same boat in the province so I’m glad most people will have the weekend off as I’m sure there will be a lot of people suffering from heat ailments.  We had a small thunderstorm roll through briefly last night bringing a little rain but it did very little to cool things off.  It was 21 at its coolest overnight which is when I closed the house back up.  I’m sure there will be plenty of severe thunderstorm/tornado warnings up over the next couple of days.  I always love a good storm but not when they are dangerous and cause damage.  I need to do some errands in town but suspect this might be a boat day later on which will involve plenty of swimming and sun screen.  Thankfully it is currently overcast but I’m sure the sun will burn off the cloud cover in short order.  I also suspect we are in for a busy weekend as “townies” will need some relief.  Please keep an eye on pets and neighbours people, this weather is nothing to mess with.  Everyone stay safe out there and keep well hydrated this weekend!

July 18, 2019 - 6:36 a.m.

It was a warm one yesterday.  I’m not even sure what the temperature reached with the humidex but today is suppose to be even warmer and hit 35.  I’ve already closed the house up as it’s 15 in the house and the fans have been running all night.  We currently have some clouds so that should help.  Have to keep my kitties cool even if we aren’t in the house.  I spent 5 hours doing my watering and gardening yesterday and that was enough for me.  Dan cut grass and weed eated what was needed.  Grass is browning up again so we could definitely use some rain.  There were finally some baby Mallards spotted in Moose Creek and they are so tiny.  This is rather late in the season but hopefully a few of them survive.  I haven’t seen the golden eyes lately so not sure they made it.  Haven’t even seen the Mom around.  There was a new born fawn out yesterday with Mom nearby.  Karen, my cleaner spotted the fawn on the way in to work and was concerned because there was no Mom around.  I told her the Mom’s leave them somewhere protected to go eat but I took a gander and sure enough, Mom was lying down along the ditch in the shade.  Little one was likely just trying to get its footing and stretch its legs.  We were going to go to the waterfront last night to see Paul Pruneau and the Journeymen play in North Bay but Dan was tired and I couldn’t nudge him.  Sounds like they had a decent turn out.  The free “Summer in the Park” concerts every Wednesday is something to consider if you’re bored on hump day or just looking for a different outing.

July 17, 2019 - 6:47 a.m.

I hit a wall yesterday.  I love having company but it can be a lot of work so I took yesterday for myself to get some badly needed rest.  Dan went into town for most of the day so I thoroughly enjoyed some peace and quiet all by myself.  Did some reading and napping and even though it was a full powerful moon last night (which was beautiful), I even managed to sleep right through the night.  Must have been one tired puppy.  Today is another day and I’ve now got to play catch up but am up for the task.  I was hoping for a nice thunderstorm yesterday or at least some rain but the system all stayed north of us.  It’s going to remain a nice week with the possibility of showers here and there but I’m not very confident anything will materialize.  I’m watering flowers this morning and am then going to see where the day goes.  There is a beautiful northern breeze this morning but I don’t know that it will keep things cooled down today as it’s suppose to be sunny with a high of 26 or 31 with the humidex.  The humidity has definitely been the culprit for the past couple of days.

July 15, 2019 - 8:09 a.m.

Sadly the last of our company is leaving this morning so it’s back to work.  Back to the daily routine and I have some catch up to do.  It’s going to be a marvellous day with sun and a high of 27 but they are calling for showers and possibly a thunderstorm tonight and tomorrow.  It’s all good as I’ve some indoor work to get finished so today I’ll likely spend outdoors on my gardening.  It was rather chilly last night with a heavy dew this morning.  It truly felt like autumn more than summer until the late afternoon yesterday.  Much nicer working weather than last week though I’m not complaining.  I’ll take it when I can get it.  We’ve had one lone deer who comes up only occasionally but she still found my beautiful butterfly plants that were just ready to open their blooms.  Bugger.  I actually thought I’d see some lovely orange blossoms this year.  Silly me.  Lyn was able to meet Gato last night as he came up followed shortly by the raccoon.  Thankfully they both kept their distance from one another.  Wildlife is still thriving around here but the geese and goslings have left.  Some critter killed one of the goslings last week so they’ve moved some place safer and haven’t returned.  May see them later in the season once the babies are bigger.

July 14, 2019 - 6:06 a.m.

What a busy bee I’ve been, mostly attending to and thoroughly enjoying our company.  Saturday night I made a wonderful birthday dinner for Peggy which consisted of pan fried scallops followed by steak with the works and strawberry short birthday cake.  We then had a beautiful fire on the beach, did some dancing, star gazing and had plenty of laughs.  Was a most excellent time for everyone.  Peg and Daryl sadly had to leave yesterday on the last leg of their journey before returning to Calgary.  Always great to see them and so sad to see them go.  Lyn isn’t leaving until tomorrow and yesterday was an R&R day for us considering we had a couple of storms roll through.  Thunder, lightning and lots of rain.  Heavy rain so everything is nicely watered.  Today, by the looks of the long term forecast, is going to be the nicest day for quite a few.  Sunny today but a storm forecasted later tomorrow afternoon followed by a few days of rain.  The rain is ok as we’re going to need to play catch up on our work considering we’ve been playing for a few days.  At least we were able to enjoy the weather we’ve been blessed with these past few days.

July 12, 2019 - 8:57 a.m.

We had a nice relaxing day yesterday, other than Dan who was grading the road after we had 4 loads of gravel delivered.  He also cut grass and has a bit left to do today and then he can play a little bit.  I’ve a little work to do today but now that Lyn has arrived, she, Peg and Daryl can play together.  We may go for a boat ride although I think Dan would prefer not to.  It’s cool this morning but I think it’ll warm up fairly quickly as it’s suppose to reach 25 today, 28 tomorrow.  We may just enjoy the beach and swim time today.  I made a lovely lasagna dinner last night while the 5 of us caught up.  Lyn was late arriving so we ate later than anticipated but had a fire for a short time after supper last night.  It was pretty windy and lots of ominous clouds so no star gazing but the air is nice and clean today so the sky should be bright tonight.

