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March 7, 2021 - 6:06 a.m.

It’s nippy out this morning with a windchill in the -20’s but I’m happy to say, it’s likely the last really chilly night we’re going to have.  The warmfront is moving in tomorrow and it’s suppose to be sunny and +8 by Tuesday.  I’ll take it.  Suffice it to say, if you don’t get your hut off the ice in the next day or two, you’ll be having a tough go of it as there is also quite a bit of rain in the forecast for next week.  There aren’t many around us but Deepwater and Callander Bay still have lots of huts.  Likely quite a few stuck in from the last thaw and I’m so happy we just need to get the treeline off and be done with it.  Tuesday may be a good day for that if it gets as warm as forecasted but may need to wait a few extra days to let the sun do it’s magic and thaw things out a bit.  The days are definitely getting longer though and we are starting to get some decent sunsets within our sightline over the lake now.  The sun is definitely moving around towards Whisky Island.  I do have to say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the night sky this winter.  Since we are usually in bed by 9 or 10 during ice fishing, not running this year has allowed me to stay up later then usual to star gaze and it’s been a terrific light show.

March 6, 2021 - 5:02 a.m.

Boy it certainly has been cold the past couple of days with a bitter north to north west wind.  Just cuts you like a knife if you’re caught in a gust.  The warm stuff isn’t due to arrive until Monday but it will be a mild week and tomorrow is suppose to be nice and sunny.  I went into town for some quick errands yesterday and it looks like a few of the shelves are getting empty again.  It always seems to be the same stuff.  Dan hasn’t been able to find his Puritan Beef Stew (ewwww, formed meat chunks) for months and finally found some at Callander Foodland so bought 6 cans which he has been rationing.  Some items are just hard to come by now.  We’ll all be buying groceries from Amazon before you know it.  At least there’s still plenty of fresh produce.  For those not in the know, Metro makes awesome pizza and the price is right.  Just order when you get in the store and they make it while you shop.  That’s what we had for supper last night and it was great.  Awesome crust!

March 4, 2021 - 7:39 a.m.

According to the long term forecast, anyone who leaves their hut on ice after this weekend is just begging for trouble.  That said, the forecast could change and we could very well get another cold snap but I doubt it.   It’s going well above zero next week and nighttime lows aren’t very low.  Dan had his eye appt yesterday.  The doctor couldn’t believe he’s had to wait so long to get in and I think was quite upset at the state of Dan’s vision.  He is legally blind at the moment and unable to drive until after his operation.  He also has cataracts in both eyes which he wasn’t aware of.  The doctor either took pity on him or really liked Dan so is doing his left eye on March 15 and the right eye on March 22.  Apparently he normally waits 2 weeks between eyes.  In between his eye surgeries, on the 18th, Dan has his pre-op for his knee.  Jeez, if it wasn’t for his bad health, he’d have nothing to talk about.  Lol.  Actually, I think Dan is quite nervous as I even have a hard time getting eye drops in his eyes at the best of times so I can sympathize.  By the end of the month, Dan’ll be a new man although he’ll have some work ahead of him.  If anyone out there has a stationary bike we could borrow for Dan’s knee recovery, please let us know. 

March 3, 2021 - 6:28 a.m.

The boys managed to get the hut off yesterday with no problem.  Things had hardened up enough from the cold snap there were no issues.  Mike opted to leave his on for a bit yet which only the future will determine if that was a good idea or not.  Mike wants to fish one last weekend so he should be fine because he doesn’t have Moose Creek to contend with.  We ‘ve only a couple of more nights of cold weather and after that it’s spring.  Going to be a gorgeous weekend with sunny and above zero temps so we may just need to head out ourselves.  We can always use the people mover for shelter.  Dan is heading to the eye doctor today.  Finally.  It only took a year and a half to get an appointment.  His cataract is so bad now that he’s completely blind in his left eye.  Hopefully they can fix him up right shortly.  This month Dan’s eye, next month his first knee. Sucks to get old.

March 2, 2021 - 4:46 a.m.

The wind finally died down sometime during the night and it’s as still and calm as can be outside right now.  The air is crisp and clean and the stars are twinkling away with the moon shining bright.  Pretty sure things have firmed up enough on ice (it’s frigid) for the boys to get their huts off today but only a small window as it’s due to warm up to around -2 today.  I’m sure Dan will get an ice report first thing as Mike was out on the path when I got up shortly after 4:00 this morning.  He usually gets up early but heading out on ice by himself in these temperatures before 4:00 might not be the best idea.  Silly man.  His hut is coming off today as well once ours is off.  I hope the majority of huts come off today because otherwise people could be in for a whole lot of grief this year.  Way too much slush underneath way too much snow.  As long as there is a well defined path from huts to shore, people should be okay but if there is no snow pack, there will be plenty of stuck or buried huts.  We do have a few more -15 nights but that’s about it.  Lake Nipissing closes March 15th and all huts have to be removed by the end of the month.  Should be interesting.

March 1, 2021 - 6:57 a.m.

In like a lion, out like a lamb.  Good to know.  I was just thinking a few days ago that in all the years we’ve lived on Lake Nipissing, this winter has been without a doubt the calmest.  We’ve really not had a lot of wind storms.  Usually we have big tree branches down all over the place and lots of power outages but not this year.  Today is the exception but we knew it was coming.  It hit +8 as forecasted yesterday and was absolutely beautiful.  It was even sunny for most of it.  Dan tried to take our hut off but it veered off the path into the deep snow and got stuck.  Nick came over to help him but it was just too slushy to get it home.  They jacked it on the skis so will need to wait until tomorrow to get it the rest of the way.  This wind will go along way to firming things up as it’s suppose to drop to -21 tonight.  Craziness.  

February 28, 2021 - 6:16 a.m.

