Fisherman's Code

Wind from the North, don't venture forth.

Wind from the East, fishing's the least.

Wind from the West, fishing's the best.

Wind from the South, puts bait in their mouth.


For the experienced and amateurs alike, fishing is an ultimate favourite past-time for both young and old. Lake Nipissing is reknown for it's abundance of great fishing. Whether you seek fish to provide a good feed such as perch and walleye, or prefer the challenge of a trophy muskie or northern pike, we have it all!!

If you don't know the lake and what abundance she provides, we can point you in the right direction to ensure you hit the latest "hot spots". We know where plenty of productive fishing holes exist to ensure the catch you're after.

Even if you've been fishing Nipissing for years, there's no denying the service we provide or the lengths we will go to ensure you enjoy your vacation and get the bites.


The spring fish opens every Canadian May long weekend. From mid-May to the end of June, it is amazing to see the number of boats coasting right in our bay. We have the hottest fishing hole for walleye and perch on the south shore of Nipissing. Our fishermen (and women) are happy, well fed, and return year after year for another go.

July and August are the months for bass. They may like the rocks, but we know what rocks they like and how to find them!!


The time for trophy fish such as muskie and pike, is during September and October. This sport is not for the impatient fisherman. If you want the challenge, it's out there and whether or not you're successful depends on how much you're willing to fight!!

Greening Bay Cottages offers terrific fishing packages and we will endeavour to provide your group with packages to best suit your needs.


We offer top-notch accommodations with boat and motor rentals. We have Nipissing Specials for the standard packages which include new 15 hp Yamaha motors, fish finders, guide maps, and safety equipment. If you wish to upgrade, we have the Crestliner Canadian with live fish wells or the Crestliner Pontoon available.

For those wishing to bring their own boats, we have a well-protected marina with plenty of dockage and ample space for launching. We are more than happy to accommodate your needs.

Our fish cleaning station is clean, enclosed, and convenient with both hydro and running water. We also have bait and tackle available.


To ensure you are fully educated on the guidelines of Lake Nipissing, please visit the following website. This contains the Ministry of Natural Resources' latest regulations including species available and their habitats, seasons, limits, packaging, licensing, best bait/tackle to use, etc. Not only will this help you plan a successful vacation, it will also help protect our natural resources.