July 11, 2019 - 7:29 a.m.

It has certainly been a very busy couple of days for us!  Peg and Daryl arrived Tuesday night and I had a beautiful meal of pork tenderloin and a rather late evening.  It was filled with great laughs, lots of memories and even some shooting stars as the universe gave us a great show.  Yesterday we were off to the French River on the boat and spent the entire day exploring.  We went to Dokis for gas and ice cream, the chutes, Chaudiere, basically all over the place.  We got home early evening and had a nice swim.  A thunderstorm went through around 5:00 this morning which woke me up with a few exceptionally loud cracks.  Warnings are still up for the rest of the day so we are expecting a huge cool down.  What we really need is some rain and since the last storm didn’t produce much, am hoping to get some decent showers some time today.  Lyn is on route from Chatham and won’t be arriving until this afternoon but the weather should be good through the weekend so I’m sure we’ll be on the boat again.

July 9, 2019 - 5:38 a.m.

Wow!  What a long day I had yesterday!  So much to do, so little time.  I was still folding laundry at 10:00 last night and started my day at 8:00 in the morning.  Mind you, I did take a long break in the afternoon when the heat got to be a little much.  The humidity is back and I was up at 4:30 this morning closing the house back up.  It does work and saves on air conditioning for sure.  I gave all my flowers a really good drink yesterday as I’m not planning on watering again until Thursday and that’s only if we don’t get the showers forecasted which we badly need.  It’s either too wet or too dry here, never a happy medium and we are currently experiencing a major dry spell and things are starting to burn.  Namely the grass.  Peg and Daryl arrive this afternoon (from Calgary but have been in Ontario for a bit) and Paula and I are heading into town this morning for last minute shopping.  Fresh produce for sure.  It’s going to hit 30 today and depending, will be warmer with the humidity so I know I will likely be on the beach waiting for our guests.  We have gravel coming today so hopefully it’ll arrive first thing this morning as Dan has to spread it on our road which will take a while.  The game plan is to head to the French River tomorrow if all goes well and the weather cooperates.  No better trip than on the pontoon into God’s country but only if the lake is relatively calm as it’s a long jaunt.  Regardless, we will be on the boat tomorrow as the current heat wave is sticking around for a few days yet.

July 8, 2019 - 6:10 a.m.

Yesterday turned out to be an awesome day although it didn’t heat up until much later.  We headed to “The Boat” for lunch via Mike’s boat and Annie joined the 3 of us.  The service and meal?  Meh, I don’t think we’ll be back, at least not on a Sunday.  We went last year on a Sunday and had to return all our meals but at least the food was somewhat edible this time so there is that.  Afterwards we headed to the Manitous for a bit which was surprisingly busy and then ended up floating in our bay for a couple of hours.  I had a couple of refreshing swims but was the only one who took a dip.  This morning it was 8 degrees when I got up but it’s suppose to reach a high of 30 with the humidex today so I’ve already closed the house up to trap the air and keep it cool.  I can’t believe our heater came on briefly this morning.  Such craziness.  The hot spell is going to stick around for most of the week with little rain in the forecast which we are overdue for.  I’ve lots of work today, some outside, some in.  Think I’ll start the outdoor work first before it gets too warm...

July 7, 2019 - 6:50 a.m.

The heat finally broke and did it feel wonderful.  Beautiful north breeze came through late in the morning and began clearing some of the cloud cover and the sun eventually came back out.  The humidity is gone and the air is crisp and clean this morning.  It’s going to be a bright sun shiney day. I did some laundry and cleaning yesterday but opted to have some quiet time last night while Dan joined the campfire in the park.  We have some company coming next week so I am making a lasagna this morning to freeze for later in the week.  We may head out on the boat again this afternoon but see what the day brings.  I’m dragging a little this morning because I kept being woken up throughout the night.  At one point, at 2:00 this morning, I was outside tangling with a raccoon.  The smart little bugger has figured out how to remove the pin from the birdfeed container to open it so I replaced it and set a large rock on the lid.  It’s not even afraid of me and I had a heck of a time trying to run it off.  The stand off ended up with the raccoon up a cedar tree and me extremely frustrated.  I was also fighting Halo, my cat, for room in the bed all night.  I think the cooler weather had her chilly as she was jammed up against me all night.  Any cat owner knows how that goes.  The cat usually wins.

July 6, 2019 - 7:42 a.m.

I’m a little late as I slept in this morning.  What a fabulous day we had yesterday.  I watered and did some running around in the morning and Dan did a few things as well but we were on the boat before 1:00.  Lots of swimming, a nice lunch, a visit with the gang at Ginny and Craig’s and another long swim before bed.  Perfect way to beat the heat which seems to be breaking a bit today with the north wind coming in.  We can finally leave the house open although the humidity is still rather high.  There isn’t much on the agenda today except some R&R after the heat wave this week which hasn’t taken a lot out of many of us.

July 5, 2019 - 7:17 a.m.