Wow!  It thawed out quite a bit yesterday with above zero temps and continued thawing all night.  We received close to another six inches of snow yesterday but a lot of that has already compressed.  Lake Nipissing is an absolute mess.  It’s going to get even worse.  Today, it is suppose to start raining this afternoon with a high of +8 and the rain could continue through the evening hours.  We are also due for our very first thunderstorm as the cold front comes in so I’m guessing we most definitely will hear some boomers later today.  Our property will be a skating rink come tomorrow, guaranteed.  Not good for Dan with his bad knees.  Mike groomed the trail for us yesterday but I don’t it’s a good idea for him to go out there today as he’ll get stuck in the slush.  AJ also came out and did some shovelling for me.  Our lakeside deck had a good 3 feet of snow on it, most of it hardened to the point of nearly being solid ice so AJ had to chisel it.  I was concerned with the rain coming it would be too much weigh.  I’m going to do some shovelling of the cottage decks this morning just to get everything nicely cleaned from yesterday’s snow so they’ll be completely cleared before the rain hits.  One the rain comes, the snow from the roofs will likely fall and make a mess.  Nice mixed bag coming our way over the next few days for sure.  I’ll bet Moose Creek is going to start to flow today before the cold front arrives.

February 27, 2021 - 7:22 a.m.

What a beautifully gorgeous day yesterday.  The cloud cover moved out early and by shortly after noon, it was above zero and sunny.  I sat outside by myself for a while and just absorbed some vitamin D.  I was even able to remove my coat until the wind kicked up.  It started gusting and although wasn’t too bad sheltered behind a line of trees, it was a little nastier on the lake.  Speaking of, Lake Nipissing is a big slush pile so I wouldn’t recommend trying to take a vehicle out right now.  There’s about a foot of slush under the snow.  Someone has been fishing too close to our hut which is now surrounded by slush.  Dan is a little concerned about pulling it off the ice now.  We were going to fish yesterday afternoon but no way he wants to open holes as the water will come up and make the situation even worse.  We are in for more precipitation today which could be rain.  We’ll just have to hope things firm up so we can get our hut to shore.  Sure would appreciate it if whoever has been fishing by us could do it a little farther away.  Thanks.

February 26, 2021 - 4:48 a.m.

We have officially run out of room to put snow.  Dan plowed yesterday and honestly, there’s no more room.  In places, the snow is so high, you can’t see out the windows.  Between the snow falling off the roofs and having to keep walkways and driveways open, it’s ridiculous.  And we’ve had snow 3 nights in a row although last night was just a little bit.  The moon is also nearly full.  It’s just gorgeous out there this morning shining on the bay.  I think that’s what woke me up so early as it’s shining in the bedroom window.  I’m going to take a pic in a few minutes from our deck it’s that bright.  The wind is SW today so if I can persuade him, I’d like to go fishing with Dan this afternoon as the temperature is suppose to hit +2.  Perfect conditions.  Fresh air and fresh fish...nothing better for the soul.

February 25, 2021 - 7:26 a.m.

We had a few nice mild days and the snow began to melt.  A lot of dripping roofs, nice mild temperatures but yesterday was not one of those days.  I had an appointment in town (of course) and got caught in a snowstorm.  All told we must have received 25 cm yesterday which completely covered everything and the roads were horrible during the event.  Which of course I was driving in.  I just took my time coming home but even the plows were having a hard time keeping up.  Dan blew two sheer pins trying to plow yesterday as the snow was that heavy and wet.  Great packing snow though.  Lol.  The cold came in overnight and it went down to -16 so a little brisk this morning considering it was zero yesterday.  At least the sun is shining and it will warm up considerably today.  I’ll bet fishing has been on fire the past couple of days, not so much today.  I’ll also bet the shacks on ice are likely buried in.

February 22, 2021 - 8:12 a.m.

Both Dan and I slept in this morning.  It’s so quiet and we are getting yet more snow.  I believe we are pulling our hut off the ice this week while the getting is good.  Too much snow and Lake Nipissing will be one big slush pile which is pretty much already is but at least our path is still fairly good.  It went above zero yesterday as it will for the next few days.  Going to be an extremely mild week with only a couple of nights in the minus double digits so things will be melting.  Not complaints as we have way too much snow.  Not sure what’s on the agenda today as I’m still waking up but I would love to clean my windows so will see how ambitious I get.

February 20, 2021 - 7:12 a.m.

I woke up to a winter wonderland this morning.  Actually, I think we had another ice fog event overnight.  Everything is covered in prickly snow ice which is absolutely breathtaking.  Once the sun is fully up and it starts to warm, it’ll all be gone so kudos to those who are up early enough to see it.  I was hoping to go fishing today as it’s suppose to be high of around -5 but unless the wind changes, I’m not going.  Wind is currently north so “don’t venture forth” as the fish won’t be biting.  Pressure is still relatively high as well but we’ll see what happens as the day progresses.  I think I may zip into L’Ami’s this morning to replenish my birdfeed and pick up a few staples so there’s plenty of time.  Another week has gone by without me getting a whole lot accomplished.  I really would like to finish the painting in the house but can’t seem to get my butt in gear.  Ambition seems to have disappeared.  I’ve lots of time before we open in the spring so maybe knowing that is the problem.  There hasn’t been much traffic on Lake Nipissing in our area so I think a lot of people must be spending February indoors although with this cold snap we just lived through, can’t say that I blame anyone.  Looks to be a gorgeous day today so hopefully everyone enjoys it!

February 19, 2021 - 6:26 a.m.

The weather is starting to lean a little towards spring.  I know it’s not quite there yet but looking at the long term for the next 2 weeks, all the nasty is behind us.  We’ve got balmy temperatures coming with even some above zero days and possibly rain.  Speaking of, we haven’t really had any of those awful mid winter rain events for the past few years.  Knock on wood.  It was never fun for the boys to be hauling people in the rain.  That said, we’ve a little too much snow on the lake right now.  Needs the air knocked out of it before we get anymore.  Unfortunately more snow is inevitable.  Since we only have one hut on ice, we aren’t too concerned but we may even pull it to shore in the next day or two.  We typically only fish when the weather is nice and with the warming trend, we can always use one of the people movers if we need some shelter.  

