Reservation Policies

All reservations are accepted upon receipt of Visa or Mastercard in the amount of $350.00 and confirmation provided in writing by Greening Bay Cottages. No reservation will be accepted without a valid credit card number.

Weekly cottage reservations are based only upon one immediate family per unit or as indicated at time of booking. Additional day guests or overnight visitors are subjected to a minimal/additional charge at the discretion of Greening Bay Cottages.

All fishing packages are charged in accordance with the number of people booked and package details arranged at the time of your reservation.

Trailer site reservations are based on 4 person occupancy or one immediate family unit per site. Additional guests/visitors are subjected to $15.00/night or $7.00/day visit.

Boat rentals require full payment of Visa/Mastercard at time of reservation.


A deposit is not refundable but can be used to transfer your reservation to another week providing vacancy is available.  Reservation cancellations must be received 90 days prior to the date of arrival.

Cancellations and “No shows” are subjected to the full price of your vacation package less the deposit already received (if applicable).


All guests receive orientation and are required to sign Liability Waivers upon arrival. Any guest not complying with the regulations or any damages incurred to property of Greening Bay Cottages through the fault of a guest will require fair and equal reimbursement, which is due and payable prior to departure.

For boat reservations including children, please ensure they have a properly fitted flotation device as Greening Bay Cottages supplies only adult approved life jackets.


  • Summer Arrival: 2:00 p.m.
  • Summer Departure: 9:00 a.m.
  • Arrival/departure times negotiable during all other seasons.

Greening Bay Cottages reserves the right to negotiate pricing at their discretion. All rights reserved.

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