I never thought I’d say this but the heat is getting to me.  Even though I stayed hydrated yesterday, I had a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep and I woke up with a headache.  I didn’t wake up as early as I would have liked either so the house didn’t get closed up when the temperature was at it’s lowest.  It’s currently 20, reached 31 yesterday and today with the humidex, 39.  My poor kittens.  They don’t like the closed curtains and no fresh air and just sleep all day so come the evening once everything is opened back up, are full of p*ss and vinegar.  Dan actually came in the house yesterday afternoon wanting me to look at something.  Outside on the bedrock was a black squirrel laying completely sprawled out with her legs splayed out flat on the bedrock under our clump of cedar trees.  Dan thought she was injured and I said, “no, she’s just heat exhausted” which she was.  I’m making sure I have fresh cool water for the critters and I’m changing my hummingbird feeders daily.  I actually run the feeders under cold water during the hottest part of the day to cool the liquid down.  I only use the miniature feeders as they get replenished every other day to begin with.  I’ve held hummingbirds up to feeders a few times during heat spells until they regain their strength as they simply can’t move enough to feed.  I always find them just sitting on the ground.  This wave is suppose to break overnight but I’m not too confident about that as it’s still going to be 27 and sunny tomorrow.  Humidity is only 86% but feels higher so hopefully it’ll at least lower somewhat.  I did my town run yesterday and by the time I got home and everything put away, I felt nauseated so that was it for me for a bit.  I didn’t emerge until 7:00 last night at which time I stripped beds in a cottage that vacated yesterday afternoon and then did the laundry.  Was way too hot to be running the dryer before that.  I’m not complaining after the winter and spring we’ve had but it certainly makes it difficult to work.  Dan isn’t even cutting all the grass this week (gasp, say it isn’t so) as he’s afraid it’ll burn.  We already are showing damage so I did some major sprinkler watering in a few areas yesterday.  I’m heading out shortly to water those flowers that bake all day and then we are heading on the boat.  Annie is coming this morning to make a lunch for us (I bought everything yesterday) so I don’t need to rush and get any more hot and bothered than I already am.  Lol.  Although Dan shouldn’t be in the sun, I’m making sure he’s slathered with sunscreen and we will do some swimming and generally just stay on the water for the day.  They are calling for a possibility of thunderstorms but I honestly don’t think they’ll materialize and if they do, it’ll be much later in the day.  Stay cool everyone and make sure your pets and outdoor critters are well looked after please.

July 4, 2019 - 6:50 a.m.

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all our American friends!  Hope your weather will be as nice as ours!  Whew, it was another smoking hot day yesterday and we’ve one more to go.  I considered closing the house up completely but just can’t bring myself to do it.  We are in for some clouds to move in this afternoon before showers and rain tomorrow so am just going to suffer through the heat wave.  I’m so glad I trimmed my cat Grady’s fur off or he would have really been minding the heat of the past few days.  I actually did some hard labour yesterday from 10-3 and don’t know what I was thinking other than I wanted the job finished.  Our helper Jesse had trimmed all the over hang on Greening Bay Road and couldn’t work this week so I was tasked with cleaning the mess up.  Unbeknownst to me, he cut down 3 of my beautiful red pines (out of 40) that I had dug up in Quebec and replanted here a few years ago.  Suffice it to say, I wasn’t very happy.  He cut down several trees instead of trimming them but I guess that is what happens if you aren’t explicit enough :(  Dan cut grass, did some work on his tractor and since he’s not really suppose to be in the sun at all, made sure he was indoors during the hottest part of the day.  And it was hot!  I was so covered in perspiration by the time I finished gathering all the “branch trimmings” I had to shower as I couldn’t get my suit on to go for a swim.  I won’t be doing anything too strenduous today as I really need to get into town.  A nice air conditioned car sounds just about right.  Dan will be finishing the grass cutting today.  We noticed yesterday there are certain areas already starting to burn/brown so wouldn’t be surprised if a fire ban goes up if this rain doesn’t happen.  Hope not as we went through an entire summer last year with a fire ban.  Everyone needs a campfire.

July 3, 2019 - 6:47 a.m.

It was smoking hot yesterday as it will be today and tomorrow!  I did all my watering in the morning before it got too hot and hopefully it will keep all my flowers from frying over the next few days.  A few I’ll need to to water daily as the poor things are in direct sunlight for most of the day.  The afternoon was spent moving as little as possible while I did laundry.  I still have a couple of more loads which I’m doing this morning before the heat sets back in.  Three days of 30+ degrees makes for a great vacation for our guests.  Typical July right on schedule.  I’m hoping we can get out on the boat this afternoon but that will depend on Dan’s agenda.  He went to Bonfield and Astorville yesterday for tractor and boat parts so hopefully he’ll get busy first thing this morning.  Lake Nipissing was like a window pane yesterday it was so calm.  I made sure I put some cold fresh nectar out for the hummingbirds as I’ve seen what prolonged heat does to the wee things.  I also put out a bowl of water for the birds, chippies and squirrels which I’m sure they were thankful for.  The storms they’ve been experiencing around our hometown of Chatham this year have just been unreal.  Dan’s Dad called twice last night saying the trees were bent over at a 45 degree angle and there were lots of reports of high winds, heavy rain and hail but haven’t heard if a tornado actually formed.  Sure looked possible when I looked up the radar.  I’m afraid it won’t be a stellar year for crops produced in southwestern Ontario this year :(

July 2, 2019 - 6:09 a.m.

Wow!  What a busy weekend, most of it social.  We did a little work but it was mostly fun, sun, fireworks and food.  A little boating and swimming as well.  Today is a work day so I’ve lots to do but I definitely need to water flowers again.  It is going to reach 30 today and tomorrow (with the humidex) so I’d better get started first thing this morning.  I’ve also cottage laundry to do and a little house cleaning.  I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed their weekend and the weather cooperated for the most part.  Gato came up to the house around 2:00 this morning and meowed just loud enough to wake me up.  He must have spent the night on our deck because he was there this morning when I got up.  I saw Mike coming in on his boat just before 6:00 so he must have went fishing at the crack of dawn.  I’ve heard fishing has dropped off a tad and although I’ve only see a few shads, believe they have come on.  Haven’t heard how they are in the Bay and haven’t been to town to know.  Lake Nipissing is around 75 degrees so that’s just about perfect for me.  Week is looking good for the next few days.  May get a little shower here and there but lately all the rain has been missing us.

July 1, 2019


June 29, 2019 - 6:48 a.m.

We had a brief shower yesterday but I don’t believe it was enough to quite water everything.  At least not nicely so I’m doing some more watering this morning.  The majority of our guests were checked in by 2:00 but it was still pretty quiet around here.  I think if the sun would have been shining the beach would have been full.  Dan and I had a quiet afternoon and evening as we were both exhausted so we’ll see what today brings.  It is currently overcast but I think the cloud cover will burn off as the sun gets hotter.  It is suppose to be a hot day with a mix of sun and cloud so my fingers are crossed.  I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to getting on the water, that’s for sure.  I was also wanting to zip into town this morning as I haven’t had time and didn’t feel like it yesterday.  No biggie if I don’t as we have no plans this weekend which is just fine.  There is however, a cottage to changeover today.  The Americans are departing after a wonderful week long trip which landed them quite a bit of fish.  I’ve still only seen one lone shad fly so am thinking they aren’t going to be too bad this year.  It also means fishing will continue to be good since the fish won’t be feeding on them.  Guess we shall see what the next week brings but I haven’t heard that the hatch has hit North Bay yet.