February 17, 2021 - 7:26 a.m.

Well we never saw that coming!  Holy, it was -30 when I got up this morning.  That was not forecasted so must be some air that pushed up from the polar vortex in Texas.  Those poor people.  At least we are use to the cold temps and have the proper equipment to cope.  Things are suppose to warm up for everyone today so that’s a good thing.  It doesn’t take long once the sun is up.  We had a wicked blood red orange moon last night.  It started turning colour once it got over our bay and the more it descended, the darker it got.  It was both beautiful and eerie at the same time but by shortly after 11:00 last night, it was gone.  Today brings sunshine and hopefully some decent weather.  It was beautiful yesterday until mid afternoon when you could literally feel the cold air sneaking in.  Not expecting the same today.

February 14, 2021 - 6:24 a.m.

The worst of the winter is finally behind us.  It was SO cold through the evening hours of Friday and last night was the beginning of the warm up.  It was -18 when I got up but it’s always coldest just before dawn so is currently -22.  For the next couple of weeks we’ll see above -20 temperatures with a lot of single digits in the long range.  I suspect we’ll see some major thawing shortly.  I hope so.  Happy Valentine’s Day to all you love birds out there.  I hope you are able to do something special!

February 12, 2021 - 7:31 a.m.

I'm so glad that’s over.  We had what I believe was the coldest night of the year last night.  This cold snap has really lasted longer than usual and it’s not quite over yet.  It hit -37 with the windchill here overnight and tonight is suppose to be just as cold and then the warmth will start to slowly return.  Thing about it being this cold for this long, when it does warm up, -10 feels like t-shirt weather.  Even Gato didn’t stick around long after eating last night.  I’m sure most wildlife was hunkered down somewhere.  Dan was in town around dusk yesterday and said as soon as the sun went down, it dropped from -16 to -24 in about 10 minutes.  It was sunny all day yesterday so it never ceases to amaze me how much we take the sun for granted.  I went for a little walk yesterday and just stood with my face to the sun for a few minutes.  Felt like a little bit of heaven.

February 10, 2021 - 7:12 a.m.

Bbbrrrr, it’s frickin cold out there this morning.  It’s -20 here, -27 with the wind chill and mighty crunchy out. That silly Gato stayed out on his blanket all night and his whiskers were solid white this morning.  He had a quick bite to eat and some water before heading for shelter.  I took Margie to the hospital yesterday for her physio as she just had a knee replacement so now I’m all set for Dan’s turn in April as I know where to go.  I think just Margie getting out of the house did her a world of good.  Maybe we should be going for occasional drives until she’s solidly back on her feet again but I’m amazed how well she is doing.  Not a good time to be cooped up.  We’ve been getting a lot of calls for ice fishing now that the restrictions are starting to lift.  Sorry but we aren’t running at all this year and I think the majority of operators have decided the same thing.  The lake conditions aren’t very good, major slush, and to pull all the equipment out in such a mess isn’t happening.  Not to mention the cottages are still winterized.  As it is, we would likely only be able to run for a couple of weeks before Moose Creek starts to flow and things begin to deteriorate quickly starts as the ice isn’t great this year.  All the operators know how disappointing this is for everyone but it’s out of our control.  Next year hopefully...

February 8, 2021 - 7:11 a.m.

Bbbrrr, cold front back in this morning at a balmy -20.  I could feel the cold seeping in just after dark last night.  At least it stopped snowing.  Dan spent the morning plowing us out yesterday while I did a little shovelling.  I have to shovel out around the birdfeeders or I can’t feed the birds and also clear a path for Gato although most of the time he takes the roadway when the snow is too deep.  Didn’t do much after that other then Dan had a plugged toilet to contend with which wasn’t fun for him.  Poor guy.  Did I mention he was the one who plugged it?  Lol.  Afterwards, Dan headed to the shop to watch the Super Bowl with Craig.  I stayed in the house and read although I did have it on in the background.  Halftime show was average, nothing too special.  Reading a lot of “marching commies” comments  on line.  I’m more about the music so thought Weekend did alright.  Seventh ring for Brady though.  Is that a record?  I’ll have to look it up.

February 7, 2021 - 4:32 a.m.

Up early this morning.  Just woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep so checked the backdoor and sure enough, Gato was there.  Due to all the snow, we haven’t seen him since Friday so he obviously got hungry enough to venture out.  We received most of the snow we’ve gotten between the time I went to bed last night and the time I got up this morning.  The snow squalls Friday and into Saturday didn’t produce as much snow around our place but that could have been due to the wind carrying it elsewhere but all told we’ve likely received a good 25 cm.  Dan has some major plowing to do today before he gets into the super bowling but the snow hasn’t really quit yet.  Hopefully it’ll be done a little later this morning.  It’s going to get cold again but mostly during the evening hours.  I think this February won’t be as cold as usual once we get through this next system.  Apparently the lake was a mess yesterday as Nipissing was covered in slush but we didn’t venture out so that’s heresay.

February 5, 2021 - 5:27 a.m.

I need to zip into town briefly this morning so am hoping to get out of here right shortly.  They are calling for snow squalls to begin early this afternoon with a possibility of 20 cm.  Thankfully our hut has been jacked up so no need to worry about it.  We haven’t had snow for some time and as a matter of fact, it’s been beautiful for most of this week.  The snow forecast is due to a low pressure system which has also brought much warmer weather.  Great fishing weather.  Suppose to hit around zero today and I can already feel how mild it is when I stepped outside this morning.  Hopefully the big snow amount won’t materialize as they say and we only get a little bit but I’m guessing it’s wishful thinking on my part as the snow has already started.  Looking at the radar, there’s a ton coming our way.  Hunker down everyone.

February 3, 2021 - 5:48 a.m.

It has finally warmed up to more tolerable temperatures.  It was only -15 when I got up an hour ago and going to be quite balmy around -1 today.  I did a major town run yesterday and it was nice enough while in town to give my car a bath.  The sun was shining and although the doors were somewhat stuck by the time I got home, I pried them open and left my vehicle in the sun.  Might give me a hard time this morning but the doors will open.  Calling for lots of flurries over the next few days so glad I washed the car while I had the chance.  So much dirt, sand and grime, it was time.  We hadn’t seen Gato for a few days and then when I was out on the back deck just after dark last night, the resident fox creeped right by me but stayed in the shadow of the deck.  And it was pretty strange because as soon as I came in the house Dan showed me the video he had of the camera catching the fox walking by the house shortly after Dan came in for supper.  Happily, Gato is outside the door eating and drinking as I’m typing this.  I’ve been going out every night partly because the night sky is mesmerizing me.  When it’s clear, the stars are phenomenal but the sky looks different and I’m trying to pinpoint things.  I know there are hundreds, if not thousands of satellites up there now so I’m just seeing what I can see.  Regardless, star gazing is never a waste of time but especially in the dead of winter when the sky is so clear.

February 2, 2021 - 5:55 a.m.

Bbbrrrrr, a little chilly this morning but thankfully our last really frigid night for a bit.  The warm up starts today and is suppose to hit -3 and be sunny so I’ll take it.  I was going to do a town run yesterday but decided a wait for nicer weather wouldn’t be remiss.  I ended up doing some cleaning and laundry yesterday.  Dan went out to check on our one hut as it was needing some banking so he ended up bringing in the supply hut since we don’t need it.  I think you’ll see this year that once the ice starts to go, it’s going to go quick.  Really quick.  Hasn’t been good ice all season really and the boys were all saying no way would they be using trucks this year.  I’ve never seen the ice like this were there are so many little pressure cracks it’s like floor tile and grout.  Weird.  We actually had a crack go through right under the very corner of our hut but no damage.  It wasn’t big enough but we’ll definitely need to keep an eye on things when the warmer temps come in to make sure the crack doesn’t get bigger.  I wish Dan would have just moved the hut out of harm’s way yesterday but he thinks it’s fine.

January 30, 2021 - 7:44 a.m.

I noticed yesterday I put the date as 2020 which has now been corrected.  Likely because I’ve been working on last year’s books.  They are now completed so I’ve nothing but time on my hands.  Bbbrrrr, is it cold this morning.  It’s currently -25 but saying -28 with the windchill and a risk of frostbite so please be careful out there today.  Going to stay cold for a few more days and then slowly warm up.  Considering the slow start to the winter this year and the mild temperatures for most of it, I consider us lucky.  I saw the partridge again yesterday under the cedar trees so it has managed to survive so far.  Still see the odd grosbeak and all the squirrels are still around as well as the blue jays and chick-a-dees.  Not many deer sightings.  Not sure what’s on our agenda today.  There was talk of ice fishing but it’s so cold and with the wind from the North it’s a “don’t venture forth” kind of day.  It’s ok to sit in a hut when it’s cold but no fun if nothing is biting.  Plus the pressure is high and rising.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see what the afternoon brings.

January 29, 2021 - 6:29 a.m.

The cold front has stuck around as it usually does during a full moon but as it wanes, so shall the frigid temperatures.  It should start to warm up in the next day or two.  I’ve a couple of more hours to complete my year end this morning and then my time is my own once again.  Gotta say, there was a lot more going out then coming in last year and the same for the first quarter this year.  Will this never end?  We didn’t see Gato for a few days and I was beginning to fear the worse but he showed up last night and even in this weather, looks like he spent the night on his blanket outside the door as he was waiting on more food this morning.  I spent an hour cuddled with Grady last night watching a great cat video I found for him.  I think I enjoyed it more than he did.  Lol.  Poor guy has become so needy because I’ve been available to him more than usual.  Really need to get a life about now.  Was hoping to maybe fish this afternoon but see how the day goes.  I prefer warmer weather but it could be worse.  I’ll see what the pressure is doing when I get the books done because it’s currently pretty high.  I know Mike went out yesterday for a bit so see how he did and if it’s worth my while.  We still haven’t heard from Dan’s surgeons so don’t know if his eye surgery in March is still a go or his first knee in April.  I guess no news is good news.

January 26, 2021 - 9:03 a.m.

I slept in this morning, or at least tried to.  I was still roaming the halls at 2:30 this morning so finally took half a gravel to knock me out.  The full moon that’s due Thursday night is already doing a number on me.  I think the “wolf” moon is going to be a strong one this winter.  Dan came in the house around 8:45 for his morning constitution after his cronie coffee kicked in and woke me up with a not so subtle “Lynn, you ok?” bellow.  Glad to know he cares.  Lol.  It was so cool out yesterday.  We had ice fog all morning which made visibility non existent but it covered the trees in a thin layer of icy snow.  It moved out later in the morning but came back just before dusk.  I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a fog quite like it before.  It was eerie and beautiful at the same time.  The sun is actually trying it’s best to shine this morning and looks to be a nice day as it’s currently only -10.  I’d suggest fishing this afternoon but I’ve still got office work.  Maybe a little later in the week.  I see they announced yesterday another extension to the lockdown.  No surprise there.

January 24, 2021 - 7:46 a.m.