June 28, 2019 - 7:51 a.m.

Happy Canada weekend!  Looks like we have some excellent weather coming our way and hopefully today’s showers (if we get any) come early and the clouds clear out.  It was smoking hot yesterday and we had a very brief light shower pass through in the morning and then the sun came out and really heated things up.  We reached a high of 28 and it was very humid but the forecasted thunderstorms didn’t materialize so it never cooled down.  I had a hard time sleeping last night even with a fan on.  I saw the first shad fly of the season on my nice clean windows so with any luck, we won’t get any north winds to bring a cloud of them through our park.  We try to keep the lights off as much as possible and don’t normally get them too bad here.  I worked all day yesterday as did Dan and the place looks great.  I just have a few flowers to water and then I’m good to go for the weekend.  I will likely have some work here and there throughout the weekend but for the most part, we are going to take some R&R time and just enjoy the weather.  I heard the raccoon trying to get in the birdfood container in the wee hours of the morning and shooed him off but I’ve fixed his butt anyhow.  He won’t be getting anymore peanuts.  Gato showed up around midnight so he’s on to the raccoon’s program and coming at a different time.  I gave him lots of cat food because the place is full tonight and he doesn’t like the humans so shy’s away.  There will also be fireworks here this weekend which will also frighten him away (and likely every other animal in the vicinity).  To anyone travelling today...take your time and stay safe.

June 27, 2019 - 6:20 a.m.

So last week something got into my animal feed container which is actually a steel truck bed box.  Chowed down on the peanuts so assumed it was a raccoon.  I put a heavy rock on the lid forgetting that Dan had drilled a hole in the box so I could lock the lid shut with a heavy hooked screw.  I went in the container yesterday and more peanuts had been consumed and since the rock was still in place, thought maybe a critter was already inside the box.  I emptied everything but there was nothing inside.  Well 4:30 this morning I hear banging going on outside the bedroom window.  Got up, looked out and everything is as it should be so tried going back to sleep.  Bang, bang, bang.  I finally go outside, take the rock off the lid and open the box.  Out jumps a raccoon.  Little bugger figured out he (might be a she) can get in and out at leisure except this time, got trapped.  So today I’ll dig up another hook and that’ll be the end of that.  This happens pretty much every year so I truly should have anticipated it.  We had a beautiful day yesterday although I spent most of it indoors cleaning my pollen ridden house.  We still have pollen floating around but it is starting to dwindle.  Washed the floors and finished the windows, wiped everything down including walls so now I should just need to do a light dusting.  I headed outside mid afternoon and actually had to water flowers, those in full day long sunlight were really parched.  I started cleaning up the mess Jesse left when he trimmed the overgrown trees along Greening Bay Road.  Dan told him to throw the branches in the ditch which made for ugliness so I picked them all up.  Well, not all.  I ran out of steam so will get the rest this morning and then hopefully carry on with the staining project.  Dan started spreading the beach sand we had delivered and shortly after a hose broke on the tractor so Jesse had to hand balm.  Quite the job but he was up to the task.  Dan ended up washing all the cottages with his trusty solution which makes the buildings sparkle and keeps the bugs down and then he cut grass. Lots of grass.  We’re hoping to get all our chores finished by noon tomorrow so we can actually enjoy some of the celebrations.  They keep changing the forecast but all in all, I think it’s going to be a pretty nice weekend.

June 26, 2019 - 7:14 a.m.

I actually slept in this morning until nearly 7:00.  I was tired apparently.  The sun is shining and it’s already 20 degrees.  Going to be very warm, nearly 30 over the next few days and the forecast is still looking really good for the weekend.  I’m glad we received some rain or I’d be watering flowers today.  It was pretty much overcast all day yesterday and I was inside cleaning and doing cottage laundry all day.  I finally got sick of all the pollen so cleaned the screens and windows which was no easy chore.  I still have our sliding doors to do and don’t have a clue, short of taking them completely off, how I’m going to get all the poplar pollen removed which is imbedded.  Was a chore with the screens yesterday which had to be removed and scrubbed as a vacuum wasn’t cutting it.  I don’t think a leaf blower would work either.  I’ll figure something out.  Gato finally put in an appearance last night and as he didn’t look hurt or harmed tells me the little bugger has been out tom-catting in the neighbourhood.  He did however have a raccoon in tow so that could be why he’s been avoiding the house.  The coon was actually under the birdfeeder just before dusk and I ran her off.  She obviously came back because she nudged Gato away from his food bowl so I had to run her off again and make sure Gato got something to eat.  Dan ran our cottage entrance mats into North Bay for cleaning yesterday as they were pretty filthy.  Our neighbour is going into town today so picking them up for us.  We also had a couple of loads of beach sand dropped off yesterday afternoon so Dan will be spending today on the tractor spreading it.  Just in time for the long weekend as we had to wait for the lake to drop.  The beach will get plenty of use this weekend for sure!

June 25, 2019 - 6:31 a.m.

I had kind of an easy relax day yesterday.  Dan, Ray and Jesse helped our neighbour Marg out cleaning up her yard.  She has been unable to attend to her yardwork due to her dog having a severely broken leg so the boys cleaned up all the flood debris, cut her grass and did what was needed.  Since the water has receded, the worst of it is over so it’ll just be maintaining the grass mostly.  Not going to be a nice summer for Marg and Fanny.  I paid some much needed attention to my cats while doing some laundry.  I bathed them and also gave Grady his summer trim.  Everyone was saying how fat he had gotten but it was all fur.  He looks like a totally different cat.  I also took an hour to clean my Dyson upright.  So much sand had been tracked in the house this spring the vacuum started acting up so I had to take it all apart.  It’s working like a charm now.  We had a nice rain go through in the early hours so everything has been nicely watered.  It is rather humid this morning and currently 19 degrees here.  We may still get another shower today but the skies look like the clouds are starting to break up.  The forecast for this weekend looks fantastic.  Nothing but sun with hot temperatures from Thursday through Monday.  Yes!  Today I’m cleaning and doing the cottage laundry so won’t be outside much.  Dan has had to put the retaining wall on hold for various reasons so I’m staining it hopefully before the weekend.  Lots to do yet but I’ll get caught up eventually.