Apparently the fishing was quite good yesterday which really surprises me considering how cold it is.  It’s going to stay cold all week so maybe we’ll have to drop a line.  There were a few bungalows lit up last night so someone has guests in.  Or maybe just operators taking advantage of the fishing themselves.  Mike and Serena went out and managed to bring home some good ones so they fried them up in our back shop.  Dan had been after me to buy and electric fry pan for the shop so my last town run, I picked one up at Walmart.  They broke it in last night.  I didn’t partake as I was already in my pj’s by the time they got off the ice.  Today I need to get myself organized so I can start the data entry tomorrow for my year end books.  That time of the year.  It’s currently -19 and feels much colder as the moisture is still in the air.  As soon as we have a few more days with no snow, that’ll change.  Poor Gato was at our backdoor last night and his little whiskers were all white.  Never have I seen such a tough cat.  Especially compare to the big suck in my house ;)

January 22, 2021 - 7:21 a.m.

We had a nice little break yesterday as the temperature rose substantially and things began to melt but it wasn't to last.  The cold front is on its way back in this morning and the wind is blowing north so has a nice little nip.  I bet the fishing was good yesterday though.  Cold front looks like it’s going to last most of next week with more seasonal (but still warmer than usual) temperatures.  Minus double digits forecasted for all of next week pretty much.  I did watch some of the most forgettable inauguration ever on Wednesday.  It resembled a funeral more than a happy event but I guess it’s a sign of the times.  I feel very sorry for the USA and hope they can weather the storm coming their way.  I doubt very much it’s going to be a very prosperous time for them.  Speaking of which, it amazes me that the day after Biden’s inauguration and his reinstating payments to the organization, the WHO releases a statement stating the testing of covid isn’t as reliable as they thought and a lot of false positives results have happened so now they think it’s safe to travel.  Uh huh.  And did anyone notice the CNN covid ticker is suddenly gone.  Uh huh.  I also like that when the BLM/Antifa were active and destroying cities in the summer they were being encouraged as rightful “protests” by the democrats but now that they attacked the Dems headquarters, all of a sudden they are being labelled domestic terrorists.  Uh huh.  Oh, and I especially love the cancellation of the Keystone pipeline.  First order of the new government’s business.  Uh huh.  Brutal times we are living in.  I just hope they open Canada back up soon and let us get on with our lives.  I think we’ve all had enough by now.  Happy thoughts everyone!

January 20, 2021 - 7:25 a.m.

We received a nice dumping of snow yesterday.  We usually do right before a cold snap and it got cold last night.  One of the coldest nights this winter at -21.  She’s nippy out there and the trees were snapping this morning.  They’ll be popping even more once it starts to warm up which it will.  The scenery is just breathtaking right now with all the snow.  Gorgeous picture taking opportunities.  If you’re able, take a snowshoe or sled ride in the bush .  Just beautiful.  Today is the day folks.  Going to be exciting and I’m pretty sure Dan and I will be glued to the tv by at least noon.  Enjoy the show!

January 18, 2021 - 7:12 a.m.

Over the past few days the weather has gone from one of the warmest winters we’ve experienced in the past 20+ years back to a deep freeze.  Still not as cold as it could be but we had a good dumping of snow and then the temperature dropped to -13 overnight with a windchill in the -20’s.  I had a run to town yesterday for medication supplies and animal feed and then stopped in at Walmart briefly.  It’ll be a while before I go back hopefully.  The longer this goes on, the longer I feel like I’m living in a communist country.  Wow!  I have some computer work to do today first thing and then think I’m going to sit back and enjoy the show for the next few days.  Should be exciting to say the least.  Stay save everyone!

January 15, 2021 - 6:55 a.m.

My what an unusual winter for us.  So much quiet first thing in the morning when usually Lake Nipissing is full of traffic as the operators scramble to get the ice fishermen on ice.  No bungalow lights, no sled lights, just quiet.  And to top it off, it’s extremely mild.  It barely got below zero overnight.  As Dan was leaving this morning to go have coffee with his cronies in the shop, he said, “I can’t believe I’ve hardly worn a coat this winter”.  And he’s right.  I’ve only had to wear my parka once and with the stay at home order, I’ve been mostly donning my sexy autumn hunter’s orange checkered coat.  Lol.  We are definitely turned around, that’s for sure.  At least I’ll have plenty of time this winter to get my house completed.  I took a break from painting but still have the two smaller bedrooms and closets to paint which will likely be February’s project.  I’m sure the wildlife is loving all this quiet as well.  The deer are usually gone deeper into the bush by now but I’m still seeing evidence of them and our feral cat Gato has been visiting daily.  Such odd times we’re living in.

January 14, 2021 - 6:50 a.m.

A couple of things this morning.  Did anyone on our bay hear something odd last night around 10:35-10:40?  I was out on our lakeside deck and heard the oddest creatures.  One was calling to another which finally answered but I have no idea what it was.  Couldn’t tell if it was a bird (doubtful) or something 4 legged.  I was thinking perhaps a pair of foxes but it wasn’t barking per sa.  Weirdest sound and if anyone heard it and know what it was, I’d sure like to know.  Secondly, if anyone knows someone with a silver Toyota Tacoma who is local and fishes off Deepwater Point, could you please kindly tell them that our property is private and off limits.  They went barreling down our beach and path yesterday mid afternoon (help yourself) and left terrible ruts everywhere.  Dan has since blocked our beach and water access but it takes guts to do that on private property.  Especially without asking.

January 13, 2021 - 5:14 a.m.

We are sorry everyone but that’s a wrap for us.  Let’s just call it the ice fishing season that never was.  Dan and I knew this was coming.  Now that Ontario is under a stay at home order until at least February 12 which we expect to be extended, we won’t be operating ice fishing this year.  Considering the “fickle” ice conditions this year, we’d be lucky to get two good weekends in even without an extension on the order.  To clarify for those who are still hoping to fish, you can’t.  Stay at home means no non-essential travel, non-essential exercise, non-essential leaving the house.  Premier Ford has made it clear penalties will be applied by either fines or jail time and a more prevalent police presence will be utilized.  I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but we also don’t want to be locked down for months like last time so are doing our part.  Let’s get the curve down so we can at least have an enjoyable summer shall we?

January 10, 2021 - 8:05 a.m.

The cold front is being overtaken by a warm front today and this morning it looks so cool over the bay as the fog is floating above the ground so you can only see the bottom of the shore and tree lines.  It hit at least -20 overnight but is due to reach -3 today and stay fairly mild for most of the week.  Unfortunately due to restrictions and high number of covid cases now prevalent in the north, Dan and I cancelled the ice fishing for next weekend.  We also believe Premier Ford will be making another announcement this week locking us down even further.  Unfortunately, the more people ignore Ford and the Health Unit regulations, the longer we are going to remain in lockdown.  It’s really that simple.

January 9, 2021 - 6:52 a.m.

It has been a busy few days!  I, with help from Vic finally got the house painting finished.  At least all that I’m doing at the moment.  I will finish completely but need a break for a bit.  House looks great and so clean and hopefully it will stay that way once we are in the throes of ice fishing.  We have only put out a couple of the lighter huts as Dan likes a good foot of ice before taking out our big huts.  The measurement a couple of days ago was 9 1/2” of black ice but we’ve made ice since then.  It was -19 when I got up this morning and it’s going to be cold for a few more nights.  The usual pressure crack formed just behind our huts on Wednesday night so we’re good to go.  I’m sure more cracks formed last night so just be careful when venturing out until you know where they are.  The ice is still very iffy this year and there are dangerous areas all over the place.

January 6, 2021 - 7:05 a.m.

Dan’s confidence level went through the roof yesterday and it was so nice to see.  He, AJ and Mike measured the ice from the shoreline all the way out to our spot and found a consistent 9-9 1/2” of black ice.  Seems like our fishing spot is one of the few good ones on Lake Nipissing.  The treeline is in and Dan feels confident with the colder weather coming for the next few days, we shouldn’t have a problem operating the weekend of the 15th.  Took a great weight off the man’s shoulders.  He’s also pleased with AJ who will be joining our team this year as the man knows his way around the intricacies of ice fishing.  Looking forward to the season this year although with the covid regulations, it’ll be a bit different.  Bring it on!

January 5, 2021 - 7:24 a.m.

Boy, it would be so very nice to see some sunshine.  It’s been days.  Looks like we may get some on the weekend but today would be lovely.  Dan is going to measure the ice today to see just what the heck.  He figures we’ve been losing ice the last few days and we received a bit of freezing drizzle overnight.  We need a steady rain to get rid of all the snow and then a 3 day stretch of -25 degree temperatures but that’s not happening.  This long thaw has done a bit of snow melting but still...need some cold.  I’m not complaining because it has been such a mild winter and I don’t think that’s going to change much.  Pretty much the only huts on ice right now are small personal day huts which is fine.  Putting out large or heavier huts might be an issue.  Today will tell the tale whether or not Dan will be in his comfort zone.

January 4, 2021 - 7:45 a.m.

I looks like we may finally be getting some colder weather later this week.  Keeping our fingers crossed that we do and things will firm up on Lake Nipissing.  The ice really is pretty bad this year compared to most years but I think this lock down will go a long way to helping that change.  The only pressure crack we’ve heard about is along the North Bay shore line.  The massive cracks that usually form every year from the Manitous, Deep Water, Lonely, Greening Bay (to name a few) haven’t formed yet and that’s what concerns me.  Hard to place huts until they do as you don’t want to be sitting on top of one when they decide to break open.  We’ve still time so fingers cross they start to form this week.  Who knows, maybe the North Bay crack will be enough to take the pressure off our part of Nip, stranger things have happened.

January 2, 2021 - 5:27 a.m.

We’re back into the “rise at 5:00 in the morning groove”.  Need to get our body alarm clocks into the ice fishing mode.  Now that we’ve decided to go for it, time to get busy.  Dan is pretty organized for the season and weather permitting will start putting our tree line out on Monday.  We still aren’t liking the long term forecast but some huts were put out on ice yesterday in our sight line.  They may be pushing it but we still have some time yet to ensure the safety of our guests when we do begin operating.  The little fox was in search of birdfeed again when I got up this morning.  More likely after any rodents that may also be trying to find dinner.  Or maybe that’s just a bonus.  I know the moles are quite often around.  I guess we all need to eat especially when there is so much snow.  I’m hoping to zip into town today for a few perishables but I’m not entirely sure what’s open.  I’ve kind of been turned around over the holidays and not knowing what day it is ;)

January 1, 2021

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!  Just an update to let you know we will be running ice fishing as of January 14th providing no drastic changes.  We still have availability if you’d like to get your fish on!  Give us a call 1-866-535-0518.

December 31, 2020 - 8:22 a.m.

The very last day in a very bad year.  I doubt a day will make a difference but a week may.  Hopefully the new year will bring some semblance of normalcy back to the world but it will take nothing short of a miracle and a whole lot of exposure of the evil agenda currently being exercised across our beautiful planet.  My wish for 2021 is the corruption be revealed in a manner not too damaging to humanity and that we may go forward in peace, love and harmony.  We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable new year gathered with your love ones.

December 30, 2020 - 7:16 a.m.

The full moon is a beauty this month and with the amount of snow we have, it’s keeping things lit up during the evening hours.  When I checked on Gato last night, we had a visitor under the cedars eating birdfeed.  It was a beautiful fox who immediately ran off when I turned the light on, so very skittish.  Gato showed up a few hours later than usual so obviously was very aware of a predator in the area.  Deer have been around occasionally for the same reason but I’m not feeding them anymore.  It was very mild last night and thawing as a result.  Even without the lockdown, it’s not going to be an early ice this year.  Reports are anywhere from 3-6” depending on where you measure.  People are being fooled with close to shore measurements as they are drilling through shard pileups.  A hut went through the ice yesterday so if you are wanting to venture out, make sure you measure your route/path completely.  Dan and I are making a decision after the new year but we aren’t operating until we feel the ice is safe which it isn’t right now.  No cold temperatures in the long term forecast isn’t helping.  It’s just going to be one of those winters I’m afraid.  Too many variables.