June 24, 2019 - 6:05 a.m.

What a great weekend.  Saturday I did some more staining.  I finished the deck of a cottage and then did our 5 new planters that Dan built to give them a good seal.  Pressure treated wood just isn’t as well made as it use to be.  Afterwards, we went for a short boat ride on Mike’s boat.  It’s a lovely boat but I still prefer our pontoon which is better suited to an old gal like me.  lol.  We then had a wonderful prime rib steak dinner and Paula and Alf joined us for a campfire later on.  Yesterday I had checkouts and a few chores and then Annie, Dan and I headed out on the boat at noon.  We ended up going to the tavern for a late lunch and were on the water until 4:30 as by that time, we’d all had enough sun.  The boat was registering a water temperature of between 70 and 73 degrees (21 C) and since shad flys hatch at 17 and we haven’t seen any, I wonder if the high water is affecting their population this year.  I know nature goes in cycles and weather is an obvious factor but we should have had a hatch by now.  The fishing remains excellent but usually dies off for a bit once the fish start feeding on the shads so kind of happy that hasn’t happened yet.  Our fishermen are certainly enjoying the no shad zone this week.  We haven’t seen Gato since last week and I’m a little concerned.  He normally doesn’t go this long without coming for a visit.  He’s a pretty tough cat so hopefully he’s just doing his own wanderlust thing.  I’m not sure what is on my agenda today.  I have cottage laundry but would also like to do some more staining.  Unfortunately it looks like we may get some rain. 

June 22, 2019 - 6:44 a.m.

The longest day of the year brought us a beautiful red sunset last night and as promised, it’s going to be a beautiful day!  Sunny, gorgeous and a high of 23 today which means it’ll likely hit a little warmer.  I spent 6 back breaking hours staining our deck yesterday.  Lots of wrungs, getting inbetween the planks, it took a while but sure looks lovely and well worth my effort.  I’m thinking of staining an easy cottage deck this morning and then I’d like to enjoy some of the day.  Maybe a boat ride perhaps.  We have a great group of guys in this weekend and some American fishermen were due to arrive very early this morning but I haven’t ventured far enough to see if they actually checked in already.   Providing no flight or traffic delays I’m sure they’ve made themselves at home as they know the routine.  Once Dan’s up and at’em we’ll get them organized with their boat requirements.  Fishing has been fantastic so they are in for a great week in Northern Ontario.  I noticed yesterday the Mallards are already starting to molt (the male ducks lose their beautiful colours when the mating season is over and then regain them again in the fall) and I’ve yet to see one baby duck this year.  Either the high water has ruined their nesting grounds or something has gotten all the eggs.  The black squirrels that have moved onto the property could be the culprits for all the Robin eggs this year but I doubt they would go after ducks eggs.  Or would they?  I’m not knowing.

June 21, 2019 - 7:01 a.m.

Yesterday was a very productive day for the boys as they finished the palapa.  There was Mike, the oldest of the group up on top doing the nailing because he was the lightest.  Lol.  Thanks for your hard work Bud.  Palapa looks great and is a tad bigger than the last one and solid wood.  Dan’s brains, Jesse and Mike’s braun can accomplish great things.  I was in town while they were working and one errand was to pick up 5 more cans of stain.  I was offered help by the clerk to take it to my car but since it was all in a cart, I thankfully declined.  His last words were “be careful the cart is tippy”.  Well, I tipped the cart, nailing both my shins and it wasn’t the cart, it was the parking lot which had a big bump right outside the door.  Once I hit it, the cart went forward.  Did I feel stupid.  Then when I got home and was coming out of the shop after putting the stain away, I ran into a protruding rock with my big toe and split it open.  My nail is bruised so don’t know just yet if I’m going to lose it.  What’s with me being accident prone all of a sudden?  Nearly broke my nose last month when cleaning debris off the beach and a big piece of wood kicked up nailing me square between the eyes.  Than last week while cleaning my car the seat bit my hand and am still bruised from that incident.  Hopefully that’s it for the summer and my clutzy days are behind me.

June 20, 2019 - 6:05 a.m.

We had a brief shower first thing yesterday morning which kept the clouds around but the sky opened up in the afternoon and it was a beautiful day with the temperature just above 20.  Perfect working weather.  Dan cut grass and weedeated so the property is finished for the weekend.  I did some staining all day.  I’ve only a partial gallon left out of 3 gallons so didn’t want to start a deck and only get half way through before running out.  I’m heading to town for some errands this morning, one of which includes buying more stain.  The heron I was talking about yesterday is relentless.  I chased it off 3 times yesterday and Alf told me it got a chipmunk the day before.  It’s already cleared out all the Northern red squirrels and likely most of the baby black ones so now it’s wanting all the chipmunks.  The black squirrels have gotten a lot of the baby birds and/or eggs so I guess it’s a vicious circle of nature.  Just not the nicest thing to watch.  I’ve still yet to see any baby ducks this year.  Not even Merganzers and certainly no Mallards.  Definitely not a summer for two or three batches.

June 19, 2019 - 6:02 a.m.

Awesome day yesterday.  I managed to get all my pruning and dead heading finished so today’s job is staining.  I’ll keep at it until I run out of steam but there’s a lot I’d like to stain.  Planters, decks, breakwall.  May take 2-3 days but I’d like to get everything finished this week.  Dan and crew (mostly crew) spent the day working on the new replacement palapa on the beach.  Jesse was having a heck of a time getting the old 2x4’s off the existing post but once that was completed, they were able to get the tresses up fairly quickly and then Jesse stained them.  Today they will likely start putting the roof on.  Dan did some grass cutting and weedeating after supper (when the sun isn’t so hot as he isn’t suppose to be in it).  The grass will hopefully slow down the growing process this week as we aren’t suppose to get much rain.  Still lots to be cut today and since Dan’s the brains behind the palapa building, don’t know how that’s going to go.  He’s also hoping to get the new breakwall going this week.  We don’t build anything when the cottages are fully occupied (quiet family time) as we don’t like to disturb but with the fishermen, that’s a little different so we’ve lots to do between now and the long weekend.  On another topic, I’ve chased a big heron off the past two mornings.  Bugger is trying to get the chipmunks and has obviously spotted them running around the property.  Quite a few of them come up to the house every morning for peanuts and birdfeed so the heron has been casing out the feeders.  Had one last summer get one of my favourite chippies which wasn’t pleasant.  You’d think they’d eat more fish and frogs but chipmunks and squirrels is kind of gross.

June 17, 2019 - 7:05 a.m.

What a fabulous day yesterday.  The weather was perfect so after finishing our work in the morning, I made some sandwiches and we, along with Paula and Alf headed out on the boat for a tour.  Checked out water levels throughout several bays and were on the water for a good 5 hours.  There is some damage here and there but levels look to be receding.  Lots of barrels and weights still being used but there are more docks above the water than below.  We also saw the house that burned down last winter or rather what was left of it, which isn’t much.  Such a shame as it was one of our favourite homes on the lake.  I was warm enough to swim when we got home and have to say the water was just perfect.    At least the way I like it.  Others may find it a tad chilly yet but I prefer “refreshing”.  Although the sun is currently out they are calling for possible showers today and clouds are moving into the area.  My plants and flowers sure liked the heat and sun because I swear my tomato plant grew 2” yesterday.  It’s going to be a gorgeous week so hopefully everyone can take advantage of it!

June 16, 2019 - 6:20 a.m.

The sun finally came out mid afternoon yesterday and today promises to be even better.  The sun is up and smiling on us and temperatures should be fairly seasonal for most of the week.  I worked outside for most of the day yesterday.  Pruning and redoing the new planters but also managed to get the cottage laundry finished.  I’m going to finish the outdoor work today before I take a shower to help combat the bugs so should be done by 10 or 11 this morning.  I’d like to spend some R&R time in the sun at some point today.  Sometime this week I would like to get all the windows on the property cleaned but I don’t think the pollen is finished just yet.  As soon as it is, I’m on it.  Due to all the rain, the pollen hasn’t been as bad as previous years but it’s been enough of a nuisance to keep me dusting regularly.  This too shall pass.  Shaping up to be a beautiful week so I hope everyone can find some time to enjoy it!

June 15, 2019 - 6:37 a.m.


Friday night’s supper at The Lookout was excellent.  I had the special which was beef tenderloin finished with a red wine reduction and am embarrassed to say I inhaled it.  It turned out to be rather a late evening and we all slept in yesterday morning for a change.  Paula and I zipped into town yesterday afternoon as I needed to get some soil.  Dan built some replacement planters and made them much bigger so need soil added.  I’m digging up the flowers, adding soil and replanting the flowers.  Hopefully they aren’t rooted too much to cause damage but I think they’ll be fine.  I cooked another fine meal yesterday for Dan, Paula, Alf and Mike which consisted of pan fried shrimp and scallops followed by pork tenderloin with twice baked potatoes and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.  The meal basically tucked me in so I opted for some quiet time and read until midnight.  I woke up at 5:00 this morning to find Gato patiently waiting for food.  This is the time of year when it’s still light at 10:30 and the sun rises before 5:00 so I don’t get much sleep.  It’s going to be a beautiful day by the looks of things so believe we are heading out on the boat.  I’m making some sandwiches this morning and then once it warms up will head outside to finish the planters.  It’s currently 9 degrees but suppose to hit 21 so will be lovely on the boat.  Not too hot but warm enough to catch some rays.

June 14, 2019 - 6:54 a.m.

Another day in paradise, another day, oh who am I kidding?  It rained on and off all day and night and now the NW winds have come in like a hammer AGAIN.  The south shore of Lake Nipissing is certainly taking a beating this year.  Our fishermen were up late last night and it’s a good thing because they won’t be leaving land any time soon.  The winds are gusting to 60+ km right now but they are suppose to shift and die down later today.  Likely once the system blows through and the sun comes out this afternoon.  The system that was over us did the little “swirly thing”, as I like to call it.  It comes through, swirls around and hits us on the backside again.  Lake Nipissing is infamous for it.  Glad it’s almost over.  Yesterday I ended up making some cucumber soup, butter tarts and a great roasted chicken dinner.  I also cleaned out the fridge and got rid of some ants that came from God knows where.  They just appeared out of no where and I couldn’t figure out the source.  Not a lot of them but I suspect with all the rain, they wanted to be high and dry.  I’ve been hearing a lot of people are having trouble with them indoors this year.  They’re gone now so I can hardly wait for the next nuisance to rear it’s ugly head.  Dan ended up going to town for construction material yesterday and I’m heading in this morning.  I think this might be a good day to just be lazy later on.  Maybe go to the Lookout for supper tonight.  Now there’s a good idea!

June 13, 2019 - 6:43 a.m.

A pesty little mosquito woke me up shortly after 5:00 because it was gnawing on me.  Little buggers.  Not a good way to greet the day with annoying little creatures buzzing your ear either.  It ended up being quite a nice day yesterday so I spent 4 hours detailing my vehicle.  After the long winter, transporting all my flowers and generally just using my car as a work horse, it was long overdue for a good bath.  It’s nice and clean now so I’ll be taking it in for service as soon as I can make an appointment.  Hopefully I’ll get it in the shop before it’s covered in pollen again.  Dan got all the grass cut yesterday so the place looks great.  Jesse did some tree trimming after a bunch of other odd jobs.  I tell you, I wish I had half his energy but then I probably did when I was 17 as well.  Heck, even 5 years ago.  Lol.  I believe we will be getting some rain today so I’m not planning on too much outdoor work.  I have enough to keep me busy indoors or hey, might even have a “curl up and read” day.  Wouldn’t that be novel.  See what I did with that pun there?  Lol.