December 27, 2020 - 7:54 a.m.

We had a very nice if very quiet Christmas with just the two of us.  I made a nice cottage roll as well as a turkey breast with all the fixings so there were plenty of leftovers.  Christmas just isn’t the same without friends and family or especially excited little children running around but I must say it was very peaceful.  We are certainly blessed. Yesterday I spent the day painting again and may be able to put the house back together in the next few days.  I still have painting to do it’s just taking longer than anticipated.  I can only do so much in a day.  I’m in desperate need of some small sponge brushes and don’t have a clue what is open in town, especially on a Sunday so may need to wait until tomorrow.  They are calling for another big dump of snow beginning this evening through tomorrow.  We had a big dump of the white stuff Christmas Day and Dan spent a good portion of yesterday on the tractor.  There was chatter yesterday that Lake Nipissing opened up again but not on the south shore, it was the north shore.  It truly has been a funny year.  Due to the lockdown, we aren’t able to operate until at least January 9th but have our suspicions that may change.  We are asking customers not to panic as we will keep you all informed as soon as we know more which likely won’t be until after the new year.

December 25, 2020


December 23, 2020 - 6:57 a.m.

They weren’t kidding about receiving snowfall today.  It’s really coming down and will be on and off most of the day so please be careful if doing last minute shopping today.  So.  The lockdown.  I’ve waited to update until I had firm confirmation what is involved.  We have a 14 day lockdown (for now) which means absolutely no operators are allowed to operate until at least January 9th.  I’m sure your operator will be in contact so please be patient and don’t panic.  We are all still hoping for the season if just delayed a bit.  That said, the way the weather has been, we’ll need every one of the extra days to make safe ice.  It was cold yesterday but another warm front came through overnight.  Some people have been reporting on the ice thickness but they aren’t measuring out of the bays which were all full of buildup so it’s not a true reading.  Main body of the lake will determine the true thickness and we aren’t heading out there just yet.  I’m sure things will be ready to rock by the time we are allowed to open.  We understand people are disappointed the season has been delayed but it’s out of our control.

December 21, 2020 - 7:20 a.m.

I slept in this morning after a restless night.  Things aren’t looking too good for the ice fishing season.  At least the first week or so.  We will be able to confirm more later today after Ford makes an official announcement with clear boundaries regarding the pending *sigh* lockdown.  There are some debates on which category Lake Nipissing falls under whether we will be locked down for 14 or 28 days.  I will update the blog tomorrow once we know for sure but hang tight peeps, it’s not over yet.  And please don’t start panicking and contacting your operator.  I’m sure they will be contacting you to reschedule a later date.  Honestly, we saw this coming but didn’t think the lockdown would begin December 24th let alone up here where there are zero cases of covid but it’s undèrstandable they would want to keep it that way.  Please be patient and trust that your operator will contact you as soon as the situation is confirmed.

December 20, 2020 - 6:03 a.m.

It was a long day for moi yesterday and as a result, I was in bed by 10:00 and that was after falling asleep on the couch for an hour after an early supper.  I was at Walmart for the store’s 9:00 opening and think everyone else had the same idea because it was busy.  I never go near the stores this close to Christmas and it seems even covid hasn’t slowed down the revellers.  The shelves were pretty bare so I don’t know if it’s due to the fire, people stocking up, or Walmart not able to get supplies due to the situation but think it’s likely a combination.  Afterwards, I spent the rest of my time running around on the hunt for a loveseat.  Not much selection and a whole lot of beige.  The manufacturers really need to step up their game and add some colour to furniture these days.  I finally ended up ordering a loveseat from Manchester’s who use their own manufacturers and are a better quality product.  I likely won’t see my finished choice until February but it was going to take that long ordering from a chain store anyhow.  Even longer, truth be told.  Up to sixteen week wait times is a bit much.  After my acupuncture I was home by around 2:30 and the roads were perfect until I got to Birchgrove.  Our township doesn’t do a very good job, never have.  The roads were brutal in town while I was making the rounds and was nearly rear-ended at the corner of Fisher Street but the guy put himself on the median rather than hit my car.  Good call.  All kinds of plows out so by the time my back appointment was done, the conditions were much improved.  The plows will be earning their money as it will be very mild again and above freezing with snow for a few days but the colder temperatures are due back Thursday.

December 19, 2020 - 5:38 a.m.

Bbbrrrrr, it has been very cold for the past few days but today it is warming up again.  The front came through last night and it’s currently only -6 vs -30 with wind chill that we had yesterday.  Lots of snow in the forecast over the course of the next week so should definitely be a white Christmas.  I am heading to town this morning.  I’m on the hunt for a new loveseat, a few other things and then have an acupuncture appointment around 1:00.  Should be home by 2:30 but need to put my house back together beforehand.  Vic and I painted the past few days and things are slowly progressing.  Living room and dining room completed, kitchen is next.  Big job but well worth it.  Last I heard there is anywhere from 4-6 inches of ice on Nipissing but the lake desperately needs snow as it’s the roughest ice I’ve ever seen form.  Yep, need the snow but not the insulation.  We still have a few weeks so fingers crossed.

December 17, 2020 - 6:39 a.m.

I woke up at ten to five this morning, said “nope”, rolled over and fell back to sleep so running a little later than usual this morning.  I’m pretty much on my ice fishing schedule for rising in the morning but it wasn’t happening today.  Vic and I are still painting the house so yesterday it was my task to paint the fireplace.  I wanted to change up the colour and it’s turning out to be a bigger job than anticipated but I think one more coat should do it.  I don’t know what I was thinking doing the entire house at once but once it’s done, it’ll be nice and clean for the winter.  We’ve had two brutal nights of cold so I’m sure we’re making some ice and one more night to go before it turns mild again.  We’ve been in the -30’s with the windchill so there will at least be a good base, just needs to thicken now.  Lake Nipissing is a mess though this year.  No smooth nice ice.  It’s all sharded and bumpy but snow cover will help with that unfortunately it will also insulate.  See what the next two weeks bring.