June 12, 2019 - 7:01 a.m.

I’m happy to say the forecast is much better then forecasted.  Although it was fairly windy for most of the day, the sun came out and the wind died down enough to turn the beginning of a somewhat dismal day into a thing of beauty.  It is currently sunny and we should have a mix of sun and cloud for most of the day but showers may move in this evening.  At least Lake Nipissing is calm this morning but we could use the heat turned up.  The clean Northern air is wonderful but a little warmth would go a long way.  Hard to believe Canada Day weekend isn’t too far off already.  When is summer going to finally stick around?

June 11, 2019 - 5:48 a.m.

The sea is angry today my friends!  The wind picked up and started blowing northwest around 11:00 and has been pounding the shoreline all night.  Some of our beach chairs were blown clear across the road and the waterfowl are stuck on shore as it’s too rough for them to be on the water.  You should hear the roar of the waves hitting the shore, it’s deafening.  That said, this wind has managed to blow the rain system into Quebec after dumping on us for most of the day yesterday.  Thankfully we didn’t have a heavy downpour all day but we did get our fair share over several hours.  My poor flowers were just starting to come back and look beautiful after the 25-30 degree weather on the weekend but are looking a little less healthy this morning.  The temperature has dropped to 12 degrees but it looks like the sun will be shining today so there is that.  I guess this is one of those years where we’ll have to take the good with the bad and enjoy the good when we’re able.  Dan had a reprieve yesterday as the weather didn’t allow for him to do much.  I did cottage laundry all day but still have a bit more to finish today.  I cooked a nice pickerel dinner last night thanks to Dave and group giving us some fish from their haul this past weekend.  Nothing like it and didn’t take long to inhale.  Karen is coming in today to clean and I have a couple of quick errands to do just in Callander.  I’ll be doing some brief clean up outside first and already had my first job as soon as I got up this morning.  One of my bratty cats, likely Grady, knocked over my flowers on the dining room table while I was making a coffee so had some water to soak up.  Never ends.

June 10, 2019 - 5:57 a.m.

What a terrific weekend.  Best so far this season.  Saturday night we hosted a seafood feast so I was pretty busy cooking but John hopped in and helped me after the first two courses of mussels and scallops with the shrimp and lobster.  There was a lot of food but even more laughs and everyone had a great time.  By the time everyone left and I had the kitchen cleaned up, it was a pretty late night and because the temperature was so warm yesterday morning, we decided to get on the boat.  Spent yesterday afternoon on Lake Nipissing with Alf, Annie and Mike and although we did see a few deadheads, the obstacles and debris weren’t as bad as anticipated.  We could certainly see lots of shoreline affected by high water but it was evident that the water is receding.  At least it was.  It hit 32 yesterday and is still 20 degrees this morning with lots of rain in the forecast beginning this morning.  We could see rather a lot of it today so other than cottage laundry, I think it will be a lazy day today.  Gato has already had his feed this morning as he was meowing outside the door when I got up.  He’ll likely crawl into wherever he lives and curl up to sleep all day.  The deer have all disappeared this year as we haven’t seen many on the property since early spring.  They are still around but aren’t coming here for corn anymore.  I have mixed emotions as I love the deer but have to say, this is the first year I’ve had flowers survive the deer nibbling on them.

June 8, 2019 - 8:21 a.m.

I’m late this morning and have to say, I don’t know if I’ll survive another night of the fishermen being here.  Lol.  Honesty a great group of guys but because the sun doesn’t even set until 10:00,  they are a little late getting started at the campfire.  I had to ask them to turn the music down after 11:00 and then a car alarm went off twice close to 2:00 this morning.  The boys are harmless and having a great time but Dan and I as well as the park are usually all in bed fairly early.  Too funny.  Wasn’t long ago we would have been leading the bang wagon.  It’s all good, they are just having fun and an annual fishing trip should be just that.  I was speaking to the ringleader yesterday, he said they’ve caught over 30 keeper walleye so the slot line is doing it’s job.  A few years ago, it was unheard of to catch that many big fish at once.  There is a pike tournament on today so I suspect there will be a lot of boat traffic on the lake.  We didn’t get on the boat yesterday as I worked until 3:00ish but today is the day.  Even if we only go out for a couple of hours, we’re long overdue.  We know where the pike live so will likely avoid those areas.  I’d like to do a tour along the shorelines to see what the high water damage has been.  It has definitely receded but they are forecasting a west wind when the cold front comes in on Monday so that will likely bring more debris to shore.   I guess it’s better to be on shore than the middle of the lake.

June 7, 2019 - 6:34 a.m.

What a glorious day yesterday!  Not a cloud in sight and the temperature was warm enough to just soak up the sunshine.  I zipped to town in the morning to pick up some ingredients at the grocery store after a few more errands and then did all my deadheading.  My poor flowers were sure liking the sun yesterday and will happily receive a repeat today.  The heat made my wildflowers pop so they’ve all started to sprout and grow.  The boys continued on with the shop and now it is completely sided and looks great.  One more day of indoor work on the building and it will be completely done but that can wait until next week when the rain moves in.  We are going to enjoy the next few days of summer weather while we’re able.  Our guests are doing great in the fishing department.  It’s a big group and they managed to bring home 20+ walleye yesterday after the morning fish and if they didn’t already have one, a nice fry is on the agenda.  Lake Nipissing looks to be a little choppy further out this morning but I’m sure once the sun is a bit higher, it’ll sit right down.  I’m hoping for a boat ride today but if not, a kayak ride might be in order.  Have some cooking and prepping to do this morning as we are hosting a dinner tomorrow night after a boat ride.  Just looking forward to chillaxing this weekend.

June 6, 2019 - 6:33 a.m.

Blessed sunshine this morning!  I believe summer has finally made an appearance.  Calling for a high of 21 today and the temperature will slowly rise throughout the weekend to a high of 29 on Sunday!  Nothing but sun until Monday.  Can you say “boat ride”?  Not sure what day we’ll actually venture onto Lake Nipissing but it’s been a long time coming.  The waters are calm this morning and hopefully will stay that way during the “heat” wave as we are full up with fishermen who are here for the duration.  I know nature is going to love the reprieve from the rain which we received yesterday.  It didn’t rain too hard, enough to water everything but a healthy dose of vitamin D is long overdue.  Not too sure what’s on my agenda for the next few days but you can bet it’s going to involve outdoor work.  I did my errands yesterday so no indoor work for me for a bit.  The boys worked on the shop yesterday as they are today which will involve installing new siding.  Great day for it.  The water in the area has slowly started to recede so providing we don’t get anymore wave action for a few days, things should settle down where erosion is concerned.  It will give our helper Jesse a break from picking up all the debris.  The last storm brought whole trees, roots and all, to shore.  When boating in the near future, please proceed with caution as there is a lot of nasty stuff floating around.  I’d love to take a tour over to the Manitous as I bet the beach is just covered in crap.  Wonder if the government will send anyone to clean it up considering it is a provincial park?  You can bet there will be lots of firewood available for those choosing to camp on the island this summer.

June 5, 2019 - 6:25 a.m.

The winds shifted slightly around lunch time yesterday bringing, you guessed it...rain showers.  That’s okay because it wasn’t a hard rain and just nicely watered everything.  There are a few showers in the area again today but then tomorrow, summer arrives!  Finally.  Apparently going to be very warm and sunny through the weekend so fingers crossed that nothing develops in the meantime and we can get busy with bbq’s and boat rides.  The boys worked on the shop yesterday and it’s coming along nicely.  The girls came in to clean the cottages for me and I did cottage laundry, cleaned the house, made some ham and bean soup for the crew and caught up on some office work without my office.  Lol.  Today I have business to attend to in town so doing several errands and since it’s overcast and not the nicest of weather, today’s the perfect day for it.  I still have a bit of gardening left to do so hoping that will be completed tomorrow.  All the planting is finished so just need to put down some cedar mulch and do some deadheading already.  I actually had to water my window boxes yesterday as they were drying out after the sun from the weekend.  Some of our guests arrived yesterday and the rest are due in today.  Lake Nipissing is calm today so they’ll be able to get out and fish.  Will find out if the walleye have moved into the shallows yet but I don’t believe so as they were still hitting on minnows vs worms on the weekend which means the water temp is still too cool.

June 4, 2019 - 5:11 a.m.

The wind finally died down but not before depositing an enormous amount of debris all along the front of the property.  Lots of wood, blocking, deck/docking material, garbage, you name it.  Our little helper is coming in today and has a mess on his hands to clean up but I have total faith it will all get done and we will have some extra firewood to dry out.  There was even a huge chunk of land that broke off from somewhere and floated into the government docks in Callander and completely blocked the boat ramp.  It’s just crazy.  We have been lucky though and haven’t been getting a lot of wind events.  I think boat wake is the least of our problems until the water recedes.  The good news is the long term forecast looks great if it holds.  Only a couple of showers possible today and tomorrow and I don’t think we’ll get anything much today.   They did issue a frost warning last night but thankfully, it didn’t materialize.  It only dipped to 7 here but was 3 in North Bay.  The water tends to protect us from frost so there is a positive side in an otherwise bleak spring season.  The good stuff is upon us.  I did the cottage laundry yesterday and Dan cut grass after he got back from town.  Both ladies are coming in to clean cottages today and I may need to chip in as we have check-ins and out so see how things go.

June 3, 2019 - 7:24 a.m.

Holy wind Batman!  It was blowing here yesterday but not like it is this morning!  I can certainly sympathize with people of Ottawa who had to endure the tornadoes yesterday because it’s gusting here today with no relief due until this evening.  The waves pounding is making an enormous continuous sound.  We received a small shower overnight but the skies are clearing today.  I’ll be spending the day indoors doing cottage laundry.  Not too sure what’s on Dan’s agenda but I know our helper Jess is coming in so maybe continuing work on the shop.  We had a great weekend catching up with Trish and Larry.  We spent yesterday on their deck soaking up the sunshine as it was too windy to get on the boat but it was a very enjoyable day.  Hopefully we’ll have many more before the summer is over.

June 1, 2019 - 7:04 a.m.

June is beginning with a day of warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine and I say it’s about time!  It was overcast for pretty much the entire day yesterday although the sun was trying her darndest to break through the cloud cover.  The weather has certainly been making it easy for the fishermen though.  They’ve been doing great.  The fish haven’t quite come into the shallows yet as Lake Nipissing is still too cool but another week or so and they should start providing we don’t get an enormous amount of rain.  I did my town run yesterday while Dan cleaned and launched another boat for our check-ins yesterday.  We have been instructing everyone to go extremely slow and with caution in our bay as the neighbours have been complaining about wake with the high water levels.  The wind is creating more damage to the shorelines truth be told but I can certainly understand the concerns as there are docks in the bay just trying to hang on.  I’ll be so glad when the water recedes which it looks like it just might be.  Hard to say because when we get the westerly wind, it pushes all the water into Moose Creek and the water goes up.  It’s likely going to be another few weeks before we see a distinct difference.  Just need a full week of hot sunny weather.  Today I’ve got some things to do indoors this morning and am then hoping to get some work done outdoors but I’m not bothered.  It’s Saturday, been a long week so what doesn’t get finished will wait.  I’m not procrastinating, just old.  Lol.  And I’d like to enjoy the weather while we have it!

May 31, 2019 - 6:39 a.m.

There was a frost advisory up last night but being so close to the water, I wasn’t overly concerned.  I did cover the hanging baskets out at the road just in case but as I assumed, it was fine here when I got up.  Likely a little more inland the plants weren’t so lucky.  I weeded th