December 15, 2020 - 5:40 a.m.

Apparently with the windchill it reached -20 overnight but I’m not sure I believe that.  We are registering -12 and Gato sat/slept outside our door all night.  Stupid cat doesn’t know enough to get out of the cold but hey, he’s the toughest feral cat I’ve ever seen.  I spent the day yesterday organizing my house.  Couldn’t tell you what I did but I didn’t stop.  I managed to get the master bedroom back together and then tore down the living room so it’s ready for painting today.  Vic is coming in to do the ceiling and hopefully most of the walls but I have an appointment in town at 12:30 so won’t be much help.  The rest of the week I’ll be painting though.  Tonight is suppose to be the coldest night to date at -21 but then it will get progressively warmer as the week goes on.  The sun isn’t up yet but I’m assuming Lake Nipissing froze over again last night  hopefully this time for the duration.  That said, it was pretty windy yesterday so we’ll see what’s what once the sun is up and after tonight’s cold.

December 14, 2020 - 6:20 a.m.

We both had a pretty good weekend.  Dan had some peace and quiet and I had a great time with the girls.  I did have to drive in adverse weather conditions on Saturday to attend the Christmas party but it was worth it.  The snow started a few hours before I left for town so by the time I was on the highway, it had accumulated and the winds had started.  I just took my time and arrived safely after picking up Liz who would have had to clean about 3 cm of snow off of her car otherwise.  We had a great time and just hunkered down for the evening.  I spent the night at Annie’s and while she made a huge breakfast for us yesterday morning, I trekked outside, beared the elements and cleaned off both our cars.  We received quite a bit of snow and the plows were out all night in town.  I headed home shortly after noon yesterday and the roads were fine.  A few bad spots but I’ve driven in much worse.  The main body of Lake Nipissing is still wide open but it looks like the ice is coming in all the bays.  Mostly pile ups from the wind but that’s pretty much how it forms every year.  I’m back at the painting today.  I actually painted for 6 hours on Saturday morning before heading to town so now I can start another room after I tidy up this morning.  I just relaxed yesterday afternoon as did Dan after plowing all morning so back at it today.

December 12, 2020 - 5:28 a.m.

I’m up and at’em first thing this morning.  Have some trim painting to finish before I head into the Bay this afternoon. It’s our girls Christmas party although much smaller this year but I am still so looking forward to it.  I am spending the night in town and hopefully it’s just one evening.  Calling for lots of snow to begin early this afternoon with lots of blowing so suspect the road conditions will get bad.  Hopefully I don’t get snowed in a second night but am preparing for it just in case.  I’m sure the roads will be fine by mid-afternoon at the latest but it will depend on just how much snow we end up receiving.  System looks pretty big. 

December 11, 2020 - 6:35 a.m.

This week has been spent working on the house as will next week but I am taking a break tomorrow.  Have lots to do today, namely finish the trim painting in the master bedroom and put the room back together but we are slowly making progress.  Very time consuming for sure.  We did lose most of the ice on Lake Nipissing due to the above zero temperatures over the past few days and they are calling for a heavy snowfall beginning this evening through Sunday.  However, the long term looks good for some colder weather.  I saw an eagle resting for quite some time in front of the house yesterday just at the water’s edge. I figured it would go after a squirrel on the property as they were clearly visible but it didn’t.  It eventually flew to parts unknown.  Hopefully it’s headed south for the winter.  We’ve had purple Grosbeaks hanging around all week and I had to rescue one that flew into our window.  Thing made a terrible racket while I was holding her to keep her warm and prevent shock until she recovered.  She was stunned pretty badly but after several minutes, flew away (minus a few feathers which were stuck to the window).  Such beautiful birds.

December 9, 2020 - 6:15 a.m.

I started the painting yesterday and managed to get the laundry closet finished and put back together.  Problem is Dan forgot to turn the water back on before putting the washer and dryer back in place so that’s a job for him first thing this morning.  We have a friend who is helping me because there is no way I can do it all myself.  There was a time though, lol.  Vic painted the ceiling in the master bedroom yesterday and is doing to walls today.  The house is in total disarray and will be for a bit.  I’m hoping to get the hallway and bathroom finished today and then I can do the coat and linen closets tomorrow.  I’m just taking my time as I am purging as I go.  Lake Nipissing had its first freeze over Monday night but I suspect it isn’t here to stay.  The temperature is going to mild for the rest of the week with rain in the forecast Friday and possibly Saturday.  If the ice can hold on, hopefully it will start to thicken up but we’ll have to see.  Long term is very mild as well but at least the water temperature is at the freezing mark so that is a very good thing.

December 7, 2020 - 5:53 a.m.

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday so I’m happy I was out and about and able to get some sun on my face for a change.  The temperature was around -4 for most of the day and the rest of the week looks to be just as mild if not a tad warmer.  A few days of sun before the snow comes and it looks like we may get quite a bit of it this week.  I did get to Home Depot and spent a small fortune on paint.  I didn’t want to risk running out once I got started and besides, it was on sale.  Carrying in all in the house was another thing.  Home Depot has changed their containers to plastic which lightens it a bit but I really like the new bags of paint I’ve seen.  Much less stress on the environment but I haven’t seen them in Canada yet.  Baby steps I suppose.  Gato has been hanging around the house most evenings but still won’t let us get close enough to coax him indoors.  I don’t want or need another full time pet and he seems to be quite content just lying on his blanket all night.  He’s conditioned so it’s more than he’s use to.

December 6, 2020 - 6:14 a.m.

Both Dan and I